10 Signs You Should Avoid A Woman At All Costs

Valerie Sherwood Senior Contributor
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Every guy dreams of finding the perfect girl to bring home to mom.

However, finding that ideal woman in the sea of potential dates can be just as difficult as finding that old needle in the haystack.

In fact, many guys end up going through a string of seriously problematic girls before they find the right one. However, if you’re really serious about finding a great girl you can settle down with, knowing what signs you should look out for and avoid at all costs needs to be your main priority.

Keeping these kind of girls at an arm's length can help ensure you’re not wasting your time and getting your own heart broken in the process.

Here are the top 10 things you should avoid when you start dating for keeps.

The Super Sensitive Woman

Now, all women can be sensitive at times, and making sure you keep track of what sets her off should be a serious concern.

However, there’s a difference between disliking certain habits or phrases and ending up with someone who needs to be handled like a child. This is the kind of woman who can’t take any sort of criticism from you without completely breaking down into a pile of tears like they’re a three year old.

If you’re not looking to spend the rest of your life apologizing and protecting this girl from everything in the world that could upset her, then it’s time to run for the hills.

This kind of girlfriend could easily end up becoming so attached that you actually worry for her safety should you stick around too long. Make sure you break it off early in the relationship so that your own life doesn’t end up getting tied down in the process.

The Wedding Obsessed Woman

Now, after you’ve been going out with someone for some time, it’s completely normal for you to find little marriage hints left around the home. However, if you start finding wedding magazines in her place after a few weeks, it could mean some serious trouble is headed your way.

These are the kinds of girls that have had their whole life planned out from early childhood, and it’s pretty likely that you had the perfect timing and simply fit the mold of a man that she’s been looking for all this time.

Or, worse yet, she’s worried that she won’t be hitched by 25 like she’d always planned and needs to find someone fast. Either way, getting to know you and really falling in love with you isn’t her main concern and these are the kind of relationships that are doomed to fail in the long run.

The Constant Fighter

Have you managed to start a relationship with a girl who is constantly looking for a reason to argue? Does deciding where to go for dinner end up a battle on a weekly basis?

There are women out there who just like to fight for the sake of fighting, but this kind of attitude can quickly bring you down into a state of misery and even depression no matter how great the make-ups turn out to be later on.

Constant arguing isn’t good for anyone, and having to come home to it every night can turn a guy insane, so make sure you get out before either one of you takes things too far.

The Woman Who Bears It All

While those skimpy shorts might have looked amazing on her when she was 15, dating a woman who simply refuses to cover herself up when you’re out and about can turn into a real problem.

At first you might think that this is great. You’ve found yourself a girl who’s got it and wants to flaunt it. However, there are some things that should really be left just for the two of you, and when she’s out showing it off all over town, it can quickly turn you from the nice understanding guy into the green eyed goblin who’s convinced everyone looking at her could be a threat.

Make sure you find someone who understands and respects your boundaries so that you both feel comfortable and attractive whenever you decide to leave the house.

The Constant Talker

Another woman you should definitely try and avoid while dating is the woman who never seems to shut up.

There’s a definite difference between finding someone who’s intelligent and funny, and who can hold a great conversation without having to be forced into it and someone who just likes the sound of their own voice and talks for the sake of talking.

This is the kind of woman who seems to have a comment about just about everything, even when she knows absolutely nothing about the topic at hand. While you might find it endearing at first, having her constantly talk your ear off will eventually drive you up the wall.

The Woman Who’s Never Happy

Have you started seeing someone who just seems down and disappointed at every turn?

Then, get out while you still can. These types of girls just drag every situation down with them and will almost certainly do the same to you down the road.

Whether you’re heading out for a nice night out on the town or trying to have a good time at a friend’s party, this Debbie Downer will turn even the most fun evening into a drag-fest.

Whether it’s because she’s worried about all the things that could go wrong or disappointed in the way things turn out, her negativity can only spread and infect the joy you’ve worked so hard to build in your life.

Why would you want to invite that kind of energy in?

The Take, Take, Takers

Certain women out there only want one thing from you, and it definitely isn’t just your heart.

In fact, they could care very little about the way you feel or what you care about, as the only thing they’re really interested in is your wallet. These women will probably seem wonderful at first, as they’re often the light in the center of every room they’re in.

However, you’ll quickly find yourself being drained of everything you have after they try and take whatever they can from you to feel complete. This means money, gifts, nights out at fancy restaurants, and anything else they feel they deserve to stay in your company.

Don’t fall for their tricks. A real woman who loves you will want your time and your heart, not the material things you can give them.

The Undecided Woman

While you should certainly want to be there for your partner to help her make the big decisions in life, having to put up with a woman who gets anxiety just from having to pick a drink at dinner can quickly become frustrating.

You’ll be amazed by just how quickly your concern turns to hate as she ends up in panic attacks over simple decisions such as where to eat, what to wear, and even what book she should read next.

While being supportive of your girl is a must, make sure you draw the line between being supportive and carrying her through life. Remember, you’re her date not her dad.

The Woman with Nothing to Say

While you definitely don’t want to start dating a chatterbox, you also don’t want to find yourself in the company of a statue. These women don’t seem to have anything to say about anything, or at least nothing of importance. Finding someone that you share interests with and who you can talk to about a wide range of subjects needs to be a serious priority.

Good looks are one thing, but being able to connect with someone on a deeper level is what building a good relationship is all about.

Eventually, you’ll get bored looking at her makeup caked face and will want something more substantial to form that connection with, but if it wasn’t there to start with, there’s really nowhere for you guys to go.

The Evil Woman

This is the woman who can be the most destructive to be involved with. She’s the kind of woman who thrives on chaos and who loves the idea of causing a scene.

While these women can seem fun and you’ll definitely never be bored while you’re with them, they can quickly turn your happy life upside down. Make sure you look out for women who seem to enjoy conflict and who push the buttons of everyone around them just for a thrill.

While she may start out just targeting others, her attention will quickly be drawn to you and before you know it you’ll be caught in her web of evil with very few escape options available.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right person to tie yourself down to can seem like an impossible task, but if you know what signs to look out for along the way you can save yourself quite a bit of time and heartbreak. Keep these tips in mind and start looking for Mrs. Right today.

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