Huddy Heads-Up Smartphone Display Review

Simple device reflects what's on your phone onto a mirror while driving. Works with IOS & Android.
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About Huddy

Do you know that terrible feeling when you’re driving on a busy road and are having to constantly look down at your phone to see where the GPS is telling you to go?

More and more people rely on their phones for GPS services nowadays since they’ve become so amazingly reliable and often free.

This has rendered standard GPS navigation equipment essentially unnecessary.

However, there have been some downsides going along with this switch in technology, mainly being drivers having to take their eyes off the road to see where their phones are telling them to go.

Fortunately, there are solutions out there that can help keep your eyes firmly locked on what’s in front of you while still being able to use your phone for accurate and up-to-date navigation instructions.

One such piece of new and highly talked about equipment is the Huddy Heads-Up Smartphone Display.

Designed to help resolve the issue of drivers looking down to check their phones, this device will make it possible for you to continue driving while seeing your directions without any gap between the two.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Huddy Heads-Up and how it will improve your driving experience starting today.

What Is it?

The Huddy Heads-Up Smartphone Display is a device that will reflect what your phone is showing onto a glass mirror located directly on your dashboard.

This means that you’ll be able to easily see all of the information that your phone is trying to display without having to take your eyes off of the road for even a second.

This can be extremely helpful because when you’re driving, especially in more populated areas, it only takes a few seconds for the situation to completely change, and the last thing you want is to find yourself in an accident because you didn’t give yourself enough time to change course.

This little device will be able to ensure you have everything you need for a smooth ride where you feel completely sure of where you need to go and when.

Technical Specs

The Huddy Heads-Up Smartphone Display has been designed to work seamlessly with both iPhone and Android devices.

This means that no matter what kind of phone you have at this moment, it will fit perfectly with this equipment and will be sure to provide you with top of the line care from the very first day you purchase it.

The equipment itself is also incredibly compact, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about having a massive piece taking up too much space in your car and causing any sort of unexpected inconvenience.

The actual holder itself measures 5.5 x 1.5 x 7.2 inches and will fit nicely on any dashboard no matter what kind of car you currently drive. Having a device you can be sure will work with whatever car you bring it into can give you the peace of mind you need, especially when you’re expecting to make a longer trip in areas you aren’t familiar with.

Top Features

When you purchase the Huddy Heads-Up Smartphone Display, you’ll want to then go ahead and download their specific app to your phone which will ensure that you end up with the most accurate and efficient navigation system for the device.

Not only will this mapping system ensure that you receive the right directions to quickly get you to where you need to go, but it will also be able to tell you a wide range of other information and stats including how fast you’re going, your fuel gauge, and more.

Being able to see this important information right on your dashboard rather than having to constantly look down can be extremely helpful, especially in more hazardous conditions.

Additionally, the display itself is made from a top of the line glass that guarantees you’ll be able to see everything on the screen easily in either rain or shine.

The app itself also has a built in light sensor that will help ensure that the screen adjusts depending on the conditions you’re in at that particular moment.

Customer Reviews

At the moment, the Huddy Heads-Up Smartphone Display is a relatively new piece of equipment, therefore, it hasn’t been on the market long enough to get a wide range of reviews or critiques.

However, many customers find themselves blown away by the quality of the display itself and how easily they’re able to see all the information provided right on their dashboard.

The convenience that this device can offer has been astounding and many new customers are finding themselves falling in love with how easily they’re able to install and use the device the very first day they have it delivered.

Our Review

Trying to drive along unknown roads can be incredibly dangerous, especially when you’re dealing with less than ideal weather conditions. However, everyone likes to feel like they know exactly where they’re going, and smartphone apps have made that easier than ever before.

This device is the perfect solution for people who enjoy using their phones for all their navigation needs, but who find themselves feeling worried about having to constantly look down or off the road to see where they need to go.

Any sort of help that drivers can get to keep their concentration fully on what’s in front of them is always appreciated, and the Huddy Heads-Up Smartphone Display does just that.

You can feel completely confident as you drive along knowing that your phone will stay firmly attached to your dashboard, giving you all the help you need to feel confident while you make your way around unfamiliar and exciting locations.

There are certainly an extensive number of advantages that come with this handy little device, especially in terms of keeping you and everyone around you safe and secure.

However, while the Huddy Heads-Up Smartphone Display has certainly been designed with the customer in mind, there are still features that some customers might view in a negative light.


  • Easily visible in both day and night, rain or shine
  • Compatible with both iPhone and Android Phones
  • Wide range of apps available to make driving easier
  • Vibration resistant to ensure visibility
  • Scratch and smear resistant so that you never have to worry about an obstructed view


  • Only works with Huddy apps
  • Apps can be difficult to use
  • Glass can be difficult to see in highly sunny conditions

What’s Included

When you decide to purchase this piece of equipment, you will receive a package that includes the device itself, as well as set up instructions and guides on how to download and install the apps on your phone that will work best with the device.

This means that you will receive everything you need to get things going the very same day you receive the package. Once you download the app onto your phone, you’ll be able to quickly install the device in your vehicle and feel safe driving to new and unknown locations before you know it.

Where to Buy

If you’re thinking of buying this device, then one of the first places you’ll want to check out will be their official website.

Not only will this site be able to give you all the information you need about the purchasing process, but you’ll also learn about their amazing 30-day money back guarantee that can help you receive a refund if you find that the device itself doesn’t live up to your expectations.

You can feel confident that when you purchase this product, you’re investing in a device that the company completely believes in and is willing to guarantee.

You can also decide to purchase this product at reliable vendors such as or Walmart. However, if you’re looking for the security of an established seller then these are the places you’ll want to look at first.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to driving safely, making sure you keep your eyes firmly planted on the road should always be the main priority.

However, despite all the information out there, drivers are still finding themselves easily distracted by having to look down and check their navigation systems on their phones so that they feel comfortable driving in unfamiliar areas.

Luckily, the Huddy Heads-Up Smartphone Display helps to address this issue and keep driver’s eyes exactly where they need to be.

This device is perfect for anyone who finds themselves looking down for an extended period of time while they’re on the road, which can be extremely dangerous and result in an accident.

Rather than putting yourself and those around you at risk, try investing in this handy little piece of equipment today.

Although we like the Huddy, we think the VIZR by FIXD is a higher quality product, with better customer support.