10 Oddest Handbags For Only The Manliest of Men

Allen Richardson Senior Contributor
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As men, we’ve all been there: we’re out with our woman when we find ourselves holding her handbag.

It’s not usually a good look since most women’s handbags tend to be pink, purple, or cute in some way. It can be pretty emasculating for a red blooded male!

The good news is that there are some pretty cool looking handbags around that just about any man would be proud to carry around.

Some of them are just downright odd and others are actually kind of neat. Here are the 10 oddest handbags for the red blooded man:

1. The Toad Purse

Now this is one ugly and icky toad! To be honest, we’re not exactly sure how you’d convince any woman to carry this monstrosity around. It’s a green and yellow toad and it’s not exactly the best looking critter in the world.

That being said, it actually does look kind of cool in a very startling way. It will be sure to garner attention from anyone you happen to meet as well and could definitely become an interesting talking point. But, guys, you might just be on your own here because most women probably would prefer the pink handbag over this little slimy guy!

2. The Decapitated Head Handbag

Who said that there was nothing new in the world of purse and handbag design? If you’ve ever wanted to walk around with what looks like a hessian bag with a decapitated head inside it, this is the handbag for you. You might not get away with it in some areas, especially if the police are hanging around, but it’s definitely strange and definitely very different!

3. The Handbag That Lends a Hand

Admittedly, this has to be one of the weirdest bags on this list of weird bags. When carrying this around, you can hold it by the hand. As a bag, it might not be entirely practical, but you can’t deny that carrying this around by the hand would be worse than carrying around a shiny pink purse.

4. Anyone for Chinese?

This Chinese Take-out bag has got to be one of the coolest handbags and also one of the most practical, too. It looks just like those classic Chinese take-out boxes you get from the corner Chinese food joint on the corner on a Friday night after a long week at work, complete with Chinese Dragon designs.

To be honest, most people would think that you’re just up for a spot of Chinese food rather than holding an actual handbag, so this one qualifies as one of the oddest and most practical. Your masculinity will definitely be preserved when you hold this one.

5. The Golden Gun

Now here’s a bag that just screams James Bond 007, or at least some kind of super villain in a James Bond spoof movie. This bag might look a tad dainty, but the cool looking golden gun in this purse will definitely grab attention. Yes, it’s gold and not black. And yes, the bag still looks a bit feminine, but it’s a cool looking golden gun you’ve got in there!

6. The Air Guitar

As men, we’ve all played a little air guitar, right? Okay, maybe it’s not your thing, but we’re willing to bet that lots of guys would be into this air guitar hand bag.

This is a straight-up handbag that looks like a really cool electric guitar – a Stratocaster to be more precise. It’s black and silvery, and even has some little sparkly things on it. Don’t panic about looking too dainty though, you’re allowed to have sparkly bits on a Strat because it just looks like Rock ‘n’ Roll!

7. The Chicken Feet Handbag

If you thought the ugly toad bag was truly awful looking, this one has it beat. Yes, they are really silly looking chicken feet on the bottom of this bag. Yes, it will grab attention, but it does look kind of silly at the same time. Of course, if you just have a weird sense of humor, this chicken feet bag is probably going to appeal to you.

8. Man’s Best Friend

Some bags are just odd and some were created to get a date. Luckily for the discerning red blooded male, this life-sized dog bag is the latter!

If you can handle the idea of carrying around a bag that looks like a dog, this one might just have the potential to get you more attention than you can handle. Dogs are man’s best friend, and now this life sized dog handbag could just interest a single girl who loves their dogs as well.

9. The Computer Keyboard

For cool factor, this is one of the best. It’s a handbag that looks like a black keyboard with white letters and numbers. In fact, it kind of looks like someone’s art project.

The black is about as masculine and bold as it gets, and most men would be just fine carrying around a bag that looks very tech savvy. In fact, anyone carrying this will probably get asked a bunch of times about whether it works as a real keyboard or not.

10. The Football

Last, but not least, is this great looking football handbag. This is hands down THE bag for any man who loves his football, pretzels, and beer! It even looks kind of stylish and you’d probably be able to even convince some women to buy this one for themselves.


Carrying around a woman’s handbag is not something most men plan to do, and yet it usually happens when shopping or elsewhere out of the house. The problem is that moist handbags just don’t look great when carried by a man and definitely don’t add to a man’s sense of manhood!

That’s where this assortment of weird and wonderful handbags come in. Each has something unique to offer, whether it’s gross factor, cool factor, or some other kind of factor.

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