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Specially designed HD night driving glasses blocks blue-light to reduce glare from oncoming lights.
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About ClearView

If you think about whenever you drive at night, you are doing so in unnatural light conditions.

This means that many people, who would otherwise have perfect vision during the daylight hours, struggle to see properly, which, when driving a car, can be extremely dangerous.

One of the biggest issues is the glare that comes from streetlights and the headlights of other cars. The problem can be so severe for some that they refuse to drive at night.

For others, they may persevere but as they do so, they strain their eyes to see, which can often lead to headaches.

The problem can be made even worse when it is raining, or it gets foggy. When this happens, your visibility is limited anyway, but add in glare, and it is a recipe that can lead at best, to strained eyes, and at worst, an accident, because you couldn't see properly.

Thankfully, there is a solution, and it is a pair of night driving glasses called ClearView.

What is ClearView?

ClearView anti-glare nighttime driving glasses

They look like a normal pair of glasses and can be worn as such, but their special lenses make driving at night, and in poor visibility conditions, easier and safer.

As we mentioned in the previous section ClearView night driving glasses can be worn just as you would a pair of sunglasses. Alternatively, if you already wear prescription glasses, they can be worn over the top of them.

How Does it Work?

ClearView glasses help to reduce glare from oncoming car headlights and streetlights. The glare occurs as a result of the blue-light wavelengths that are present. A special coating on ClearView's lenses filters out that blue-wave light, thus reducing glare, and making the lights that you see much clearer.

Key Features

When you receive your ClearView night driving glasses they will come in a very stylish, and more importantly, protective, glasses case. Given that the lenses can be easily scratched if they are not treated with care, the case allows you to keep them free from the risk of damage when you are not using them.

While there is only one style, it is relatively stylish and similar to what many people call the aviator frame, given its resemblance to the sunglasses worn by Tom Cruise in the movie Top Gun. While that might suggest that these glasses are designed for males only, rest assured many females wear them, and love how they look.


One of the most commented-on features of ClearView is how comfortable they are to wear. The reason for this is bound to be the fact that they are very lightweight to the point that you barely notice you have them on.

Works With Prescription Glasses

If you need prescription glasses and wear them while driving, you can still use ClearView glasses. Simply place your ClearView glasses over your existing glasses, and then adjust them so that they are comfortable, and ensuring that no part of your field of vision is blocked.

Obviously, the main benefit of wearing ClearView glasses is the improved vision they provide when you are driving at night. Not only does this make it safer for you to drive, but more enjoyable too, given that you no longer have to squint your eyes from the headlights of cars going in the opposite direction to you.

Blue Light Filtering For Clearer Vision

The reason ClearView can improve your vision is down to its anti-glare technology. These are anti-blue light layers which are coated onto the lenses. Not only do these layers diminish glare from lights, but they make those lights shaper when you see them.

The ClearView lenses are also polarized which adds further to your ability to see clearer when you are driving at night. Polarization adjusts the way in which light reflects into the eyes, and therefore any very bright lights should not be able to distract you. It also helps to make what you are seeing sharper and clearer, which is obviously a positive when driving.

Adapts to Light Conditions

When you are driving at night you will often have scenarios where the level of light around you changes significantly. For example, leaving a brightly lit main street and turning into a poorly lit side street, or vice versa. This can often be a problem for other night driving glasses as they do not help your eyes adjust to the different light level.

ClearView lenses have transition technology which adapts automatically to the prevailing light conditions. This means they let in more light when it gets darker outside and let in less light if it gets very bright outside.

Customer Reviews

Jim was always nervous about driving at night. If it was also raining, he would even get into a state of panic and often avoid journeys just so he wouldn't have to drive at night. Now that has ClearView night vision glasses he says, 'It makes me so much less anxious, it helps enormously.'

John Harris was having a lot of trouble driving in the winter months due to darker nights and was actually straining his eyes to see properly. He had tried other night driving glasses, but they never felt comfortable. That was until he used ClearView glasses. 'They sit well on my nose and are easy to forget that I am even wearing them.'

Janet has perfect vision but at night the glare from streetlights and other cars meant she struggled to see when driving after dark. Now with ClearView glasses, she has no problems seeing at night when she is driving. 'ClearView has been the answer to all of my problems.'

Siri Jeffrey's husband's job meant he was on the road a lot, but when he had to drive at night, the glare caused him several problems. To try and help she bought him a pair of ClearView glasses, and he loves them, not only for nighttime driving but for driving during the day as well. 'He feels as if he has a new pair of eyes.’


One of the complaints made is that there is only one style of ClearView night vision glasses, and that style does not suit everyone. It has to be remembered that the whole point of wearing night vision glasses is to help you see better while driving and thus be able to stay safe.

There isn't much point in wearing designer glasses at night to look cool, and then having a 'fender bender' because you couldn't see the car in front of you properly.

Another complaint is that the lenses can become scratched. The simple truth is that the lenses in ClearView need exactly the same care and attention as any normal pair of glasses, and if they don't, then scratches are likely to occur.

This means they will get scratched if they are not placed in their case when not in use, are left lying on surfaces with the lenses facing down, or are cleaned using a material that is abrasive.


  • Can be worn over existing glasses
  • Very comfortable while being worn
  • Reduces nighttime glare
  • Adjusts to different light conditions


  • Lenses prone to scratching
  • One style only

Final Thoughts

There are lots of times, especially in winter, when we will need to drive after dark. Add in fog and rain, then there are bound to journeys when you are driving in pretty lousy conditions, and your vision is severely impaired. This is before we even consider the added problem of glare from other cars.

While ClearView night driving glasses can't alter the weather or make it any brighter outside, they can make your vision much clearer.

Not only does this reduce the likelihood of eye strains and headaches, but it makes each journey you take safer too. Not just for you and your family, but for others on the road too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ClearView night vision glasses suitable for those who wear contact lenses?

Absolutely. The lenses in ClearView are not corrective lenses so they will not affect your vision in terms of focusing if you wear contact lenses.

The only caveat we would add is if you wear special designer contact lenses that create a tint in your vision. If so, check how well you can see wearing those lenses with ClearView at night, before driving.

I'm wearing ClearView glasses at night while driving, but I  am still getting headaches, why?

It is very unlikely that wearing night driving glasses like ClearView would be the cause of your headaches, especially if you were having them before. Our advice would be to have an eye examination with an optician to see if there are any potential issues such as you require a different prescription for your normal glasses or a possible eye ailment which is causing the headaches.

How should I clean the lenses of my ClearView glasses?

Before cleaning them, you should always rinse them gently under some warm water. this will remove any tiny pieces of grit that may be on them. This prevents them getting scratched when you wipe them.

To remove any fingerprints or smudges use a microfiber cloth to clean them off. Never use your shirt or even a handkerchief as although they may feel soft, they can sometimes contain abrasive material.

To remove more stubborn stains, you can use lens cleaner, but you must be very careful which one you use as many of them will degrade the polarization on the lenses. Do not use any lens cleaner that contains alcohol and look for one that has a pH balance between 5.5 and 8.

Where to Buy

ClearView night vision glasses are available from this website. Price per pair is $49. Other offers: 2 pair = $69, Buy 3, Get 2 Free = $135. Delivery is free in the USA.