Geekey Multi Tool Review: Is It Actually Useful?

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The hot new multi tool from Geekey is an innovative multi tool in a compact body the size of a standard key, packing all of the tricks of any advanced multitool design into a sleek little design that looks great enough for everyone to comment on and offers perfect performance and an indestructible package.

In our Geekey Multi Tool Review (rights reserved) below, we are going to cover every aspect of this neat little pocket tool and explain all of its features and advantages, from everyday uses to where to buy it and what the user review comments about this new multitool have to say about it.

No matter what your questions are, we will be sure to answer them below in our Geekey Multi Tool review! And if you have got any further questions, contact us via comment or our email address below.

What is The Geekey Multi Tool? 

The Geekey is a compact, small pocket multitool made from a single solid piece of 420 Stainless Steel. This durable design means that it is a good, strong tool with a high level of resistance to corrosion and impact, promising to last for a very long time, no matter how much use you make of this key sized multitool.

The big thing that the Geekey multitool offers is that it has over 16 different tool elements, from options like a serrated edge to a closed wrench and a bottle opener, all packed into a key ring size tool. There is even an integrated smoking pipe, with a bowl at one end and a mouthpiece at the other.

Not many multitools feature a full bowl smoking pipe function! Each one of these various tools has multiple uses, making this one of the most versatile tools you could ever make use of. In addition to this, its small dimensions, like a key, makes this a very portable option, and it can easily be attached to a keychain. 

How Does The Geekey Multi Tool work?

This pocket multitool works just like any other single piece tool, from big name brands to lesser known products that share a design type with a wide range of tools and things that all share a single device. Let us take a look at some of the best of these tools and things and what they are used for, one at a time.

Geekey Multi Tool Features

The Geekey is a key sized multi use tool with an incredible range of features.

Bike Spoke Key

As well as the novelty built in pipe, it features a 3.2 or 3.3 mm standard open spoke wrench head to fit in between open bike spokes and rotate the spoke nipple with ease.

Bit Driver

As well as the open wrench, there is also a patent-pending closed wrench head that combines both metric and imperial measurements into a single design, which works well to save space on such a small tool.

This element is made to fit 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, and 7/16 inch hex elements, which would be more than enough for most situations, while the metric side fits 4 mm, 6 mm, 7 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, and 13 mm sizes (although the 13 mm part also fits 1/2 inch elements).

This design means that your hex heads are safe even when applying the sort of torque that could damage the shape when using a larger and heavier duty wrench. 

Open and Closed Wrenches

Both of these sturdy tools are included in the Geekey, which let you tighten or loosen fasteners with ease.

Ruler and Protractor

As well as wrench head elements, the ruler part of this device is also dual function to save space, with a metric ruler on one side and an imperial ruler on the other side. These two rulers share the main body of the multitool, making them easy to access and to use. It also includes a protractor for measuring angles, which is very convenient for DIY projects.

Bottle Opener & Can Opener

There is also a bottle opener, used to open even the most stubborn bottle cap, useful in a range of situations.

Screwdriver Tip

Another one of the more exciting features is a new screwdriver tip element, designed to fit the head of almost any screw type with a single tip. This is a clever multi fit tip bit for any kind of screw, all crammed into only an inch or two of space.

Scoring Tip

The scoring tip element can be used as a box cutter, a plastic cutter, a knot opener, or pretty much any other type of cutting tool that could share a single component to save space.

Serrated Edge

To complement this, there is also a serrated edge bit for cutting tougher items like rope or leather, or anything else that looks like it might need a more aggressive cutting head.

If you want to bend or strip wire, then there are also elements suitable for that. There is an angled wedge for stripping wire of any thickness, as well as a standardized wire bender notch.

Smoking Pipe

We're not sure how useful this feature is, but the Geekey also has a compact smoking pipe.

Geekey Multi Tool Benefits

There are so many varied parts that all share a single multitool here that you can ensure that you always have all the tools you need, and it will save space when compared to a larger multitool!

Because all of these parts share a single body, they might not be quite as well designed as single tools, but it can certainly save you some space in your pocket when you are on the go!

Geekey Multi Tool Reviews and Complaints

Most customer comment and review share sections say pretty much the same thing about the Geekey: it is a reliable, solid tool, and easy to carry around thanks to its small size. That being said, the size is a bit of a problem, as there are so many alternative tools crammed into this device that it can be hard to use some of them.

Most people who leave a comment or share an email find that the pipe feature is more of a novelty than a useful component, but it is a neat and unique idea that has helped the Geekey to make a name for itself. 

Geekey Multi Tool Pros and Cons


  • There are so many varied parts sharing this pocket wrench that it is hard to know where to start listing pros.
  • There aren't that many other tools out there that share so many wrenches, keys, cutters, and other tricks, and the amount of space that all of these share here is remarkably tiny!


  • The single useful element missing from the Geekey is a file component.
  • It wouldn't have been possible to include every possible option because of the need to save space, but it feels like it would have been easy for a file to share space with some of the other elements. 
  • The other criticism is that the pipe is too small to really use in any practical way, as it has to share space with so many other devices. It is a nice idea, but the need to save space has left this part a bit useless.

Where to buy this product?

The Geekey multitool is easy to buy in a wide range of places, both online and offline, including the ever-reliable amazon. If you would rather support the manufacturers more directly, go to to get your hands on one directly.

You can also subscribe to email updates and share comments on the tools at the get geekey website if you leave your name and email address!

UPDATE: The best place to get the Geekey for the best price is from their official website here, which currently has the tool for sale for only $22 at the time of writing, which is good value for a product like this. If they are out of stock, just sign up on the website comments section to receive emails when it is back in stock.

Geekey Multi Tool Conclusion: Should You Try It?

Most users seem to share the same opinion of the Geekey: it might not be the most advanced of all the multitools out there, but it is certainly the smallest. So many parts share this tiny body that you are sure to find a use for it at some point, and at only $23, there is no reason not to try it!