CoolAir Pro Review: The Modern Portable Air Conditioning Unit

Compact, 3-speed portable air cooling unit that filters and cools air running only on USB power.
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About CoolAir Pro

Many people would rather choose to feel cold than hot and dehydrated.

When the weather is cool, you can get your heart pumping and the increased blood flow will warm you up.

Overcoming a heatwave, on the other hand, doesn’t happen easily.

Most homes rely on traditional wall-mounted or ceiling air conditioning units for cooling. But it rarely happens that one AC unit can cover the entire household.

The alternative for those that can afford it would be to use more than one device.

But, what if there were a simpler solution for localized cooling?

Mini air conditioning units are gaining popularity at a rapid pace and there's one that has been gaining a lot of attention recently online called CoolAir Pro.

What is CoolAir Pro?

The CoolAir Pro is a portable 3-in-1 cooling appliance.

CoolAir Pro mini air cooler up close

As a mini AC unit, the CoolAir Pro can lower the room temperature, help purify the air, as well as act as a mini humidifier. It’s the Jack of all trades when it comes to mini portable AC units.

How Does it Work?

Before plugging the CoolAir Pro in, you’ll have to fill up the reservoir. It has a 20 oz. capacity and tap water will work just fine. After adding the water, you can plug the cooler into an available USB port.

You can use a smartphone, desktop computer, or laptop. However, using a laptop would probably be the best option. Even with a low power draw, the CoolAir Pro may deplete your smartphone’s battery too fast.

After that, all that’s left to do is set the desired temperature, fan setting, and cooling direction. To adjust the cooling direction you can move the grille, just as you would in a car.

When it comes to mechanics, the CoolAir Pro relies on simple principles. The fans draw in hot air from the room and it passes through wet filter pads.

This allows the CoolAir Pro to also remove some impurities from the air in the process. At the same time, the air gets cooled as the water evaporates from the pads. The same fans then blow the air out.

Key Features

This may be one of the smallest cooling solutions on the market, but that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t got a lot going for it. Under the hood, the CoolAir Pro is loaded with features that make it a very cool alternative to traditional air conditioning.

Large Tank

The tank holds around 20 oz. of water. This may not sound like much, but due to the operating efficiency of the CoolAir Pro, that’s enough water to last a full 8 hours. Different fan speed settings shouldn’t affect how fast the water evaporates.

Good Autonomy

Unlike larger AC units, the CoolAir Pro’s filters last about six months. What’s even better, is the fact that they’re very easy to swap for fresh ones. You won’t need a professional do to the job, so you can save some money there.

Mood Lighting

Nothing’s more annoying than flashing lights that can interfere with your sleep. The lighting on the CoolAir Pro can be customized to emit suitable soft colors, so that it doesn’t disturb your sleep. There are seven mood lights to choose from.

The soft lighting has another advantage. It shouldn’t interfere with your movie nights or with the RGB setup on your home computer.

3-Speed Fan

The 3-speed fan is a great design feature. It allows the CoolAir Pro to operate on three different levels. The slowest speed puts the fan in ultra-quiet mode which is usually great during the night. It also helps keep the humidity at decent levels.

The highest speed setting can help when you need to cool down as fast as possible. It’s important to understand that this setting will blow out cold air at a speed that can cause headaches. It’s best used when the grill is adjusted to blow air away from you.


Unlike most AC units, the CoolAir Pro is also very small. Its compact design and light weight allow it to be easily transported from one room to another, depending on your current needs. This and the USB connectivity give it an exceptional score in the portability category.

Adjustable Blade

Another cool feature is the adjustable air outlet blade. By moving it left and right or up and down you can control the direction of the cold air coming out. This allows you to either focus the airflow in a specific direction or direct it away from you to avoid a potential headache.

Customer Reviews

Customer 1

The first customer tried the CoolAir Pro while he was looking for an alternative to the traditional desk fan which was just blowing hot air around.

He pointed out that the unit is quite powerful and able to cool the air too much on the maximum fan speed setting. Therefore, the customer claims, the first two levels should be enough in most situations.

He went on to say that refilling the tank more than once a day when the air was exceptionally dry was not a drag, given the compact size of the unit.

Customer 2

The second customer praised the CoolAir Pro for its ability to increase the air humidity. He also went on to report that given the right conditions the CoolAir Pro can bring down room temperatures faster than expected.

During another test, the customer also noted the unit was very efficient in outdoors conditions, as well.

Customer 3

This user appreciated the compact build of the CoolAir Pro, as well as its ability to keep an area cool for a long time. She has used it in the kitchen, in the garage, as well as in other rooms and was overall pleased with the design and efficiency.

The intuitive two-button control panel made things even more convenient for her. The directions are thorough, making it easy to operate.

Customer 4

This customer used the CoolAir Pro in the office. According to the customer, the device did a good job and maintained a low operating noise level.

The customer emphasized the fact that he was not alone in the office and that there were plenty computers running hot in it.

As a noise comparison, a single CoolAir Pro unit on the medium setting made around as much noise as a regular case fan running hot. The customer also suggested adding some ice cubes to the tank when it gets too hot and dry.

Customer 5

This last customer used the CoolAir Pro in the office with great results. But, she also went on to mention that she also used the cooling unit in the car with even more success. No matter how hot it got in a car, the unit performed well.

Our Review

The CoolAir Pro is a medium-range 3-in-1 miniature AC unit. It’s not the cheapest option out there, but it’s also not nearly as expensive as some fancier devices in its class.

In terms of specs and features, the unit is as loaded as they come. It’s fully customizable for everything from the direction the air is blowing in to the ambient lighting. Due to its intuitive control panel and very simple build, keeping this unit in pristine condition should be no issue even for a kid.

Whether for outside or inside use, there’s no denying that the CoolAir Pro gets the job done pretty much anywhere. You just have to remember to add water once in a while to keep the filters moist.


  • Mood lighting
  • Three fan speeds
  • Decent-sized tank
  • Adjustable outlet blade
  • Compact size
  • Low power draw


  • No temperature indicator
  • Some lights may be too bright

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the CoolAir Pro outside?

Yes you can. The CoolAir Pro is a portable AC unit that can be powered by a wide range of devices. Although the water may not last the full eight hours if you keep the device in the sun, you’ll still be able to get a nice comforting blast of cool air when you need it the most.

However, the device may not be able to cool an outdoor kitchen or a patio as well as a room inside the house.

How often should I clean the CoolAir Pro filters?

The manufacturer recommends changing the filters once every six months. Although the filters are cheap and easy to swap, cleaning them once in a while will make a significant improvement.

Since accessing and removing the filters is easier than on a standard wall-in AC unit, you could theoretically clean the filters on a daily basis. That’s probably a good idea during the summer. If you’re not using the CoolAir Pro 24/7, you may get away with cleaning the filters every couple of days.

Keep in mind that the more often you clean them the lower the chance of them developing mold and bacteria is.

How to use the CoolAir Pro

First, you have to raise the reservoir lid and pour in about 20 oz. of water. Close the lid. After that, you can plug the device into a smartphone, laptop, desktop computer, or power bank with the provided USB cable. Of course, you should make sure that the CoolAir Pro has enough clearance in the back.

From there, you only have two more things to worry about on the control interface. Press the large power button to start the unit. Then, press the fan button to cycle through the fan speeds and see which one suits your needs.

The mood lights are also operated with a single button. Press it seven times to cycle through all the available ambient colors.

How loud is the CoolAir Pro?

The CoolAir Pro is advertised as an ultra-quiet cooling unit. That being said, when you increase the fan speed, the noise level will obviously increase too. If you keep the device on the lowest or the medium fan settings, it shouldn’t bother you at night.

However, when used on the maximum setting, it may make some noise. You should be able to reduce that noise a bit if you place the CoolAir Pro on a soft pad instead of directly on a desk or a nightstand. That should minimize the amount of vibration noise.

Is the CoolAir Pro cost-effective?

Thanks to its low power consumption, it’s safe to say that the CoolAir Pro is a cost-effective cooling solution for hot summer nights. Also, it can be paired with a wide range of devices.

Final Thoughts

Although the Cool Air Pro is very popular due to aggressive marketing on the internet, it doesn't mean it's the best option. Due to shipping times and customer service issues, we recommend to stay away from this product and go with a better alternative like the Arctic Air.

Where to Buy

The quickest way to get your hands on this mini air conditioning unit would be to go to the official website.

If you only want one CoolAir Pro, it will cost you $89.03. However, if you order two units you’ll get the third one for free. Ordering three will also bring you a discount as well as two additional free units.