ChargeHubGo+ Review

Rapidly charge your devices on the go with wireless and USB charging. Works with all major phones.
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About ChargeHubGo+

Has your phone battery ever died when you needed it most?

Fortunately we're past the days of the Nokia 1100 and phones which require a full charge every week or so.

However, most smartphone users today are lucky if their devices can last 24 hours on a single charge. This is unacceptable.

While manufacturers strive to come up with stronger batteries and better system optimizations, the abundance of apps and system processes that run in the background on today’s smartphones still make it difficult to maintain a full charge for longer.

Clearly, most people are used to this by now. Yet that doesn’t mean that running into a low battery scenario when you’re outside or far from an outlet isn’t annoying and even potentially scary.

Now, it doesn't have to be thanks to a wireless charging pad by Limitless Innovations called ChargeHubGo+.

What is ChargeHubGo?

The ChargeHubGo is an All-In-One portable, pocket-sized, wireless charging pad and power bank by the company Limitless Innovations.

As a portable power bank, it can be used to charge all of your gadgets that support USB charging. And it comes standard with built-in cables that are compatible with micro lightning and micro USB ports. Best of all, the product works with any smartphones that support wireless charging.

How Does it Work?

The way this portable charger works is very simple.

For USB charging, follow these steps:

Step 1: Simply connect your iPhone or Android device with the USB cord to the charging port of a fully charged ChargeHubGo.

Step 2: Press the side button and 1-4 tiny blue lights will activate to display the battery level.

Step 3: Sit back and relax while their patented SmartSpeed technology is charging your device.

For wireless charging, the process is even easier.

Step 1: Simply place your device perfectly centered on top of the ChargeHubGo.

Step 2: Go do something else while your device is charging.

ChargeHubGo portable battery bank with wireless charging capability for phones

There are no buttons to press or switches to flip on the ChargeHubGo+. As long as it has juice in it, the ChargeHubGo+ will always be on.

It’s also important to note that if you don’t place your phone on top and perfectly centered on the ChargeHubGo+ it may not start to charge. This is true of most horizontal wireless chargers, not just this model. Any slight deviation could mess with the voltage transfer.

This won’t affect your phone in any way, or the ChargeHubGo+ for that matter. But, it does mean that it can’t be a total waste of time if you set it and come back after half an hour to check on the phone’s battery status.

Always verify that the charging notification on your phone comes up after placing your device on the ChargeHubGo+.

TIP: With ChargeHubGo+, you can easily charge three devices simultaneously if you use both wireless and wired charging methods.

Key Features

While there’s no shortage of portable chargers on the market, not all of them perform equally well or have enough juice to help you get through your day.

Some can’t handle more than one device without the risk of overheating or depleting the power bank’s battery too fast.

Banner showing 3 main features of ChargeHubGo+

The cool thing about the ChargeHubGo is that it has a couple of high-end features that you won’t often come across in other products in its price range.

Multiplatform Compatibility

One of the best things about the ChargeHubGo+ is its universal compatibility. Whether you’re an iPhone or an Android user, whether you use Google Pixel or Nexus, this power bank can be used to quickly charge almost any smartphone.

On top of that, the device charges other USB electronics, such as MP3 players, digital cameras, iPods, tablets, etc.

Slim Design

The charger isn’t that much bigger than a modern smartphone. Its low profile design makes it a great device that you can carry with you in your pocket. Although the power bank packs a massive and powerful battery under the hood, it’s also surprisingly light, not just tiny and compact.

High Capacity

ChargeHubGo+ charging an iPhone with a cable

As already mentioned, the ChargeHubGo+ boasts a 5000 mAh battery. This is a lot, considering the size of the power bank and the low profile build. On top of the high capacity, the charger also offers a powerful 15W total output which helps cut down on total charging time.

The wireless power output will unlikely exceed 5W. That’s due to technological limitations and the power distribution optimization that’s unique to the ChargeHubGo charger.

Comes With USB Charging Cables

In keeping with the high functionality design theme, the ChargeHubGo+ has two built-in cables, including 1 USB Type-C and 1 Reversible Micro Lightning cable.

These cables work with both iOS and Android smartphones. The Type-C cable is used to charge the power bank.

Of course, you can also use aftermarket cables should you want to extend the range of the charger. However, the whole point of going with the built-in cable design was to minimize the cord clutter that plagues most charging stations.

Patented Charging Technology

The ChargeHubGo is not the only wireless power bank out there. However, it does use proprietary SmartSpeed wireless charging technology that gives it an edge over the competition. Any compatible device can benefit from the 5W wireless charging when placed on top of the ChargeHubGo.

However, it’s important to mention that you can only benefit from the maximum charging speed when charging a single device. Adding one or two more devices will reduce the speed. That said, it can still be done without the risk of overheating the power bank or the devices connected to it.

One other cool thing about the patented SmartSpeed technology is how it tackles power distribution. This technology prioritizes devices that can handle high charging speeds while the older ones with low capacity get what’s left.

That way, the SmartSpeed function ensures that your newer and probably primary devices are always charging at a faster rate.

Customer Reviews

Bought A Second Charger For His Spouse

This customer didn’t stop at buying just one unit. According to him, the superior portability of the ChargeHubGo and its charging efficiency convinced him to buy a second unit for his spouse.

The customer also hinted at the idea of getting yet another one that would be installed in the car, so that he could have all areas covered and never run out of power for his devices.

Perfect Device For Users On The Go

This customer is constantly on the road and finds herself in various hotels and airports all the time. She explained that:

"As a busy professional, having the luxury of carrying a very slim gadget was very welcome, especially since she could charge multiple devices at once. The ChargeHubGo is a game-changer for people constantly on the road."

Love The Built-In Charging Cables

Another customer mentioned that the built-in charging cables were the main advantage of the ChargeHubGo+.

Not only does the slim design of the product really help but it also provides tons of functionality for the 5000 mAh portable power bank. Of course, the customer went on to mention that:

"The 5W wireless charging pad makes the charger truly stand out.

Charges So Fast!

This customer was pleased by the impressive charging speed when using the ChargeHubGo with a single device.

Although the speed dropped when they hooked up the maximum number of devices, the customer went on to mention that:

"The convenience of being compatible with both Apple iPhone and Android made up for everything."

Our Review

The ChargeHubGo+ has a lot going for it, even though it’s among the smallest power banks that can charge multiple devices. From its patented SmartSpeed technology to its universal compatibility, to the highly convenient operation, this product can be a true lifesaver.

There’s also the luxury of being able to charge your iPhone of Android phone on the go. Even when you’re using the cables to charge multiple electronics, you won’t have to deal with the usual cable clutter or chaos that comes with the territory.

All things considered, even with the charging speed dropping when catering to multiple devices, the 5v 2a 5000 mAh battery capacity more than sufficient for your charging needs each day.

The simple fact that it works with nearly all companies and models, includes all of the accessories needed, and is an easy device to carry with you makes this product a no-brainer to purchase.


  • Charges up to four devices with Smartspeed technology
  • Built-in charging cables included, including USB-C
  • Compatible with majority of phone brands and models
  • High battery output & capacity


  • Charging times will increase with each new connected device
  • Only available in the color black

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is wireless charging?

Wireless charging is a process that makes use of coiled wire loops around an inductor (a magnet). Whenever electric current passes through the wire it creates an EM field (electromagnetic field).

The field is created and maintained around the inductor. This field can then be used to wirelessly charge a nearby device’s battery because the EM field has the ability to transfer voltage.

Is the ChargeHubGo+ Safe to use?

Wireless charging is a hot topic in various circles. Many discussions surrounding this technology touch on the risks of wireless charging can pose to a device’s battery.

If you’re worried about this in general or about the ChargeHubGo specifically, you can rest assured knowing that this mighty little power bank is safe to use.

There’s no evidence to support the theory that wireless charging can deplete batteries or cause them to degrade at a faster rate.

If anything, using the ChargeHubGo’s wireless charging feature may have more pros than cons. When it comes to wear and tear, the wireless charging function clearly reduces wear and tear, at least on the charging ports.

Can the ChargeHubGo+ wirelessly charge all devices?

No, it can’t. At least not for the time being, it can’t. However, this is not a fault of the power bank itself. The majority of devices that support wireless charging are newer generation smartphones.

Most iPods, tablets, gaming headphones, and other similar gadgets don’t have the technology needed to take advantage of wireless charging power banks.

Do I need to plug the ChargeHubGo+?

You will need to plug in the USB device if you want to charge its battery. However, if the power bank is at maximum capacity, you won’t have to keep it plugged into a power outlet to charge your other devices.

By definition, a power bank should be able to charge at least one device without acting as an intermediary point between that device and a power outlet.

According to Limitless Innovations, it’s also not recommended to keep the ChargeHubGo plugged into a wall socket while charging multiple USB devices with it. This may cause the gadget to heat up considerably because it will be working overtime.

Does the ChargeHubGo+ lose power when it’s not in use?

Unfortunately, yes. But, this is true of all power banks. Once they reach maximum capacity, they’ll start slowly losing power over time — that’s if they’re not plugged into a wall outlet anymore.

That said, keep in mind that the ChargeHubGo has a 5000 mAh battery capacity. The gadget can hold a lot of that charge for days.

Is wireless charging faster than wired?

No, it is not. Wireless charging still isn’t the faster of the two.

However, the ChargeHubGo doesn’t promise the fastest charging solution on the market. You will notice that even this device charges other devices faster when using the built-in cables.

What is faster is the patented wireless technology implemented in the ChargeHubGo, when compared to similar wireless technologies offered by competitors. A combination of good engineering and power distribution optimization is what allows this to happen.

Is ChargeHubGo+ Compatible With My Android or iPhone Device?

No other product charges so fast and is compatible with this many mobile phone brands and models:

  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8/8 Plus
  • iPhone 7/7 Plus, 6/6s Plus, 5/5s/5c
  • iPad Pro/Air/Air2/Mini and iPod
  • Samsung Galaxy S7/8/S9/Edge/Plus, Note 4/5
  • Google Pixel
  • LG
  • Windows
  • Nexus
  • HTC
  • MP3 players or Cameras with a USB port or USB Type-C
  • Even some laptop computers

Where to Buy

So how many should you buy? Well, it all depends on how many smartphones, or USB gadgets in general, you use on a daily basis.

The best place to buy a ChargeHubGo+ is from their official website here. You'll not only get the best price, but also fast shipping + delivery and their 30 day warranty.

UPDATE: There is currently a promotion running through where if you purchase two devices you’ll save 75% on a third one. And if you order three devices, you’ll get two additional units for three. Check here to see if these limited deals are still available.