KeySmart Review

Patented multi-key organizer easily fits in your pocket and prevents keys scratching your devices.
Keri Robinson Senior Contributor
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About KeySmart

Let's face it; we have keys for just about everything.

House doors, business premises, our cars, and the garage they go into overnight, the garden shed, our lockers at work, college or school, and padlocks for a myriad of reasons, are but a few of the dozens of keys we might carry with us.

The way we normally carry those keys is the good old-fashioned keyring, and while it might be a simple solution, is it is not always the most practical and is certainly not the most comfortable when individual keys start digging into your leg.

Even if your keyring is in your bag, it can take up a lot of space, not to mention the risk that a key might scratch the screen of your cellphone.

Now it seems there is a better solution to jingling a bunch of keys on a keyring, and it is called KeySmart.

What is KeySmart?

Its revolutionary, and patented, design, seeks to make carrying multiple keys more convenient, more comfortable, and it organizes them, so they are easier to locate when you need to use a specific key.

With KeySmart, you are no longer carrying a large bunch of keys which point and jab in all directions, but instead, all your keys are all held neatly inside it, ready to be used whenever they are needed.

How Does it Work?

The concept behind KeySmart is that replaces keyrings but still allows you to store your keys neatly away thanks to the fact that they are each folded away in the body of the key holder.

What KeySmart has is a small screw at each end which can be loosened to open the key holder. You then place a key inside so that the aforementioned screws go through the hole which is normally located in the head of the key.

When you tighten the screw, the holder fits together again, but any keys are in it, are still able to be folded out. This allows you to use the key, before folding it away again.

Key Features

It seems we have devices, software, inventions, contraptions, and smartphone apps to organize just about every part of our lives, and now with KeySmart, we can organize our keys more effectively too.

Fast & Easy Setup

One of the first things to point out is how easy it is to set up and use. There is a screw at each end of KeySmart which you can loosen, and you can do so without the need for any tools. This where your key is placed and then locked in place by tightening the screw again.

Once in place, anytime you need to use that key, it folds effortlessly out. You can then unlock the door, or open the lock in question, and then fold the key away again. It is as simple as that.

Easily Find Specific Keys

Another benefit of using KeySmart is that it is much quicker and easier to locate an individual key compared to having them all on a keyring and in a bunch. We're sure you'll appreciate that if you've ever been in a rush but are delayed while you fumble about trying to find the key you are looking for.

Comfortably Fits In Your Pocket

Most of you are likely to keep your keys in a pocket, and this is where KeySmart is loved by many users.

Instead of a bunch of keys bulging your pocket and your leg also being randomly jabbed by one or more keys, KeySmart keeps them all in place.

In fact, its' slim design and very light weight mean many users barely notice it is in their pocket.

The same applies if you keep individual keys in your bag. While you might not have your leg being jabbed, no doubt you have often had to rummage around trying to find them.

Now you can keep them all together, and such is the small size of KeySmart many users keep it in their purse or wallet. There is a loop ring on one of KeySmart which can be used to connect a car fob or accessories.

While the standard KeySmart is ideal for most people, there are some variations. There's the 'Leather' version which has faux leather sides, for a sure grip and softer feel. The 'Rugged' version is more durable and also comes with a bottle opener and a pocket clip.

PRO Version Connects With Your Smartphone

The KeySmart Pro version is the ultimate key holder which you can connect to your smartphone. If you ever misplace your Pro keyholder you can send a signal to it and it will play a tune.

Even better than that is the fact that you can do the reverse; if you are looking for your phone, simply press the button on the KeySmart and it will make your phone ring.

The Pro version also has a locator app called Tile. With Tile, if you lose your KeySmart while out and about, its location can be pinpointed on a map on your smartphone.

While we hope you never have you bag snatched, if it happens, and your keys are in your bag, the police can now track and catch the thief … hopefully putting them behind bars.

Customer Reviews

John Gausta is highly impressed by how tough and durable KeySmart is and yet at the same time, how it feels very lightweight in his pocket.

Thomas Burke hates the feeling of having stuffed pockets, which was the case when he had all his keys on a normal keyring. With KeySmart, he says, 'I honestly can't tell when my full KeySmart is in my pocket.'

Sarah B was fed up having to fumble around in her bag or her pockets when trying to find the right key …' It’s not fun and it’s no fun.' However, with KeySmart her keys are now easily found. 'They are nicely organized and slide right out with ease.'

When Ryan Svenson got married, he bought a KeySmart for himself and as a simple gift for each his 4 groomsmen. He hated the pile of keys and bulky keychain in his pocket, but now he has 8 keys inside his KeySmart … 'I'm recommending one to everybody who sees my keys and asks me about it.'


There are two main complaints that customers comment on about KeySmart. The first is that it is possible that you can over tighten the screws, meaning it can be difficult to unfold keys from it. The obvious answer is to only tighten the screws enough, so they are secure but not too tight.

The second complaint comes from those who have many keys that they want to use KeySmart for. The basic model will hold up to 8 standard keys, but if you want it to hold more you will need to purchase an extension kit which will allow it to hold up to 14 keys.

Our Review

For those of you who hate bunches of keys bulging in your pockets, fed up having keys jab into your leg or tired of having to rummage about in your bag for keys, KeySmart is the solution you have been looking for.

It is a very simple concept, but even more so, it is a very effective way to avoid never having to use an old-fashioned keyring again.

Using it, you can have up to 8 keys neatly and securely stored, with easy access to each of them by simply folding it out.


  • Keeps keys neatly organized
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Accessories and expansion available
  • Multiple color and design options


  • Screws can loosen over time, so you'll need to retighten them occassionally
  • Side shields are easily scratched

Frequently Asked Questions

Does KeySmart have a choice of colors?

It does, although the ones which may be available to you might depend on the retailer or website you purchase it from. The four main colors are black, red, blue or green.

As part of the accessory range, there is a set of 7 different colored front plates which can be added to KeySmart. There are also special editions available from some sellers which include 'Mossy Oak' and 'US Army' designs.

Are there any accessories that can be purchased for KeySmart?

Indeed, there are several which allow you to turn your KeySmart into your very own toolkit. A USB connector, a quick disconnect fob, a folding knife, a bottle opener, pliers, and a pocket clip are just some of the accessories that you add to your KeySmart. There's even a golf divot tool for all the golfers.

Can KeySmart be used for electronic car fobs?

This is a question that often gets asked because many modern cars use electronic fobs. While you should not put plastic-covered car keys or fobs inside KeySmart, you can connect fobs to the loop, or eyelet, which is on one end of it. Ideally, you should use the 'Quick Connect' accessory which can be purchased for less than $5.

What do I do if any of the screws get damaged or lost?

Not a problem, as the people who make KeySmart have thought of that. You simply buy a replacement set which includes the screws, rubber washers and locking nuts. This costs less than $4 so is cheaper than having to buy another complete KeySmart unit.

Where to Buy

KeySmart can be purchased from their official online website listed below for the best price and money back guarantee.