iTrack Review

iTrack your car through GPS and see its current and previous location using an iPhone or Android app
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About iTrack

Car security is something that should not be overlooked.

Not only has car theft always been a problem, there’s also no reliable way to know what has happened to your car and whether you can get it back.

This way, you’ll be sure to know if a family member has taken it for a spin without asking you, or if it was indeed stolen.

Enter iTrack, a small device that can track your car through GPS, showing you both its current and previous locations.

What is iTrack?

The iTrack is a small, affordable GPS vehicle tracker.

In other words, it tracks any activity of the car it’s connected to. More specifically, each car built after 1996 can benefit from this device because It tracks your vehicle in real time. This means you’ll always know where your car is.

Since it uses GPS, you don’t even need to be near the car. All you need to do to get the iTrack to work is plug it into your car’s diagnostic port. The smartphone app on your phone takes it from there. There are both Android and iPhone versions.

This is a very useful device should your car be stolen, but potential theft isn’t the only reason to get it. You might also want to know where a relative or family member is after you’ve loaned them your car.

How Does it Work?

Since all cars made after 1996 have a diagnostic port, they can be equipped with an iTrack device. This port was made to allow the mechanics to see if there’s a problem with the engine.

It helps them diagnose the car without having to open the hood. Once installed, the iTrack connects to the app on your smartphone so it can show you the car’s location at any time.

Besides tracking a car’s location, the iTrack also monitors its speed and shows a history of places that the car has ‘been’ to.

Additionally, it can measure your engine’s health, most notably revs and the mileage, as well as register any activity that you should be concerned about. This includes sudden speed increases, vibrations in the wheels, hard braking.

The iTrack doesn’t rely solely on GPS. It also uses OBD — on-board diagnostics — which helps it assess how the vehicle is performing. It does this so you know about the car’s status at all times, without having to be in the car. You also won’t have to take it to a mechanic.

Key Features

The first thing that can be noticed about the iTrack is how surprisingly small it is. It’s barely bigger than a USB flash drive, making it very portable and easy to install. This is also handy if you have more than one car and need to move it from one car to another.

It’s very easy to use, as all you need to do is install it into the car’s diagnostic port and let it do the work.

You’ll also need to download the smartphone app, which supports both iOS and Android operating systems, so you should be covered. In addition to the smartphone, you’ll need a SIM card as well.

Since the app relies on GPS, you’ll be able to see if a car is parked or moving, how many miles away it is located, which direction it’s facing, and even the time of the last status change. All of this make the iTrack a great way to monitor your or your relatives’ and friends’ driving habits.

Customer Reviews

Customer 1

One customer was initially skeptical about the iTrack, but gave it a go anyway. She followed the installation instructions and installed the device on her car.

It worked like a charm and impressed her with the accuracy of the car’s location. It gave her the exact address, letting her know where the car and her family member were in real time.

The tracker can even send Google map locations to let you find out more about the car’s location. The customer said that the device was a great buy because of its low price and great customer service. She also stated that the device arrived with batteries already installed.

Customer 2

Another customer also has only had words of praise for the device’s accuracy. He said that the app provided with the device helped him pinpoint his car’s exact whereabouts. Other functions that have impressed him were the location history list and the reports on the car’s state.

He also said that iTrack saved him a lot of money because there was no need for him to hire a private investigator to find his car.

Customer 3

This customer, is an electrician that has his own company. Since he has recently started running three vans, he needed a way to see where his field employees were at all times, but he didn’t want to call them all the time.

He said that the iTrack offered the perfect solution because it allowed him to monitor his employees without the need to interrupt them.

Customer 4

One more customer was initially skeptical about whether and how the iTrack would work, but he was satisfied in the end. Everything has worked out well for this user, but he took the chance to remind other users that they need a SIM card for the iTrack’s app to work.

Customer 5

Finally, this customer’s wife often forgets where she has parked their car. He said that is now a problem of the past because they can see the car’s location on their smartphone at any given moment thanks to iTrack.

Because they now have a live GPS tracker in their car, their insurance company has also given them a discount on their insurance rate. This customer has also praised the iTrack team and the device’s easy installation procedure, saying that it only took several minutes and a SIM card.

Our Review

There are countless GPS car trackers on the market, but it’s quite hard to beat the iTrack. At a very low price, you’re getting a device that’s easy to install, easy to use, and does an excellent job of tracking your car’s location.

To make things even better, it can also monitor its overall state, letting you know whether or not it’s time to visit the repair shop.

It can also track the car’s speed when it’s in motion. It also shows the location history, letting you know exactly where the car was in recent days.

Since all cars made after 1996 have a diagnostic port, iTrack is compatible with all of them. Aside from that, the device is pretty simple and also very user-friendly. You only need a smartphone with a SIM card in it so iTrack can use cellular data to send you the car’s statistics.

The iTrack has both iOS and Android apps. The development team behind the app releases frequent updates, adding new functions at no additional cost. Users are also very satisfied with the iTrack’s support team and the device’s built-in batteries.

The only downside that might turn some people away is that you can only buy the device online. Discounts appear quite often, so you usually need to be quick before the deals expire.


  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Good customer support


  • Not available in stores. Can only be bought online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who exactly is the iTrack for?

It’s surprising how many people can actually benefit from the iTrack. For example, it can be great for company owners, especially if the company has many field employees.

They can easily see what the employees are doing or how they are doing with their tasks without the need to call them. It’s also suitable for preventing company car theft and abuse.

If you’re not the only driver of your car, if you frequently loan it to your family members or friends, iTrack can help you track their whereabouts and driving habits.

Furthermore, if you’re a parent, you can track the location of your kid who’s just gotten their driver’s license. Since the iTrack also tracks the car’s speed, you’ll even see if they’re driving safely or not.

The route history further helps here. Still, if you don’t want to be intrusive, you can see where they are without calling them.

The iTrack is a good solution if you have to park around the block and can’t see your car from your apartment window. It is also useful if you forget where you parked the car.

Does the iTrack require a subscription?

It does not. Once you buy iTrack, it’s yours to use. Both the iOS and Android apps are completely free to use. Not just that, the developer team is constantly working on improving them as well.

This means that you’ll get all the future features and updates at no additional cost. However, keep in mind that, depending on your data plan, you might need to pay for the mobile data the app uses.

How do I setup the iTrack?

The iTrack is very easy to set up; the process only takes about five minutes.

  • STEP 1: Download the phone app.
  • STEP 2: Find your diagnostic port
  • STEP 3: Connect your phone app to the device.

However, note that the iTrack is an OBD GPS tracker, which means that you first need to have a smartphone with a SIM card in it. Additionally, your phone plan needs to be active.

First of all, see where the diagnostic port of your car is located. You need to have it to be able to set up the iTracker. Fortunately, all cars made in 1996 and later have it, so the chances are your car does, too.

Different car manufacturers usually put the port in different places, so you might need your car’s manual to find it. Once you’ve located the port, plug the iTrack in.

All that remains to do is download the iTrack smartphone app. Make sure to register, set up your account, and connect your device to your iTrack.

Is the iTrack expensive?

It is more expensive than some GPS car trackers, but it is still well worth the price. It costs less than a new car that you’d need to buy if the old one got stolen, so it’s well worth taking a shot.

Also, remember that this is not just a simple car tracker. It can monitor your car’s state, speed, and direction. It can also track its health.

Where to Buy

The only way to order iTrack is through the official website here. The price tends to vary during holidays and at the time of this writing the iTrack costs $100.

Also, the company offers free shipping and increased protection if you pay an additional fee. You can pay either via PayPal or your credit card.

SPECIAL PROMOTION: If you decide to buy more than one device immediately, you’ll get an increasing discount for every additional unit.