Uber Shades: Are These Swiss Army Knife & Glasses Combo The Future Of Sunglasses?

Allen Richardson Senior Contributor
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Have you ever been enjoying a fun night out on the beach and found yourself in desperate need of a wine bottle corkscrew?

Or maybe you’ve been setting out on a nice long walk through a nature preserve and end up needing something to help take care of a hangnail that just won’t stop bothering you.

Whatever the case may be, having everything you need on hand at all times can seriously come in handy.

And there’s an easy solution right in front of you. German-based company Not-So-Bright-Sunwear has come out with the perfect solution for anyone who likes having access to a variety of tools while he or she is out on the go.

Introducing Uber Shades

Their Swiss Army Knife and Sunglasses combination, the Uber Shades, are the ideal pair of sunglasses for anyone who’s looking to get a little more out of his or her shades.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should be excited about this amazing new concept idea and the possibility of owning these fun, useful sunglasses soon in the future.

Certified Sun Protection

Before you start looking into all the neat gadgets that these sunglasses come with, you’ll need to know that they’ll also do the main job of protecting your eyes from the harsh sunlight. And you’re in luck.

The Uber Shades are guaranteed and certified to provide you with 100% UV protection. They’ve also been polarized in order to ensure that users get the highest standard in sunlight safety, helping to keep your eyes shielded even on the sunniest of days.

Leave your home knowing that you’ll be able to easily see even with the bright sun bearing down on you relentlessly.

Wide Variety of Tools

Whether you’re a wild adventurer or more the stay-at-home type, these sunglasses will have every tool that you could possibly think of to help make your life easier.

You can choose from a range of over 250 different attachments including nail care, drinking straws, and even a secondary pair of sunglasses.

No matter what your lifestyle and hobbies might be, this pair of sunglasses will be perfectly customizable into something that you’ll want to carry with you no matter where you decide to go.

Environmentally Friendly

The current environmental situation has become a serious priority for a number of consumers around the world and Not-So-Bright-Sunwear has taken notice.

They have designed these sunglasses to be as environmentally friendly as possible, using only the most sustainable materials possible in their construction in order to reassure their customers that they’re buying a product that’s made with the climate in mind.

This can be especially important to anyone who’s looking to maintain his or her connection with nature and protect the environment in every possible way.


Another incredibly beneficial quality of these one-of-a-kind sunglasses is their durability and rust-resistant materials, helping to ensure that they’ll last you for years.

There will be no more having to worry about the metals rusting away after a few weeks of walking on the beach in the summer. These sunglasses have been designed with longevity in mind and will keep working and looking perfect for as long as you need them to.


Sunglasses are an important accessory for a number of different people, all of whom have different hobbies and lifestyles.

However, now there’s a chance that you could create the perfect customized sunglasses that come with the ideal set of tools to make your life easier.

Keep these benefits in mind and find out all you can about this concept for the future of sunglasses today.

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