Dodow Review

Smart device uses rhythmic LED lights to pace your breathing and help you fall asleep fast and deep.
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About Dodow

No matter your age, your physical shape, how healthy you are, or even how happy you are with life, if you go a day or two without a good sleep, everything starts to fall apart.

Be it one or two nights of restless sleep that leaves someone tired for the days that follow, or a more chronic case with night after night with little or no sleep, insomnia is unbearable.

It is estimated that over 120 million people in the USA suffer from some kind of sleep problem, and between them, they are spending something in the region of $5 billion per year to try to resolve them.

Doubtless, you will have heard umpteen ways to deal with insomnia that could include everything from granny's magic herbal tea recipe to hypnosis, medication, acupuncture and even group therapy.

All of these can, and in many cases, do, work to some extent, but they can cost a lot of money.

One solution that is relatively inexpensive, and more importantly, helps you to fall asleep easily, is a device called Dodow.

What is Dodow?

At first sight, Dodow looks like nothing more than a white plastic disc, no bigger than a saucer or a small drink coaster. Yet this small, round device packs a surprising superpower.

A man holding the product in his hand.

With one tap, it projects a gentle blue light metronome on your ceiling, which expands and retracts at a predetermined rate. You simply focus on this light and breathe along with it as it gently fades in and out.

And within a few minutes, you start becoming more relaxed, less stress, and more sleepy as your thoughts drifting away and you drift off to sleep naturally.

It sounds kind of crazy that something so simple could be so effective. But the results are undeniable.

This feature is the secret key to how Dodow helps your ability to get restful sleep.

How Does it Work?

Using Dodow is incredibly easy, just the way technology should be.

Step 1: Set the device on your nightstand close to your bed.

Step 2: Simply tap the surface once with your finger to start the session.

Step 3: Match your breaths to the pulsing blue light on your ceiling until you fall asleep.

A young woman activating the Dodow device next to her bed.

Dodow is powered by AAA batteries so there is no need for a power outlet being close to your bed. You press the touch-sensitive Dodow on top which switches on the light.

This light shines a beam up to the ceiling, but the beam is not static. Instead, it grows and collapses at a specific rhythm. What you do as you lie in bed is focus on the beam and in particular the rate at which it is expanding and retracting.

This rhythmic action is at a pace which guides your breathing rate, so you want to try and breathe in and out at the same rate as the beam’s movements.

Illustration explaining the meditation method which slows breathing to reduce stress

At this rate of breathing you relax, your mind calms and soon you drift into a peaceful sleep. The Dodow will switch itself off after 8 or 20 minutes depending on what type of session you choose.

Key Features of Dodow Sleep Technology

Dodow comes with several unique features and settings that can help you fall asleep faster and deeper. Let's take a deeper look at what they are.

Easy Setup

The first thing to say about Dodow is how simple it is to set up and use. All it requires is 3 AAA batteries so that means you can literally use it anywhere as no power outlet is needed.

Small & Portable

Then there is the fact that it is small, lightweight and portable, so if you are ever away from home for one night, one week, or one month, you can take Dodow with you to ensure a good rest wherever you may be.

Multiple Sleep Modes

The Dodow device let's you select between two sleep settings; an 8 minute session or 20 minute session. Most people play the 20-minute mode first, and once they are able to fall asleep using that, they then try the 8-minute mode. That being said it is entirely up to you which one you use.

Auto-Off Feature

Regardless of which mode you chose, Dodow runs an auto-off cycle so that you can fall asleep with the peace of mind that you won't have to get out of bed again to switch it off. Plus, on a practical level, it prolongs the battery life.

Our Review: Is It Worth It?

Sleep disorders can come in many forms, from serious conditions like chronic insomnia, through to a basic case of jet lag, with everything in between.

The beauty of Dodow is that it can help all of them because it uses a relaxing metronome technique based on yoga and meditation to help you sleep. It does so by using cognitive behavioral training to reprogram your brain in terms of your sleep cycle.

The way it achieves this is by shining a beam of blue light on to the ceiling above your bed. Incidentally, you can reduce the brightness of the beam just in case it disturbs your partner.

Pay attention as the beam expands and retracts at a specific rate and adjust your rate of breathing to match the beam's rate.

This slow breathing technique equates to those used in yoga and meditation which are obviously very effective at helping people relax their mind and body. Slow breathing helps reduce anxiety levels and calm your brain. And as your thoughts quieten, you feel ready to fall asleep.

The difference here is that you are doing so using a natural sleep aid, and not with over the counter sleeping pills, or tablets. By using Dodow, you are going to avoid all those painful and uncomfortable nights where you toss and turn for hours, just longing to fall asleep.

Before and after illustration of a man going from alert and awake to sleepy

By getting a good night’s sleep, you are enhancing the overall health of your heart, brain and body. You'll feel refreshed, more confident, alert and ready for the day ahead. Your appearance will even improve, given that your skin and eyes will always look better after a good night's sleep compared to a sleepless one.


  • Uses standard AAA batteries
  • Natural sleep aid
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Auto shut-off after session


  • Not suited to heavily textured ceilings
  • Can take time getting used to breathing rhythm

Customer Reviews

Robin Dixon had been an insomniac for some considerable time and had tried all kinds of remedies which had not worked. Having only used Dodow for 5 nights he was already falling asleep using the eight-minute cycle.

'Every time I've fallen asleep quicker and quicker.'

Larry Fox has had trouble sleeping for years, and no amount of exercise or medication had helped him sleep. By the third night of using Dodow, the soothing blue light and relaxing breathing rhythms had worked.

'I highly recommend this product for anyone who needs help shutting down at night.'

Edith Doucet's elderly mother had trouble sleeping and she had tried several options to try and help her, but nothing had worked. After 2 months of practice, Dodow enabled her to fall asleep more quickly and if she woke during the night, she'd switch it on, and it helped her get back to sleep again.

'We are so happy to have discovered the Dodow and highly recommend it.'

I. O'Donnell's 12-year-old daughter had real trouble falling asleep, and even when she did, she'd often wake up several times through the night.

By using Dodow she is now able to fall asleep within a few minutes. She even takes it with her when she is on out-of-town school sports events including one where she won the state gymnastics championship.

'The Dodow is so small and easy to travel with, that we will never be without it."

Complaints About Dodow

As it looks and actually is such a simple product, many people considering buying Dodow question its price.

The first thing to consider is that while a bottle of sleep pills or sleeping supplements may cost a lot less, they are not curing the problem, but merely masking it, and you have to buy them repeatedly.

In the long run, they will eventually cost more, and with the Dodow Sleep device you are dealing with the problem and in most cases, solving it.

Other people who question the merits of Dodow ask about proof that it works. The 1,000s of scientific studies which support rhythmic breathing as a means to help you fall asleep is the basis upon which the Dodow device was designed.

If that weren't enough to convince anyone, Dodow has been purchased by thousands of people. The proof of it working is evident in the hundreds of reviews and social media posts from users who are delighted to have finally found something that genuinely helps them fall asleep naturally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dodow hard to learn?

Due to the simplistic design of the device, within a few hours, the majority of people learn how to slow their breathing, which has relaxing effects on their body and mind. In other words, it's hard to do it wrong.

How long do the batteries last?

Because of the efficient design, the Dodow device is uses a minimal amount of battery. It works with rechargeable batteries as well.

My partner has no sleep issues. Will Dodow have any negative impact on their sleep pattern?

Most importantly, it works as shown by the many users who praise it for solving their sleep problems and in many cases cured their chronic insomnia.

If your partner sleeps without any aids then it is more than likely that as you are using a Dodow device then they may have fallen asleep already, so it should not affect them.

Also, as the blue light beam is not very bright, and can be dimmed, it is not going to disturb them if they have their eyes closed, even if they are still awake.

Does Dodow have any side effects?

You have to remember that Dodow is not any kind of sleep aid medication or hypnotic device. The metronome is merely guiding your breathing so that it slows to a certain rate which is the most conducive for you to relax and then fall asleep faster.

This technique is perfectly safe and has in fact been practiced by people around the world. Since ancient times, people in many traditions such as Buddhism and Hinduism have used this natural breathing practice.

Is Dodow safe for children?

It is, and many parents have successfully used it to help their children get to sleep, especially those who have been afraid of the dark. Younger children may need some help from parents to help them understand the importance of their breathing rate in relation to the blue light beam. Yet, with just one finger tap on the surface, they should be able to fall asleep naturally, feeling relaxed and safe.

How quickly does Dodow work?

Every individual is going to be slightly different, depending on severe their sleep problems are, but most users should soon be able to fall asleep with a 20-minute session very easily.

The expectation is that soon they will be able to do so with the shorter 8-minute session. Ideally, the point will come after having used Dodow for some time, your mind and body feel accustomed to falling asleep peacefully and starts doing so in a few breaths without the need for Dodow.

The Bottom Line

Getting quality sleep is about more than just waking up the next day feeling refreshed. Sleep can positively impact many aspects of your life, including your physical and mental health by reducing our levels of stress.

Poor sleep has the opposite effect, which is why there are so many insomnia cures and sleeping pills on the market, with people desperate to find a way of solving their sleep problems.

With Dodow, you have a sleep aid that is designed to offer a user friendly experience, helping improve you waking hours by getting deep, restorative sleep no matter where you travel.

Where to Buy Dodow

The best place to purchase the Dodow Sleep Device is on their official website through this link.

While it might be available on Amazon, it's best to purchase the product directly so you can contact them by email if you need support.

Important Update:
As of , the Dodow is holding a special limited time offer. When you buy 2 devices, you can get one FREE and also get FREE Shipping too!