Brush Hero Review

Lightweight, durable water powered cleaning brush helps you clean almost anything better and faster.
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About Brush Hero

Having a hose is definitely not enough to properly clean grills, patios, cars, garden tools, pools, etc.

If you’ve ever tried to clean any of these, you know that a pressure hose doesn’t quite do the trick — not with grease, grime, and brake dust.

The Brush Hero is all about the nooks and crannies of the cleaning job, as it truly gets in there and cleans it up. See what the Brush Hero has to offer in this in-depth review.

What is Brush Hero?

The Brush Hero is essentially a garden hose extension that uses the provided water pressure to spin the cleaning head. This makes loosening the dirt and wiping off grease stains much easier and quicker.

Brush Hero can clean everything from bikes, wheels, screens, to furniture and pets. This hose extension is designed with deep and thorough cleaning in mind.

Every Brush Hero comes with two brushes. The soft brush is designed for delicate surfaces, while the power brush can take care of heavy-duty mess.

How Does it Work?

For the most part, the Brush Hero relies on the water pressure. The pressure propels the brush and helps you clean faster and better.

The Brush Hero doesn’t require batteries or electricity, which is an important factor when it comes to both eco-consciousness and saving money.

Key Features

This tool features two different brushes that are packed in a transparent plastic bag. The package itself doesn’t contain anything particularly special.

Aside from the two brushes, you also get a cleverly written and fun-to-read user manual. The Brush Hero is tough and sturdy.

Attaching a brush head to it will take quite a push, which is an excellent thing, really; you want the brush to be properly secured before you get into action.

No Batteries, No Electricity

As mentioned, the Brush Hero doesn’t use batteries or electricity in any way, shape or form. Instead, it relies on water pressure alone. This being said, you don’t need a huge amount of pressure to make it work.

Medium Pressure

The greater the pressure the better, right? Well, when you’re using a hose extension that merely focuses the water pressure at a particular spot, yes, the more pressure the better.

The funny thing about Brush Hero is that it isn’t pressure-centric. That is to say, it doesn’t rely on the sheer, blunt force of water; it is much more delicate. Although low water pressure will prove inefficient here, medium pressure is ideal for the job.

That’s because the Brush Hero boasts a solid amount of torque, even at medium pressure. Don’t expect it to spin as fast as a power drill, though. The Brush Hero won’t blast the dirt away, but rather gradually (but definitely not slowly) work it off.

The Handle

The handle is made of quality soft rubber that has the feel of a much more expensive product. It is has a grooved surface and a solid grip, which is really important for heavy-duty tasks. The whole thing weighs no more than 10 ounces, meaning that you won’t get tired from holding it.

The On-Off Switch

On the handle, you’ll find a thumb-operated switch that serves as the pressure control. This means that you won’t have to go all the way back to the valve in order to turn the Brush Hero off.

More importantly, this switch serves as pressure control, allowing you to gauge the amount of water coming out. The switch is sturdy and resilient, meaning it won’t easily break down.

Heavy-Duty Brush    

The heavy-duty brush is there for tough cleaning projects such as grime, mud, caked surfaces, and other types of filth that take considerable pressure to clean.

It is white and is usually the one displayed in the transparent packaging. Use this brush for the filth on your car’s wheels and tires, caked mud on your boots and similar tasks.

No-Scratch Brush

The soft no-scratch brush head is there for finer jobs on delicate and gentle surfaces. More importantly, however, the no-scratch brush is ideal for details. Using this soft black brush, you can clean the tiniest of details, places that your hand can’t reach.

Be careful, however, because you shouldn’t use it for heavy-duty jobs, as that may damage the brush. Always start a big project with the heavy-duty brush and save the no-scratch brush for the final touches.

Any Hose

You can attach the Brush Hero to any and every standard garden hose. You won’t need any special or fancy equipment, meaning you can save big time with the Brush Hero.

Better than Other Cleaning Equipment

When compared to the run-of-the-mill sponges, rags, and brushes, the Brush Hero is a much better choice. First of all, it lasts longer, and it is way more flexible.

It doesn’t hold water, so you won’t have problems with mold. Also, it doesn’t provide breeding grounds for bacteria like most sponges and cleaning rags do. On top of all that, the Brush Hero is easy to clean and dry.

Customer Reviews

Customer 1

This customer was pleasantly surprised at the efficiency of this tool. Owing to the significant amounts of torque the Brush Hero offers, the customer had no problems with tight spots, small holes and details.

However, they were initially distrustful of its build and design. But, the only reason why plastic and rubber were used here was to make it weigh less.

This customer managed to clean the wheels of a bike that hasn’t been cleaned for years, using nothing but the Brush Hero.

Customer 2

Another customer complains about the fact that it would take them as much as 15 minutes to properly clean every wheel on their jeep.

Once they’ve ordered and received the Brush Hero, they claim that cleaning the wheels took them as little as 5 minutes per wheel, which is three times quicker than what they were used to.

The customer claims that the Brush Hero managed to take off caked mud, brake dust, and other filth quickly and effectively.

They also say that this product has inspired them to clean their car more often than before. The less time it takes you to clean your car, the easier job you’ll have convincing yourself to do it.

Customer 3

A lot of people aren’t fans of drill-powered cleaners and neither was this customer. These things may be effective, but if the surface dries before you clean it up, you can permanently damage it with a drill-powered brush.

However, The Brush Hero’s heavy-duty brush is much more forgiving than the drill-powered because the torque is significantly lower. Also, as you know, the Brush Hero is water pressure-powered. That means that water is always in plentiful supply when you’re using this tool.

It is safe to say that this customer is more than satisfied with the product.

Customer 4

This user is amazed at how lightweight the Brush Hero is. They claim that the first thing they noticed upon unboxing the product was the handle grip — it perfectly fit their hand and it was very comfortable to hold.

These are the two main focuses of the manufacturer — making the cleaning process seamless and providing excellent ergonomics.

They further go on to say that the Brush Hero was able to remove a lot of caked-on grime from their car’s wheels, as well as some break dust and snow salt.

The product didn’t scratch the surface at any point, although it did do a thorough, quick, and efficient cleaning job. They state the record time of under 20 minutes for thoroughly cleaning all four wheels on their car.

Customer 5

Finally, this customer couldn’t imagine the Brush Hero working as efficiently as it did, using nothing but water pressure as a power source. However, it worked wonders for the customer and their neighbor’s wheels.

This user was particularly keen on trying the product on their dog that is apparently a huge fan of mud. Suffice to say that the Brush Hero’s soft brush worked wonders on this task.

Our Review

The Brush Hero may be a simple cleaning tool, but it is certainly original and, even more importantly, extremely efficient and effective. The fact that it uses nothing but mid-level water pressure to keep it going is simply fantastic.

If you don’t think that this amount of water pressure can produce enough torque, check out the user reviews above or give the Brush Hero a chance.

This device has a fantastic grip, it is extremely light, and it doesn’t leak. It is very eco- and budget-friendly, and it can clean everything from car wheels to furniture and pets. All in all, this is a great product, definitely worth the investment..


  • Sturdy build
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect torque
  • Fun and useful user manual
  • No leaking
  • Can cut off water flow
  • No problems with mold and bacteria


  • Hose quick connect sometimes missing

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hardware specifications?

The Brush Hero weighs around 10 ounces and is around 13” to 14” inches long when the cleaning brush is attached. It is between 2” and 3” wide.

As mentioned, the product features a heavy-duty plastic/rubber construction that provides a fantastic grip and keeps the product lightweight.

How long does it take to ship?

The orders are processed on the day of purchase or the next business day. It should take no more than 2-5 days for your order to ship.

Can it spin faster?

Faster is not necessarily better. To answer the question, no, the Brush Hero can’t spin any faster. It uses steady, strong torque, provided by medium water pressure, which is the most efficient way to clean things up without grazing and damaging the surface.

How much pressure do I need?

The Brush Hero is designed with the standard residential water pressure in mind. If the pressure gets any lower, the torque will falter. However, as long as there’s positive force, the brush will keep spinning.

How much water does it use?

You’ll be amazed to hear that the Brush Hero uses half the amount of water that a standard hose would, without any attachment. This is because the Brush Hero conserves water while doing a better job at cleaning.

What else can I clean?

Whatever comes to mind, really, as long as there’s common sense involved — barbecues, pool tiles, lawn furniture, gutters, lawnmowers, pets, you name it. The black brush is strong but gentle enough for almost any material and surface.

Technically, you can clean your guitar without damaging it or scratching it, but this could ruin the wood and might even mess up the electronics. So, exercise common sense and you can clean almost anything.

Where to Buy

You can get the Brush Hero on eBay for $24.99, or on Amazon for $29. On the official manufacturer’s website, the Brush Hero Starter Pack goes for $34.99. Additionally, the site offers many additional options.