Bondic Review: Now You Throw Your Super Glue Away And Fix Virtually Anything!

Easy to use DIY tool fixes any material with special liquid plastic formula that dries in 4 seconds.
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About Bondic®

Superglue might be something you are used to and feel fairly comfortable using, but super glue, in general, isn’t exactly ideal.

One of the biggest problems with glue — superglue or otherwise — is that it is a self-drying substance.

That is to say, you have a limited amount of time to apply it, shape it, and stick whatever you’re trying to glue together, before it dries out and creates a problem.

Bondic, on the other hand, is not glue. It is one the newest and coolest gadgets on the market that uses a special liquid adhesive material that makes a strong bond on any type of surface.

What is Bondic?

Bondic is a hand held liquid plastic welder that uses a unique liquid formula that transforms into plastic in 4 seconds when under to ultra violet light.

Bondic logo

So what makes this product any different from the typical superglue products?

Bondic comes in a complete kit with all the tools you need, like the liquid plastic welder, so you can start making all the repairs you want from the moment you get it.

The special adhesive material will remain liquid until exposed to UV light. During this process, it will rapidly cure and dry into plastic in only 4 seconds, forming a strong, permanent bond on multiple types of surfaces.

It’s a versatile bonding formula that you can use for repairs on all types of projects, on a wide variety of surfaces and materials. and it’s much more effective than your typical glue.

How Does it Work?

Bondic is one of the simplest tools out there.

All you need to do is apply it like any other glue onto the materials that you want to bond together. The special liquid material is similar in texture to any superglue out there.

However, as long as you leave it like that, you can form it, wipe off excess amounts, and add more liquid in layers, until you’re ready begin bonding them together.

When you’re done, simply click the button on the Bondic tool, wait for 4 seconds, then the liquid will form into hard plastic and create a long lasting permanent bond.

According to the manufacturer, the plastic is completely weatherproof and waterproof, as well as extremely durable.

The special liquid is not available anywhere else, which is exactly why the Bondic brand is growing increasingly popular for all types of projects. Say goodbye to superglue and welcome to this amazing product.

Key Features

Once again, Bondic is not glue. It is a liquid plastic welder that uses a special adhesive that only begins bonding under ultra violet light. Here are some of its awesome features that make it different than other adhesives like super glue.

Easy Cleanup

In order to properly bond two items, first you’re going to need to clean them properly. You can use a damp cloth to wipe the surface dirt, but you’ll need a sharp, pointy tool to clean all the nooks and crannies.

The sharp, pointy tool is featured in the package, of course. What makes it special is that it will never harden, unless you expose the adhesive to UV light.

This means that all you need is a paper tissue and Bondic to clean the material that you want to bond. Just clean all the dirt, wipe it off with a paper towel and you are ready to apply Bondic.

The UV Light

Every Bondic Liquid Welder comes with a UV light, specifically designed to make the liquid substance harden and turn into plastic as fast as possible.

Once you’re done shaping the liquid substance, simply fire up the included UV light to quickly dry and harden the liquid component.


Many glues can only work with a certain type of materials, like wood. Bondic, on the other hand, is very versatile. You can use it to fix everything from chipped dishes, to figurines, toys, eyeglasses, jewelry, etc. Add it to material including wood, metal, and even glass. It will only dry when you decide!

In fact, given the fact that it is both waterproof and fire resistant, you can expose Bondic to a variety of conditions.

Bondic liquid plastic welder fixing computer charging cable

It is great for stopping leaks in pools and aquariums and the hardened plastic won’t melt, even if you apply it close to your mantelpiece. Bondic is versatile, even when it is completely dry.

You can easily paint, sand, mold, fill, mill or polish the formed solid plastic, which makes it extremely adaptable.

Depending on how many layers of adhesive material you applied, you can sand the area thoroughly to give it a nice shine and appearance, so no one will notice that it was ever broken.

Long Life

Your typical glues tend to set quickly when exposed to air. Even when you close the tube or can, it will start drying out. This means that the tube sealant can easily get clogged and nearly impossible to properly open.

As a substance that dries out only under UV light, Bondic can remain in a liquid state in the applicator tube for years.

Included Accessories

Bondic Kit

When you open the package, inside the kit you’ll see a liquid plastic welder, two 4-gram tubes of liquid plastic adhesive, a holder, and an ultra violet light. This is more than enough to last you quite some time, depending on your usage.

Customer Reviews

Many customers were happy to share their comments and reviews about their experience. We organized our favorites below so you can don't have to search online. Read their comments about how they used the products below.

Fixed A Swarovski Tree

One customer has managed to fix their Swarovski Christmas tree topper with Bondic. Apparently, one of the crystals broke off from the frame and they thought it couldn’t be fixed.

The tree topper was quite difficult to handle, as it was of irregular shape and couldn’t be laid flat on a surface.

Thanks to the fact that Bondic doesn’t stiffen in contact with air, the customer was able to hold down the tree topper, apply a single drop of Bondic onto the metal and use the LED light. She did this with an actual crystal and it took seconds for the liquid plastic to harden, fixing the pricey Swarovski Christmas tree topper.

One Day To Repair Sunglasses

Another customer had a great experience fixing their sunglasses, and gluing back a piece of plastic that fell off their printer tray. The user also sealed a seam on a tension rod in order to increase its weight capacity.

The best part, they claimed, was that the hardened plastic was almost completely indistinguishable, and there was no additional tampering involved. This was possible thanks to the fact that Bondic liquid adhesive hardens quickly, unlike conventional glue.

The best part here is that they claim that they wouldn’t have even thought of it if it weren’t for Bondic. This product can spark up your creativity and have you fixing stuff in no-time.

Fixed An Item Not Repairable With Glue

The third review is all about toys, a set of Hot Wheels to be specific. The customer had parts of a casting missing on a toy car and there was no real way to repair this item, especially not with superglue.

This customer went really creative here. First, they wrapped the windows in plastic, and put the model car together. Then, they used Bondic to draw the missing bits, hardening them as they were drawn.

Excellent Experience

Finally, this customer tells a great story on how simple and quick of a solution Bondic actually is. They used the product to fix the cracks in their motorcycle’s fairings.

First, they cut a V-groove in every crack and drilled the crack tips. Then, as mentioned in other reviews, they used Bondic as the filler.

The customer claims that the best thing about using this product is the form factor — getting the ideal filler amount is very easy, as the Bondic pen opening is essentially as narrow as a tip of a pen point.

This speaks a lot about how resilient Bondic is when it hardens. If it can be used on motorcycle fairings, it can be used in nearly all projects.

Our Bondic Review: Is This Liquid Plastic Welder Worth It?

Do not mistake Bondic adhesive for glue.

Although it can replace many types of glue in most instances, as well as serve as an adhesive substance, Bondic is more of a molding liquid tool because it can do so much more than glue two things together.

You can fill holes in various items and hold many different materials together. Thanks to its brilliant drying method, it is extremely versatile. With enough of this substance, you could actually create new items.

The fact that the adhesive will cure only under ultra violet light gives you plenty of time to prepare your projects so you can create repairs that actually last.

After applying Bondic, grab a paper tissue or a piece of cloth to wipe any excess liquid from the surface of the tube.

Another great thing here is the fact that it won’t clog the applicator tube; unlike superglue, it can’t set on it's own and get stuck inside the tube.

Overall, we think the cost to buy a kit it totally worth it, because the product lasts a long time, allowing you to complete many projects.


  • Superb drying control and consistent when hard
  • Create any lost or broken item and form to any shape
  • Easy to use liquid plastic welder dries in four seconds
  • The material can be sanded after it cures
  • Works on many materials, including metal, wood, glass, plastic, and ceramics.


  • Hardens only under LED light

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if Bondic is exposed to sunlight?

Direct sunlight has a similar effect on Bondic like the UV pen. This means that the liquid will quickly dry into solid plastic if exposed to direct sunlight.

It is also recommended not to expose the Bondic liquid plastic welder pen to direct sunlight, especially when the sun is the strongest in August. This will create an effect that is similar to what happens with superglue when exposed to fresh air. In other words, it will set quickly, so don't leave it outside.

Use Bondic indoors or during the night, but be careful to avoid using any light bulbs that emit UV rays when working with it.

Is Bondic toxic?

While it is definitely not recommended to ingest the liquid, Bondic is non-toxic, which means that you can repair drinking vessels and tableware with it.

Don’t worry, you can safely apply it to many surfaces like chipped and broken plates, cups, etc. and it is much more efficient than superglue.

For safety reasons, Bondic pens should be kept out of the reach of children because the product has small parts.

Is Bondic conductive?

No, the plastic that forms when you expose Bondic to LED lights is an insulator.

This means that you can use Bondic technology to fix various cables and plugs. Be careful, however, and make sure that there isn’t any electricity going through the object that you are fixing.

How to remove a bonded piece

As a very potent sealant, the liquid plastic technology made by using Bondic is very strong. It is waterproof, weatherproof, and fire resistant.

As such, it can be extremely difficult to remove, so you should triple-check before you use the UV light on whatever it is that you’re fixing.

Can I use Bondic on lamps?

As mentioned, Bondic is fireproof and, as such, isn’t affected by heat (unless we’re talking about extreme temperatures).

It won’t burn, it won’t melt in your oven and, it can certainly take the heat of your lamp. Whether you’re using a fabric lamp or a glass ceiling lamp, it’ll do the trick.

Can I buy refills?

Yes, Bondic offers single four-gram 4G tubes and five-packs on their official website. The manufacturer states that each tube contains about 80 drops of adhesive.

Additionally, they offer a Re-Gifter Kit with three Bondic pens. If you’re using the product for minor fixes, the two tubes in the set kit are going to last you quite some time.

Where to Buy

UPDATE:During the holiday season, this item is in extremely limited supply in September through November. Check the official site to shop for availability on the latest deals so you can save on your purchase.

The products are available in many options to get started including a Trial Pack, Re-Gifter pack, and a 4G refill. You automatically save on the cost any purchase above $49 by getting free shipping to US and Canada. Best of all, holiday discounts are available online for the Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder kit, so shop now!

UPDATE:During the holiday season, this item is in extremely limited supply in September through November. Check the official site to shop for availability on the latest deals so you can save on your purchase.