AirBolt Review: Is it the Most Intelligent and Secure Smartlock Ever Made?

Bluetooth smart lock easily secures lockers, bags, & more using free IOS or Android smartphone app.
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About AirBolt

While the world is certainly meant to be explored, leaving your home can, unfortunately, sometimes be a real risk, especially when you need to bring certain belongings with you that you can’t necessarily keep an eye on at all times.

Whether you head to the gym, check in for a flight, or even visit a waterpark, bringing everything with you often isn’t an option, which has led many people to search for security locks that can help guarantee that their stuff stays safe.

However, criminals have easily been able to work around these locks either by breaking them or simply taking bags with them to break into later, leaving many people at a complete loss.

However, one new product that seems to resolve all these concerns is the AirBolt smart lock. This new lock connects directly to your smartphone and can provide you with all the security and peace of mind you could ever need.

But, while the manufacturers of this product claim it can help keep all your belongings safe and sound no matter where you decide to go, is the device really worth the hype?

Here is an in-depth look at the AirBolt smart lock that can help you decide if this is a product that will truly work for you.

What Is it?

The AirBolt is an intelligent locking device that can easily fit around a wide range of lockers, bags, storage containers, and more. The device connects directly to your smartphone through Bluetooth.

When you download the free AirBolt app, you’ll be able to control your device from anywhere. Not only can you track the location of your bag, but you can even have it alert you when people are moving too close or if your belongings suddenly start moving without you.

Having to leave your things behind when you visit the gym or an amusement park can be incredibly stressful and can even deter certain people from taking part in an array of activities. But, having this kind of control will ensure you have the peace of mind you deserve no matter what. 

Technical Specs

Many customers end up feeling frustrated with their standard locking devices, which tend to start rusting sometimes after just a few months of use. Luckily, this will certainly not be the case with the AirBolt.

The AirBolt is a security lock that is made from heavy-duty metal alloys, as well as stainless steel, which will ensure that the device itself lasts for years and years without you having to worry about rust or breakdown. This is a lock that’s been built to last and that you’ll be able to depend on for significantly longer than any other lock.

Additionally, the AirBolt comes with a high-quality, rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. This battery is designed to last one year per charge and can easily be recharged through a micro-USB cable, making it easy for you to keep your AirBolt ready and secure every time you find yourself in need of this extra security.

Top Features

When you invest in the AirBolt smart lock, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be able to do so much more than just leave your things with an extra layer of security.

This device and its smartphone app (which can be downloaded on both iOS and Droid phones) will give you control over multiple devices in multiple different locations at once, which will certainly come in handy when you’re traveling in unknown locations.

The AirBolt also keeps a record of every time your device was unlocked, as well as how long it was unlocked for. This way, even if you don’t have your phone with you at that particular moment, you can still look back and double check that your locker or suitcase wasn’t broken into at any point without your knowledge.

However, possibly the best feature of this world-class product is the AES-bit encryption. This feature will help ensure that cybercriminals are unable to work their way into your device and potentially even access your phone as a result.

Virtual crime has become one of the biggest problems around the world currently, and so having a locking device that can help protect you from this difficult and headache-inducing problem can make all the difference.

Customer Reviews

Since this device was released, it’s made waves in the safety industry and with good reason. People are absolutely loving their devices, and they are making sure everyone knows it.

Customers are constantly commenting on the high quality of the actual build and how secure the device feels while it’s in use. Many customers also commented on the ease and user-friendliness of the app which means you can be sure that no matter what your level of technological understanding is, you’ll be able to feel secure when you use this device.

Other customers were surprised by just how accurate and efficient the BlueTooth connection was, commenting on how flawlessly the software seems to function from the very first moment of setup.

Our Review

Having to feel constantly stressed whenever you decide to take a fun vacation or visit a gym can be enough to dissuade anyone from participating.

Unfortunately, theft is a common occurrence no matter where in the world you live or decide to explore, but that shouldn’t stop you from taking advantage of every opportunity.

This high-end device can help guarantee that you have constant access to your belongings, informing you of where your things are at every moment and even letting you know when people are getting too close.

In our opinion, this makes the AirBolt more than worthwhile. You can feel secure everywhere you go, letting you finally make the most of the world around you.


If you’re someone who constantly travels or who needs to leave their belongings behind while they’re at work or at the gym, then this device comes with a wide range of benefits for you to take advantage of including the following.

  • Anti-theft proximity alerts
  • Location tracking
  • Prevention of cyberhacking
  • TSA approved
  • Long-lasting and rechargeable lithium battery
  • Management of multiple devices


While this device certainly comes with an extensive list of advantages, there are specific cons that you might need to take into consideration before purchasing the AirBolt for yourself, including the following.

  • Can take time to arrive
  • Expensive when compared to other locks

This device is incredibly useful and secure. However, if you’re in need of a device right at this particular moment or find yourself struggling a bit on the financial side, then this might not be the right investment for you.

Take the time to really consider your circumstances and if the AirBolt can help make a difference in terms of your overall security before you buy.

What’s Included

When you order the AirBolt smart lock device, you will receive the locking mechanism itself, as well as instructions on how to use it, download the app, and connect the device to your smartphone so that you can start feeling safer every time you leave your home.

However, make sure you keep an eye out for offers and discounts. Many customers find themselves investing in the five pack where you buy three and get two free, giving you the coverage you need over multiple belongings at the same time.

Where to Buy

If you think that the AirBolt is the safety lock for you, then you’ll want to make sure that you purchase the device from the best seller possible. In this instance, it will mean purchasing directly from the manufacturer. You can do this on one of two different websites.

First, there is the official AirBolt sale page. On this website, you’ll be able to find not only amazing sales and offers, but also all the information you could possibly need on the device and how it can help make your life easier starting today.

Another site that you can take advantage of is the IndiGOGO page run directly by the AirBolt developers. Here you will also be able to find a wide range of comments and reviews from past customers so that you can get a real idea of how well the device has worked for them since they decided to purchase.

Unfortunately, trying to buy the AirBolt from any other vendor isn’t really recommended. This is because there are many scammers out there who could try and sell you a faulty device or even a complete fake which could end up putting you and your belongings at serious risk.

Whenever it comes to your safety, it’s best to make your purchase directly from the manufacturer so that you have the guarantee you need that the product will do everything you expect and more.

Theft is simply a part of reality that everyone has to deal with at one point or another. However, investing in a device such as the AirBolt, can help protect you from having to deal with this nightmare each and every time you leave your home. Keep this information in mind and start thinking about this lock as your next investment today.