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Easily converts your physical film reels, videotapes, and photos into digital form.
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About iMemories

Today with smartphones that have better digital cameras than the best analog cameras less than a decade ago, it is easy to forget that not so long ago photographs and video only came in physical form.

Nowadays photos, videos, and even movies can be no more than digital files taking up a few megabytes or gigabytes on our PCs, tablets or mobile devices.

It is a fact that millions of people still have those photo prints, home movie reels, VHS tapes of family, and countless other physical media containing cherished memories and captured moments in time.

Unfortunately, many of them become lost forever, either because they get damaged or due to deterioration through the passage of time.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution called iMemories which solves this problem.

What is iMemories?

iMemories will take all your physical media such as film reels, videotapes, and photographs and convert them into digital form, or DVDs.

Not only that, in digitizing them, iMemories will enhance the images so that you can see them clearer than before.

How Does it Work?

iMemories service is a simple three-step process that anyone who has physical media can use. You first need to find any and all media that you want to have digitalized.

Once you have done so, you then contact iMemories who will give you a free quote on how much it will cost to digitize everything. At this point, you are under no obligation to go ahead.

If you review the quote and approve it, you then order a 'Safe Ship Kit.' When you do so, iMemories will send you a carton, along with a pre-paid shipping label, which you are going to send all your physical media in.

You then send the Safe Ship Kit to iMemories containing all your videos, film, photographs, etc.

When iMemories receives your shipment, they will process all the media, enhance them as much as possible, and digitize them. Once complete they will ship all your originals back to you.

Now with all your photos and home movies digitized, you can download them to view on computers, laptops, and mobile devices, plus you can share them with family and friends.

You also have the option to have your media made into DVD or Blu-ray formats, or sent to you on a USB thumb drive.

Key Features

With photos and videos holding many treasured memories of family and friends, some of whom may have passed, it means that many people are very reticent about shipping them.

Thankfully, by using the iMemories Safe Ship Kit, not only is the entire package tracked, but each individual item has its own barcode. This means that even when your order is separated to go to whatever section is converting it, it is still traceable.

Also, bear in mind that iMemories use UPS to collect, deliver and return all the materials and media, so you have the resources of one of the worlds most accomplished logistics companies behind the whole shipping operation.

Converts 99% of Formats

In terms of what types of physical media that iMemories can convert, the list is impressive.

Apart from the more obvious ones like photographs and VHS videotapes, they can also digitize the following formats:

  • Slides
  • Negatives
  • 8 mm film
  • Super 8 film
  • 16 mm film
  • Betamax videotapes
  • VHS-C videotapes
  • Mini DV tapes
  • 8mm/Hi8 tapes.

Easy To Order

The service is a very easy one to order, and you can even get a quote from iMemories first before you decide to go ahead. if you do go ahead and order, iMemories will send you the Safe ship Kit.

How it works is simple. You place your media in it and send it back, and then wait for iMemories to contact you, normally by email, that some or all of your material is available.

iMemories use state of the art equipment to convert media, as well as employing expert staff who know exactly how to set up everything so that the best possible digital images are achieved.

Skilled editors use a process known as 'Advanced Scene Segmentation' which segments the scenes and deletes unwanted blank frames or footage from videos.

When it comes to enhancing and digitalizing, iMemories' expert editors will process every single photo, film reel, and videotape by hand if necessary, to ensure that the quality of the images produced is the very highest standard it can be.

Organized and Easy To View

You have several choices in the ways in which you can view you images and home movies. With your iMemories account, you can access them by logging in and then downloading them to whatever device you choose.

You can even edit your photos further with iMemories’ drag and drop photo editor, which is very easy to use.

Free App

There is also a free iMemories app which is compatible with Android and iPhone systems meaning you can view your movies and photos on the go if you wish to.

If would like to share any of your memories with others, such as family or friends, you can do so in a number of ways.

You can email them, send a text message, share on Facebook or Twitter, or post a link that they can use to download them.

Option to Purchase Hard Copies

You can also purchase hard copies of your photos and movies on DVD or Blue-ray discs. These make fantastic gifts for family members both young and old, as they can see and relive memories that in many cases may be from many years ago.

Customer Reviews

Veronica G. is highly impressed by the levels of customer service that iMemories provides. She comments,

'Every time I have called to ask a question a friendly person on the end answers all of them.'

John C. used iMemories to create a special Christmas gift of a DVD for his elderly mother. It contained images of her late parents, her late husband, her son, her sister, and other family members.

'It just brought back such wonderful memories of her youth.'

Bethanie C. had home movies that she hadn't seen in over 25 years, so she sent them to iMemories to be digitized and made into DVDs. She shed tears of joy watching her wedding and laughed seeing her sons as little boys again.

‘Thank you so much for letting us enjoy our memories again.'

Stacie R. had mini VHS tapes that contained videos of her children when they were babies, that had survived a house fire which destroyed all her other photographs and videos. With these being the only recorded memories left, she was a bit hesitant to send them to iMemories, but she’s glad she  did.

'THE best investment in my life! I watched hours of these videos ... remembering, crying, laughing.'


Some users have complained that they wanted iMemories to convert VHS tapes of their favorite movies but were told by them that they could not do so. This is due to copyright law and regulations which prevent iMemories from copying and digitizing copyrighted material.

There is also disappointment that when you share videos with others, they are unable to see the movie in full screen. In order to do so, they need to sign up for an iMemories account.

Our Review

Memories can be such a wonderful tonic in all kinds of scenarios and photographs, or videos, of our family are some of the best ways to remember happy times, whether they are recent or from a long time ago.

Thanks to iMemories we can now have all those boxes full of photographs, film reels, and videotapes, not only enhanced but saved digitally, forever.

Best of all, once all those memories have been processed, you can share them with friends and family wherever they are in the world, which is something you could never have done before with physical photos and home movies.

It is a simple service, all your memories are fully tracked while they are in transit, and the cost is more worth it, especially when you consider you are preserving precious memories for eternity.


  • UPS tracked from point to point
  • Digitized media viewable on multiple devices
  • Can share photos and home movies
  • DVDs make great family gifts


  • Not compatible with Kindle devices
  • Will not convert copyrighted material

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any limits on what iMemories will convert?

iMemories can convert a whole range of physical media but if you have a format which is not already listed in the product features section, then contact iMemories directly to check first.

The other issue relates to copyrighted material which they are not allowed to convert due to copyright law. While this is most likely to apply to movies you might have on VHS tape, it can also be an issue with videos that have been created for you by a professional videographer. Examples are wedding or bar mitzvah videos where often the videographer will claim copyright, even though it is your event, so check for this carefully.

I do not live in the US; can I still use iMemories?

Currently iMemories only ships within the US so their service is not available overseas.

Am I allowed to make my own copies of the DVDs after they have been sent to me?

Yes, you certainly can. iMemories do not make any claim of copyright protection on the DVDs they make for their customers, so you are perfectly entitled to make copies of them using DVD copying software, or with a local DVD copying service.

Some of my VHS tapes have 3 hours of content, others only have about 15 minutes. Is there any reduction in price for the shorter videos?

The price for iMemories digitizing VHS tapes is the same whether the tape is 10 minutes long or 100 minutes long, so there would no difference in the price, unfortunately.

If you are having them made into DVDs, what you can do is use their 'Online Plus' option which allows you to combine the shorter tapes onto one DVD, which can hold around two hours of video recordings.

Where to Buy

iMemories is available for the best price from the their online website here.

The regular cost to order the 'Safe Ship Kit' is $29.99. Conversion costs vary depending on the media you are sending but the most common are:

  • Videotapes: $12.99 per tape
  • Film Reels: $12.99 per 50 ft. of film
  • Photos: $0.49 per photo
  • Negatives: $0.49 per negative
  • Slides: $0.49 per slide
  • To have your media made into DVDs costs $9.99 per DVD, and for Blu-ray, it is $14.99 per disc.

It's incredible that a solution like iMemories wasn't available before, but thankfully it is today. Now you can backup all your cherished photos and videos easily and rest well at night knowing you'll always have easy access right at your fingertips to share anytime you want with those you care about.

PROMOTION: iMemories is currently having sales during the holidays, so the prices listed above may be different. Click here to check the website now.