These 13 Haunted Houses Are So Terrifying, You Might Actually Wet Your Pants

Keri Robinson Senior Contributor
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When the leaves start to fall and pumpkin spice seems to just run through the air, everyone knows that Halloween and the wonderful scares it brings with it can’t be far behind.

Fall is certainly one of the most exciting and thrilling times of the year, full of scary stories, wonderous decorations, and, of course, haunted houses. After all, who doesn’t love being chased by the undead from time to time?

Really, is there anything better than that feeling as you’re walking through a decrepit old building and terrifying zombies and horrific creatures jump out at you over and over again trying to get that one blood-curdling scream? Of course not.

Truly spectacular haunted houses have a way of leading us into our worst nightmares and allowing us to experience a sense of dread and terror unlike any other.

Playing on your emotions and using all the tricks in the book to really horrify you and your friends, they can guarantee that you’ll be in for an adventure that will give you nightmares for weeks on end.

If you’re someone who enjoys a good scare now and again, here are just a few of the best and most frightening haunted houses that just might be enough to make you wet your pants and question why you went in in the first place.

1. 7 Floors of Hell

If you find yourself in or around the Cleveland, Ohio region this fall, then you’ll definitely want to check out 7 Floors of Hell.

Known as Cleveland’s premier haunted house, you will have to navigate your way through seven different levels of haunted areas in this massive structure.

Every area has a completely different theme including mental asylums, deranged butcher shops, the world of the dead, and so much more. You can expect to be wowed as you walk through each individual level.

This particular attraction has been listed as one of the best in the U.S. and has even been featured on the Today Show, the Travel Channel, CNN, and more.

As they have been in the business for over 20 years, you can rest assured that they’ve perfected the art of scaring and will have you screaming over and over.

As you make your way to the end through sites such as a haunted circus, a bloody butcher shop, a haunted cemetery, and many other blood-curdling areas, you will be questioning why you decided to stop by in the first place.

2. Haunted Overload

Located in Exeter, New Hampshire, the Haunted Overload is an experience you don’t want to pass up. Recently voted the winner of ABC’s Fright Fight, this haunted house will be sure to give you the goosebumps that you need this fall.

Coming with an amazing backstory delving deep into the rich history of New England, the thrills consist of an incredibly immersive experience which they make very clear is really not fit for children.

These expert scarers are going to make it their job to see you freak out and they’ll do whatever they can to make that happen, including using some of the most lifelike and realistic makeup techniques in the game. Another great benefit of visiting this particular attraction?

A large portion of their proceeds actually ends up donated to the local Humane Society and the New Hampshire SPCA so you can get scared and know that it’s for a good cause as well.

Is there anything better than enjoying a night of frightful horrors while knowing that the animals that you love and care about are also getting taken care of?

3. Asylum & Hotel Fear

If you’re visiting the Las Vegas area this fall, you absolutely need to check out one of the best haunted attractions around.

This particular haunted house is fairly unique in that the setting is created within two distinct areas with vastly different themes, all built within tractor-trailers that the owners purchased in order to create the picture-perfect setting.

Both use the tight, compact space of the trailers in order to increase your sense of terror and anxiety. Of course, this also means that you have the option of which haunted house you’d prefer to visit.

If you’re someone who enjoys really getting into the story element of the attraction, then you’ll love Asylum where you’ll actually feel as if you’re turning into one of the patients.

On the other hand, if you love the idea of different ghouls and spooks sneaking around every corner, then Hotel Fear may just be the perfect place for you.

Or, if you’re really looking for the thrill of your life, make sure that you buy a combo ticket and get to experience both for yourself.

4. USS Nightmare

Are you up for a serious challenge? Then why not stop by one of the most terrifying boat haunts around?

The USS Nightmare in Newport, Kentucky has been known to scare the pants right off people, making it impossible for around 15% of guests to even finish the tour.

Keep in mind that this tour is long, lasting around half an hour in order to make it through their two levels of absolutely nightmarish scenarios. There are many different options you can take with this particular attraction so you can choose from the general admission option all the way to the RIP experience that will really throw you in with the crew of the ship.

The story follows the tale of a group of ill-fated sailors and you’ll be absolutely horrified as you make your way through the captain's quarters, the mess hall, and even rooms full of torture devices.

Remember that this is not a fun attraction for children so if you’re looking for something to do with the little ones, consider one of their lighted matinee shows during the afternoons.

5. Shocktoberfest

Instead of just being an attraction, Shocktoberfest in Reading, Pennsylvania is considered more of an event.

This is because you will be able to make your way not only through the haunted house itself but also through a terrifying haunted hayride, the prison of the dead, and even a zombie run if you should so choose.

In fact, Shocktoberfest is more similar to a fall theme park designed to help give you the most frightening and exciting night of your life. The Haunted Attraction magazine has voted it as the #1 Must-See Haunted Attraction and the Travel Channel has declared it One of the Scariest Places on Earth.

It is filled with intense and incredibly realistic images and a story that takes advantage of the local area’s creepy past including the state psychiatric hospital that was located right on the premises.

So, if you’re looking to really scream your guts out, this will certainly be one of the best places to do it.

6. Erebus Haunted House

Are you looking for a haunted house experience that never ends? Then the Erebus Haunted House attraction in Pontiac, Michigan will be right up your alley.

Being made up of four different terrifying levels, this haunted attraction has been scaring visitors for nearly 20 years and their years of experience have made them experts in the terror department.

It’s incredibly important that you keep in mind that with this particular attraction, people will almost certainly grab onto you and try and get to you physically.

This is an immersive experience and so you’ll get all the horrifying experiences that go along with it.

Another thing that they pride themselves on is their Hollywood-level professional makeup so you can rest assured that you’ll find yourself questioning what’s real and what’s not as you make your way through this maze.

7. Fright Dome

Again, if you’re in Las Vegas, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of the range of artistic abilities in the area and visit another amazing haunted house that’s been terrifying guests since 2003.

And rest assured that while you make your way through their 250,000 square feet of horror, you’ll be joining the ranks of people such as Michael Jackson, Ozzy Osborne, Linda Blair, Kevin Hart, and many more who left just as terrified and amazed as you will.

Made up of multiple haunted houses and scare zones, you’ll be wandering around for hours as you try and survive this night of terrors that they’ve put together.

Keep in mind that while this park appears to be a fun night out, it’s meant to scare the pants off of grown adults and so it definitely won’t be appropriate for children.

8. Headless Horseman

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind outdoor experience, then you absolutely need to check out the Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses located in Ulster Park, New York.

This attraction is constantly voted #1 in the country by multiple different magazines and tour guides and with good reason.

Not only will you be taken through a terrifying one-mile hayride but you’ll then get to wander through eight completely different haunted attractions including a slaughterhouse, the horseman’s tomb, a haunted corn maze, a horrifying greenhouse, and so much more.

They even have escape rooms where you can really give yourself the complete horror experience. You’ll be amazed by just how scared you can actually get while you walk through all the different tricks and traps that they’ve set up for guests over the years.

9. Field of Screams

If you find yourself near Mountville, Pennsylvania, one place that you’ll definitely need to stop by will be the Field of Screams. With eight different horror-filled attractions, this is an experience that you’ll be sure to never forget.

Whether you’re someone who enjoys the jump-out-and-scare-you kind of thrills or someone who enjoys more of a terrifying storyline, these professionals will be sure to have the perfect horror just for you.

Taking a walk through their two haunted houses and a wicked haunted woods full of scares and shocks will be enough to frighten even the most experienced visitor.

With areas including a messed-up horror asylum, a nocturnal wasteland, and escape rooms designed to bend the mind, you’ll be amazed by just how far they’re able to take this experience and make it their own.

10. Terror Behind the Walls

If you’re looking for something that feels closer to a real-life experience, then checking out Terror Behind the Walls in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania needs to be a serious priority.

Taking place in the Eastern State Penitentiary, this one-of-a-kind experience will lead you through six different areas all filled with horrors and terrors, the likes of which you’ve probably never even imagined, much less seen for yourself.

With many of the areas considered “interactive,” it’s important to keep in mind that this experience is designed to make you feel as if you’ve become a prisoner in this forsaken place so this is not a haunted house for the faint of heart.

You will be dealing with demented doctors and convicts looking for any and every way to escape. Even Forbes magazine couldn’t deny the quality of this haunted house, calling it the “#1 Haunted Attraction in the US.”

Don’t miss out on what could easily be one of the most unique and immersive haunted experiences from around the world.

11. The Darkness

The Darkness in St. Louis, Missouri has spent 26 years perfecting their terrifying skills and it’s certainly paid off. This haunted house pops up in almost every haunted guide and terror list imaginable and will certainly do their very best to give you a scary experience unlike any other.

This haunted attraction takes their job very seriously and has designed the perfect haunted house to give even the most avid guest an incomparable thrill.

With six differently themed zones all filled with zombies and horrific creatures including demented clowns and tortured patients, you can rest assured there will be more than enough to give you the heart attack you’ve been hoping for.

Be terrified by their extensive animatronics, world-class actors, and Hollywood-level sets that will transport you to your worst nightmare come to life in almost no time at all.

12. Netherworld

Laser tag in an unbeatable haunted house? What’s not to love? This one-of-a-kind and truly unique haunted experience will have you feeling as if you’ve jumped inside a video game from the very first moment you walk through their gates.

You’ll make your way through some of the most amazing and unique spaces with a professional design and makeup team that will really have you feeling as though you’ve stepped foot into a different world.

This particular attraction is located in Atlanta, Georgia and, in addition to its incredibly lifelike escape rooms and monsters, it pulls from local southern stories and culture in order to give the full experience to guests who are looking for that something special during their visits.

Constantly ranked among the top five haunted attractions in the country and having spent 23 years perfecting their craft, this is definitely a spot that will have you screaming in fear and you’ll certainly want to check it out on your tour of Southern haunts.

13. Nightmare: Face Your Fear

Where could be better to be scared than a city full of aspiring, skilled actors?

When you visit New York’s Nightmare: Face Your Fear, you’ll be taken on a journey unlike anything that you’ve ever experienced before.

This is a haunted house that is run by off-Broadway producers who make it their goal to give you an amazing theatrical experience and riddled with some of the most stunning makeup and design work in the industry.

Additionally, these professionals are incredibly successful because they sent out a poll to thousands of New York natives asking them what their biggest fears were and what would scare them most.

This has led to one of the best, most gripping, and certainly most terrifying haunted houses around the world.

This experience has been created with one purpose in mind and that’s to use your own anxieties and emotions against you in order to build a sense of fear and dread that’s simply unmatched in the haunted house game.


Haunted houses have been a part of fall traditions for generations. But modern technology and new makeup techniques have allowed professionals to take their haunting skills to the next level.

If you’re someone who enjoys the thrill and excitement that you can get by visiting these incredible spots, then why not really live it up by taking part in some of the best in the country?

Whether you live near one of these shocking attractions or find yourself hoping to enjoy a haunted road trip this fall, taking a tour in some of these haunted houses will surely have you screaming at the top of your lungs in no time at all.

Keep this list in mind and start planning your Halloween frights as soon as possible so that you can stop by all these world-class attractions this year.