Circacharge Review: Make Your Phone Feel New Again

Wireless charging pad to keep your phone charged without messy, annoying cables.
James Lancaster Senior Contributor
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About Circacharge

How many times a day do you have to struggle with USB cords and charging cables so that you can charge your phone?

It’s a typically modern problem that we have and Circacharge just might be the product to fix it for an affordable price.

If you’re sick and tired of struggling with cables just so that you can charge your phone, Circacharge could be the answer.

So how does it stack up?

What Is it?

Basically, Circacharge is a wireless phone charger. Most new Apple and Samsung phones feature wireless charging capability and this is seen as a benefit because experts say that wireless charging will extend the battery life of a phone.

The Circacharge works by generating an electromagnetic field around itself. When a compatible phone is placed on it, inductive charging works by transferring the energy from this field to the battery of the phone and charging it. That means no more wires and no more struggling with knotted cables.

Technical Specs

Here are the technical specifications of the Circacharge that really matter:

  • Inductive charging that creates an electromagnetic field and transfers the energy to the phone battery in order to charge it
  • High amperage, which translates to faster charging capability
  • A sleek and slim design that’s easy to carry around
  • Completely wire-free charging

Top Features

Here are what we think are the best features:

1. Wireless Charging

It goes without saying that the best single feature is that it charges your smartphone wirelessly. This means that you never have to mess with wires or find that you’ve forgotten that micro-USB charger for the car trip.

The Circacharge also features a high amperage. What this means is that it can generate a more powerful electromagnetic field around itself than many lesser models. This means fast inductive charging for your phone.

2. Design and Materials

The Circacharge is made from premium-quality materials that will last for a long time and many uses. This makes it a much better investment than the cheaper brands.

Many people will also love how small and sleek it is. It’s an aesthetically pleasing device and will fit right in with today’s modern chargers and so on.

3. Fast Charging

It’s no good having a good-looking charger if it takes a long time to charge a device. The good news is that the Circacharge is a fast charging device. It is also compatible with both Apple and Samsung, which makes it a good investment for anyone with either of these phones. The manufacturer even states that it will work with new Nokia phones.

Customer Reviews

Most users really enjoyed the fact that they could charge their compatible smartphones without having to worry about wires and cables getting in the way. In fact, this was the single biggest benefit that people mentioned.

Many users also really liked the look of the Circacharge, often saying that it was small and sleek and could fit in their pockets without any problem at all.

Our Review

So what did we think of the Circacharge? The truth is that there are a growing number of these wireless phone charging devices on the market so anything that comes our way has to be good to get our attention.

The good news is that the Circacharge did just that.

Just the same as everyone else, we see a need for wireless charging because keeping track of all of the cables and wires can be a nightmare. This is especially the case if you happen to lose them in your car.

First and foremost, Circacharge is a really speedy phone charger that won’t take all day. We found that our phones were charged all the way back to full very quickly.

The problem that some wireless phone chargers have is that they have trouble charging through phone covers. This isn’t a problem with the Circacharge because it can easily transfer power through any phone case.

In this context, it has a nice minimum charging distance, which is better than many other wireless charges at this price point. That makes for a big plus in our books.

It may be a small thing to some people but we really liked the sleek design of the Circacharge. Lots of these kinds of units do what they are supposed to but they don’t all look this good. The fact that it’s also made of durable materials also means that if you happen to drop it, it’s unlikely to break on you.

You will need to be aware that there are some very cheap fakes knocking around. They might call themselves by the same name but if the price is too good to be true, then it’s probably a cheap fake that won’t be anywhere near as good quality if it even works at all.

This is definitely something to be aware of but the fake market is not just restricted to phone chargers. It’s a problem for lots of companies.

If you’re sick and tired of losing your phone charging cables or getting them all tied up together, the Circacharge might just be the product for you. It will definitely solve your cable problem and will mean that you can get the fast charge you need and possibly even extend the life of your smartphone.


  • If you’re patient enough to look around online, you’ll probably find a reasonable discount if you buy more than one Circacharge.
  • It worked fine with either Apple or Android phones that supported wireless charging and this brand agnosticism is a refreshing change.
  • It’s often possible to find a deal that offers free shipping if you happen to live in the right parts of the world.
  • The charging is fast due to the high amperage.
  • The Circacharge is made of tough materials and looks sleek and slim.
  • According to some sources, it may extend the life of the phone battery.


  • You’ll need to be careful when buying one as there are some cheap fakes around that claim to do the same thing and have the same name.
  • Not all of them can be used in a car.
  • If you want a different design and different colors, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

What’s Included

Unlike some wireless chargers where you get a lot of extra stuff that doesn’t mean anything, you only get what you need when you buy a Circacharge wireless charger:

  • The Circacharge charging pad
  • An adapter that fits onto the back of the phone, converts electromagnetic energy into electrical energy, and transfers it to the phone battery
  • A wireless adapter for the phone

It’s not a lot but that’s all you need. It also means that you’re not having to pay any extra for things that you won’t need.

Where to Buy

Circacharge can be purchased direct from the official Circacharge website here. If you look around, you can find special deals, especially on bundles, as well as free shipping to certain countries.

UPDATE: CircaCharge is no longer available. Instead we recommend checking out ChargeHubGo.