Blade 720 Drone Review

Super easy to fly drone gets stunning footage at a fraction of the cost or size of any other drone.
James Lancaster Senior Contributor
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About Blade 720

Drones have become very popular over the last several years due to their ability to capture amazing quality video shots without a lot of technical experience of ability.

The problem is that up until now, the top features have only been available on the premium priced and most expensive models.

This has meant that many hobbyists have become unmotivated because they have had to invest in lesser drones that don’t offer what they want.

The Blade 720 promises premium features at an affordable price point, but how does it really stack up?

What Is it?

Blade 720 Drone outside with controller

The Blade 720 is small and compact. It promises premium features at a price that most people can afford. It comes with everything you need, including an application for both Android and iOS.

It is being marketed as a performance type drone, which means that it has the capacity to do tricks, such as flipping in mid-flight.

Perhaps its biggest selling point is that it offers ease of use in a small and compact package that includes top end features.

Technical Specs

Here are the top technical specifications for the Blade 720:


Blade 720 drone folded on a table

The most noticeable feature of the Blade 720 is just how compact it is in size. It is also foldable, which makes it easy to carry around and transport from place to place. With dimensions of 6.2 x 4.9 x 3 centimeters, the Blade 720 is one of the most compact on the market.

Trick modes

Lots of drone hobbyists love to fly a drone that will also allow them to do tricks. The Blade 720 allows a user to do 360 flips in mid-flight and enter something called Speed Mode.

One key return feature

One feature that all professional and premium quality drones have is a one key return system. This allows them to return to home base no matter where they are.

This is ideal for when you’re flying a drone in an unfamiliar area and you have lost sight of it. The one key return function will tell the Blade 720 to simply fly back to home base.


Unlike many less expensive drone models. The Blade 720 purports to be made of higher quality durable materials.

HD camera

Many less expensive drone models contain a low-quality camera or don’t have a camera at all. The Blade 720 boasts a high-definition camera that can be controlled wirelessly from the included Android or iOS application.


The Blade 720 is very compact when it has been folded up. This makes it an ultra-portable drone solution for hobbyists and enthusiastic amateurs.

Top Features

The Blade 720 seems to offer a lot of features at a very affordable price, but here’s what we think are the top ones that truly stand out:

1. One Key Return

One of the biggest problems with inexpensive drones is that they can get lost pretty quickly when you’re flying them around. The one key return function on the Blade 720 promises to alleviate that.

This means that if you’ve lost sight of the drone, you can simply press the return to home function and it will automatically navigate the way back to home base.

2. The Blade 720 Application

Many inexpensive drones don’t come with an application at all. They are often just inexpensive plastic affairs that offer little in the way of control.

The Blade 720p changes this. The included software for Android and iOS places more control at your fingertips. It allows the users to control the drone wirelessly, including speed and flight path.

Best of all, it allows you to have a drone’s eye view of the world so that you can see exactly what the on-board camera is seeing.

Better yet, the application also has a video recording function so that the users can easily record a video clip and then share it on social media outlets.

These features are usually only available on professional and higher priced drone models.

3. Compact and Lightweight

One of the most noticeable things about the Blade 720 is how small and compact it is. In its folded state, it takes up very little room and can even be put into a coat pocket for easy portability.

Customer Reviews

Many Blade 720 users say that they really enjoy the fact that they can get high-end drone features for a low price.

In addition, they can’t believe that so many top-end features have been squeezed into such a compact and affordable package.

Some users had a bit of a steep learning curve at first when it came to controlling it via the application, but it didn’t take them very long to get to grips with how it works and the benefits that it offers.

Many other users were really happy that the on-board HD camera allowed them to take such high-quality shots.

Our Review

We really like the fact that this drone is so light and compact. Drones have to be lightweight, of course, but the Blade 720 manages to be made from higher quality materials and still come in at a fraction of the weight of competing models.

This translates to a better flying experience and a higher level of portability. The fact that we could fit it into a coat pocket means that it will appeal to many people who are looking for a discreet way to get into the world of drones.

Furthermore, we also really love the fact that it includes top-end features such as one-key return to home base and 360-degree mid-air flips.

When we think of how affordable this model is, we really find it hard to believe that it even has some of these premium features.


  • The Blade 720 is light and easy to use, even for beginners
  • The on-board HD camera is a welcome surprise at this price point, and it also includes a very wide 120 angle of view which is ideal for taking landscape snapshots and fitting large groups into a selfie
  • The price itself is very affordable and will create broad appeal
  • The one-key return feature is also a surprising inclusion at this price


  • The Blade 720 is mostly only available online and stocks seem to be limited at a number of outlets
  • Some people find that the initial learning curve is a little high, but this may be because of their general lack of familiarity with flying drones

What's Included?

When you purchase the Blade 720 drone, you receive the drone in a folded state, battery and battery chargers, good instructions, links to the Blade 720 application, and a hand-held remote control that includes a smartphone attachment.

Where to Buy

The Blade 720 is available only from their official website here. Right now the website is offering special discounts and we do not know when these will expire. There are also sites that offer volume discounts, so if you buy two or even three Blade 720 drones at the same time, you’ll save money.