Glow Bowl Review

An innovative bathroom aid that lights up the toilet when you're close and keeps the air fresh.
Keri Robinson Senior Contributor
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About Glow Bowl

Making a toilet look cool may seem like a moot point. Toilets aren’t known for their stylistic appeal given what they’re used for.

But that doesn’t mean that adding a bit of color can’t make it at least interesting.

And, if you can add some color, why not do it in a way that’s also helpful, like setting up a nightlight so that you won’t have to get temporary blindness when you flick the switch in the bathroom during the night.

This genius little device called Glow Bowl might help you do all that and more.

What Is GlowBowl Fresh?

The GlowBowl Fresh is an interesting and innovative bathroom aid. It’s a multi-functional bathroom toilet lighting device.

How Does it Work?

This device works by lighting up a toilet with its LED light. At the same time it takes care of maintaining a pleasant bathroom smell through its built-in air freshener.

The device works automatically for the most part, thanks to a motion sensor. All customizations can be done with just two buttons.

Key Features

With the GlowBowl fresh you can just enter the bathroom at night and be able to see everything you need to see. You won’t have to fumble around for the switch since the nightlight automatically goes on when you’re near it.

Motion Sensor

The GlowBowl Fresh has an infrared sensor. Once it detects motion, as you enter a bathroom, it turns the light on, based on your previous settings. After you leave the bathroom the sensor will signal the GlowBowl Fresh to shut off the light.

This helps preserve battery life considerably, as well as keep the bathroom dark so that the brightness of the LED lighting doesn’t keep you up at night.

Given the fact that the motion sensor is IR-based, the size of the person won’t matter. This means that both kids and adults can trigger it just as easily when needed.

Color Customization

The GlowBowl Fresh features a 13-LED nightlight. Using the color control button you can switch between yellow, red, blue, purple, white, and several other colors. Of course, the lighting isn’t just for the show. Yes it looks cool, but it does have a specific purpose and that’s visibility.

From the same control interface you can also change the light intensity. There are five dimmer settings. This can be very useful, especially to users that have a heightened sensitivity to light. While this may not seem as important to everyone, remember that many people have trouble adjusting to bright lights at night.

Especially if you’ve just woken up, it makes sense that a dimmer light source would be easier on the eyes. Besides, it’s not like anyone would need floodlights in order to see the toilet, particularly when the LED lights are directed towards the bowl.

Another good use of the color customization is that you will be able to maintain your bathroom’s décor. If you’re having a hard time picking the best color, you could always just use the Carousel Mode. This will make the device change colors automatically every four seconds.

As you can tell, there’s no chance of having a seizure due to the slow color change and smooth transition between colors. Also, the lights don’t flash, so you won’t have to worry about your toilet turning into a disco ball.


The built-in freshener is another nice touch. Each one has a powerful scent, but pleasing, nonetheless. All GlowBowl Fresh gadgets give a lavender scent, because they all feature the same air freshener cartridge.

The freshener doesn’t last a lot due to its small capacity. However, it is a replaceable component, which means that you wouldn’t have to replace the entire device once you run out of freshener, nor would you have to buy a separate freshener.


Here’s a fun fact about the GlowBowl Fresh — it’s made of waterproof materials and has a solid casing with a waterproof seal. The use of high-end materials is what ensures the functionality of the LED light, IR motion sensor, battery, and air freshener in all conditions.

The ultra-water resistance also helps maintain a high level of cleanliness. That’s because the device can handle being scrubbed and cleaned with most run-of-the-mill bathroom cleaning products, without them damaging the working components.

Flexible Arm

The flexible arm design makes the GlowBowl Fresh a universal fit for all toilets, regardless of size, shape, and other unique characteristics. This arm works by taking the shape of the toilet it’s installed on, which is why the device can adapt to virtually every toilet.

It’s important to note that the arm doesn’t have an additional clamp or fastening system. However, the device is balanced well enough that even if the toilet seat isn’t down, the GlowBowl Fresh won’t pop off when you flush the toilet and the water hits the arm.

Customer Reviews

The first customer initially bought the GlowBowl Fresh more as a joke than anything else. However, she quickly realized the multiple applications of the device. The customer mentioned that:

"the device came in handy at night after all and that the air freshener has a friendly scent, nothing too overpowering that may cause a headache."

The second customer wanted to get the GlowBowl Fresh for his daughter after seeing it at a friend’s house. He was generally impressed with the multipurpose gadget and, most importantly, the aid it can provide for a kid at night.

"This is a well-made product and it provides great color options, along with the auto color change mode."

The third customer is an elderly woman that needed a nightlight to help her with the frequent night trips to the bathroom. She pointed out that:

"The GlowBowl works better than most nightlights due to its motion sensor which turns off the light when she leaves the bathroom. And, the light is strong enough to illuminate the path to the toilet too."

This customer points out that the GlowBowl Fresh is more than just a toilet nightlight. Thanks to the dimmer settings, the LED light can grant visibility in other areas of the bathroom, too.

"It has enough brightness but it doesn’t interfere with your sleep by always staying on. It’s there when one needs it and that’s it."

Our Review

Although slightly expensive, one has to take into account the multi-functionality of the GlowBowl Fresh.

For the money, it offers more than just a nightlight. There are many colors available, as well as multiple brightness settings.

The air freshener is another great feature, as is the motion sensor which doesn’t just preserve battery life but also makes for a non-intrusive operation.

And, one of the best things about this gadget is the simple, user-friendly controls system.


  • Built-in freshener
  • 13 LED lights
  • Water-resistant
  • Compatible with cleaning products
  • IR motion sensor
  • Long battery live
  • Five dimmer settings


  • The freshener doesn't last forever and will need to be replaced

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the color?

In order to change the color you only need to keep pressing the front button. With each push of the button the device cycles to the next color. If you want to use the Carousel Mode and set the GlowBowl Fresh to full automatic mode, press the button until the LED starts blinking.

How do I get into the dimmer mode?

The dimmer mode is triggered in a similar way to the Carousel Mode, though it has a unique control button. Press the button to turn on the light. Then, hold the button until the light blinks. After that you can cycle through the different settings until you’re satisfied with the brightness. There are five levels to choose from.

Where can I order the GlowBowl Fresh?

This device is easy to order if you live in the US or Canada. But, it is also available for shipping in several European, Asian, and South American countries. The shipping fees will vary depending on distance and border regulations.

How do you install the GlowBowl?

Installing the GlowBowl is very easy due to its universal fit design. First, insert the air freshener that comes with the GlowBowl into its designated pocket.

Then, place the GlowBowl on the rim of the toilet. Keep the end of the arm inside and the button on the outside for easy operation. It’s recommended to mount the device close to the front of the toilet for easy access.

After that, configure the device by going through the list of colors and dimmer settings. This completes the setup, since the light is triggered by the motion sensor. The next time you enter the bathroom it should light up, unless there’s too much light already.

What is the best toilet nightlight?

Not everyone has the same definition for the ultimate toilet or bathroom nightlight. Some people will need the brightest light while others may be interested in the cheapest price. Either way, the general rule of thumb dictates that the nightlight that offers the most features should be considered the best.

That’s why the GlowBowl Fresh fits this category. Not only does it provide lighting in different colors and levels of brightness, but it also has a battery-saving feature and an air freshener. The latter being a very important device in most bathrooms.

Who needs a toilet nightlight?

It’s hard to think of anyone who doesn’t need a toilet nightlight. This type of device is less expensive to run than your average bathroom light bulbs. It also activates only when you need it, instead of continuously running.

Furthermore, the light emitted by a toilet nightlight will often be less bright and less harsh than what the conventional light bulbs offer. It makes it easier on the eyes to adjust, all the while still providing enough visibility to make sure you don’t miss the target.

Last but not least, males and elderly folk may need a nightlight more than anyone else. But, even kids need nightlights for their midnight bathroom runs.

How does a nightlight sensor work?

The GlowBowl Fresh has an infrared (IR) motion sensor. The sensor is calibrated to pick up the IR light emitted from a person. Unlike the standard toilet sensors, nightlight sensors are usually calibrated for heightened sensitivity. That’s why you can activate the GlowBowl Fresh by simply entering the bathroom. Also, it will stay on until you exit the bathroom.

Where to Buy

The best place to buy the GlowBowl Fresh would be at the official website here.

PROMOTION: The company is currently running a special sale. You'll get 25% off the regular price of $19.95 when you buy two GlowBowls online today, from the official website. And, if you were to buy three, you would get two more GlowBowl Fresh units for free. There’s also free US shipping for orders of more than three products, from the official website.

Regardless of how many you order, all devices will come individually packaged, for safer transportation.