Take A Dump Anywhere With The Gotta Go Briefcase: A Briefcase That Also Can Be Used As A Portable Toilet

The corporate world has become more cut throat and competitive than ever before, and in a setting where every single second counts, making sure that you’re on top of your game at all times will certainly be the main priority. Often, this means letting go of things such as lunch breaks, coffee hour, and in extreme circumstances even your ability to go to the bathroom, especially when you’re working in an industry where you’re always on the go. However, trying to hold it in all day can become extremely painful and even end up affecting your health in the long run. But, what if you could find a simple solution that would allow you to take care of your personal business without losing those precious moments working?

The Gotta Go Briefcase might just be the perfect solution that you’ve been looking for. This briefcase was designed with the busy executive in mind, providing you with an all in one solution for all your daily concerns, even doubling as a personal and portable lavatory.

But don’t worry. This briefcase won’t give its multifunctional capabilities away so easily. In fact, you’ll be amazed by just how stunning it actually is, being made from high-quality mahogany leather with a lightweight aluminum structure. This briefcase is meant to look the part, making it ideal for anyone who’s trying to climb up that corporate ladder as quickly as possible.

Additionally, you won’t have to worry about things leaking out, as the toilet bowl itself is made from stainless steel and is 100% sealable after use, helping to ensure that what you need to take care of will stay safely locked away until you can dispose of it later on. Additionally, the briefcase comes with a foldout leather privacy panel to help guarantee you’re not putting yourself on display at any point during the day.

You will want to keep in mind though that this device comes with a weight capacity of 80 kilos which you definitely don’t want to exceed. Anything over that amount could result in a rupture of your holding tank which could contaminate the rest of your briefcase and cause a serious mess that no one would want to deal with.

Having an edge up on the competition is a must if you’re looking to make a name for yourself in the business world. Keep this quality briefcase in mind so that you can use all your valuable time wisely starting today.