8 Best Christmas Gifts & Gadgets for 2020

Allen Richardson Senior Contributor
I write about trending gifts, gadgets, and popular consumer products.

With continuous advances in technology, the market for gadgets keeps offering new affordable high-tech devices for everyone's taste.

If you're looking for a perfect Christmas gift, getting a modern gadget with useful features is an excellent idea.

Our list of the best gadgets has something for everyone. You won't be able to find them in your local store, but you will be amazed at what they offer.

So, if you really want to surprise your loved ones with something they will have fun using, keep reading and choose the gadget they will like the most.

1. Video Doorbell – Answer the Door from Anywhere

You might not think that a doorbell is something to get excited about, but you would be wrong. Video doorbells are very practical, and they do much more than just letting you know that there's someone at the door.

If you've ever seen one of those delivery package theft videos online, most of them were recorded with a video doorbell.

First and foremost, the Video Doorbell has a built-in camera that allows you to see who is ringing before you open the door.

Second, they are able to improve your home's security because you can always check who is at the door, even if you are hundreds of miles away.

Smart video doorbells come with a free app, allowing you to check the door from anywhere in the world. They also have a 2-way audio channel, so you can talk to people who are in front of the door even if you're not at home.

These doorbells are designed to withstand the elements, and they are quite durable and easy to install. You don't need any cables, power supply, or extra work.

Place it on your door, add some batteries, and use the app to check what's going on at any time. Video doorbells are simply amazing, and they will probably replace standard doorbells in the near future.

2. DroneX Pro – Compact Drone with a Built-In Camera

Just a few years ago, drones with built-in cameras were very expensive. However, that has entirely changed in the last year or so.

The DroneX Pro comes with many useful features that used to cost several thousands of dollars before. They include an HD camera, remote control, panorama mode pictures, high-definition video recording, and high-tech gravity sensors.

The DroneX Pro is the perfect gift for teenagers and adults alike. It's a foldable drone that doesn't take a lot of practice to master. The HD camera will allow you to take some fantastic photos and videos with a touch of a button.

You will be able to stream videos and take the photos with a free app on your smartphone. The drone comes with other features like a hover mode, auto-return function, built-in LED light for nighttime photos, and three flight speed levels.

It's highly responsive and super-fun to play with. When folded, it is about the same size as your palm. The drone weighs only 360 grams, and it takes about an hour to recharge. The batteries offer 10 minutes of flying time. It arrives in a handy carry case with extra parts and four spare blades.

It's an affordable piece of modern technology that will allow you to see the world around you through the eyes of a bird. Everyone would be super-happy to get one for Christmas, regardless of their age.

3. Smove Mobile – Three-Axis Phone Stabilizer Stick

We have come a long way from the plain old selfie stick from just a few years ago. The Smove Mobile might look like an ordinary selfie stick, but it's a really sophisticated piece of advanced technology designed to expand your smartphone photographing options.

It's a phone and GoPro stabilizer that allows you to take perfect photos and record videos on the go. The Smove stabilizer comes with a complimentary app that allows you to operate your phone through the built-in buttons on the handle.

The device rotates on three axes, allowing you to move however you want while keeping your phone stable. If that's not good enough for you, it also doubles as a tripod so you can make vlogs and take perfect photos every time.

It's one of the most affordable such devices on the market, and it's a perfect Christmas gift for people who like to take a lot of photos and record videos all the time.

You can extend the handle and use it as a selfie stick, too. The Smove also comes with multiple automatic features that will allow you to make some cool videos for YouTube and other popular streaming services.

So, if you know someone who wants to make it as a vlogger, this will be a fantastic gift for Christmas.

4. ThePhotoStick – Sizable Storage for Photos and Videos

Modern smartphones come with fantastic cameras that offer HD or even Ultra HD resolution photos and videos. When compared to older smartphones, every photo or video takes up a lot of your storage.

If you are the type of person that likes taking pictures and videos all the time, you know how frustrating it is when you run out of storage in the middle of a photo session.

That's where The Photo Stick jumps in. It's a small, USB-type stick that expands your storage and saves all photos and videos directly. With 1TB capacity, it's able to hold up to 200,000 pictures at once.

You just have to plug it into your phone's micro-USB port and hit "Go" in the complimentary app.  ThePhotoStick will manage all your files automatically and place them in separate folders.

Every photo and video will be transferred to the memory stick directly, leaving your phone's memory free for other files and apps.

When you are done, just remove the stick and put it in your pocket. You can then copy the photos and videos straight to your PC or Mac and manage them from there. Think of it as a cloud service but in physical form. It's the perfect gift for smartphone photographers and vloggers.

5. Super Boost WiFi – Simple Internet Speed Booster

Almost every home nowadays has an internet connection. However, many people complain that their connection isn't as fast as it should be. If you have the problem with slow internet speed, the Super Boost WiFi is the answer.

The problem is that many internet service providers give out weak routers with a very limited WiFi emitter that doesn't cover the entire area of your home.

The Super Boost WiFi is a device that takes care of that problem immediately after you install it. All you have to do is plug it into any socket, and your internet connection will become faster right away.

Not only that, but it will also boost the WiFi signal, allowing you to connect to the network in areas that weren't covered with the signal before. The transmitter is able to provide you with a good signal through concrete walls, steel beams, and multiple floors without any issues.

You can forget about long loading times and slow download speeds with the Super Boost WiFi gadget. You can connect it to a WiFi network, but it also has an Ethernet cable port, so you can boost your internet speed directly.

It's an affordable gadget that will substantially improve your internet speed, and let’s be real – everyone wants a faster connection. The Super Boost WiFi should definitely make it onto your list of Christmas gifts.

6. GlowBowl – Make Your Toilet Bowl Glow

The GlowBowl is an interesting gadget for any home. It's a battery-powered LED light you place into the toilet bowl. You could ask yourself, "Why would I need a gadget that makes my toilet glow?" The answer is simple. It will light up your entire bathroom at night, making it easier to hit the target.

The GlowBowl comes with motion sensors that activate the lights every time you enter the bathroom. You can choose between 7 different colors, and you can also adjust the brightness of the lights. The carousel mode can rotate all seven colors, so you'll have a colorful toilet experience if you want.

It will not light up only the bowl — the entire bathroom will change colors too. That way, you won't have to turn on the lights. Just walk into the bathroom and the lights will automatically turn on. The light sensors will activate the GlowBowl at night, saving the batteries during the day.

It fits any toilet and takes only a few seconds to install. You will need three AAA batteries for it to work, but you won't have to change them all the time.

It's a cool gadget that will transform every trip to the toilet into a fun experience and something to look forward to. And let's face it, who else do you know can say that they have a glowing toilet bowl?

7. Mindinsole – Footwear Insole for Increased Relaxation

Everything in the universe has close ties to magnets and the magnetic field. That also includes people, animals, and other living beings. The Mindinsole looks like a standard acupressure footwear insole, but it's infused with magnets.

It promotes better blood and oxygen flow throughout the entire body, boosting your overall health in the process. It's ideal for people who have problems with circulation and leg pain after a long day at work.

You can surprise your parents or grandparents with this high-tech insole that will really make a difference.

These insoles are effective at relaxing muscles and managing stress levels we all encounter on a daily basis. The insoles fit all shoes, sneakers, or sandals and provide the same benefits every time you put them on.

They are lightweight and made from breathable materials, keeping your feet clean and dry during the entire day.

The 400 acupressure nodules massage your feet as you walk, raising your energy levels to keep you going strong for extended periods. They are designed to target specific energy zones and help you feel better no matter what you are doing.

It's the perfect gift for people who spend a lot of time on their feet working or walking. The Mindinsole is available in sizes 6-13, and you can trim the excess material to fit them into any shoe.

Your loved ones will forget about muscle pain and will feel better instantly. It's clear why this is one of the best Christmas gifts for the people you care about.

8. Peeps by Carbon Klean – Cleans Your Glasses in Seconds

People who wear glasses know how easy they get smudgy and dirty.

Just one touch of the glass, and you need to take them off and clean them with a special cloth. That can be a problem if you don't have the cleaning cloth with you, but Peeps will take care of that problem for good.

Peeps by Carbon Klean is a small device designed for cleaning all types of glasses. It comes with a unique invisible cleaning solution that makes it super-easy to clean your lenses in seconds.

Initially developed by NASA for astronauts, this modern piece of technology is available for anyone now. It's compact, and you can fit it into any bag or pocket.

Roll the soft spongy wheel over any type of glasses, and it will remove all grime, oils, crud, and fingerprints with just one pass. It takes only a few seconds to make your glasses clean like they are brand new.

This affordable gadget will clean your glasses about 500 times, and it doesn't have an expiration date. It's obviously a great idea for a Christmas gift for people who wear glasses every day. That goes double if they don't like to clean their glasses by hand all the time.

Wrap Up

The advances in technology have given us many gadgets that can make your life simpler and/or more fun.

Whether you want a glowing toilet bowl or a gyroscope smartphone stabilizer that allows you to create professional videos with your smartphone, there are a lot of fun gadgets for everyone's taste.

The best thing about most of them is that they are affordable and easy to use, so you don't need to spend a fortune on Christmas gifts.

Select any of the gadgets on our list, and the person who receives them will surely be super-happy.