You'll Never Lose Your Remote Control Again With This Weird Headband: The Remote Wrangler

Allen Richardson Senior Contributor
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It’s a fact that the number of remote controls in our homes has increased drastically in recent years. Smart TVs, DVD players, Blu-Ray players, media centers and so on all need remote controls for operation.

The problem is that these remotes get lost under the couch cushions, end up in another room, and generally tend to be where they’re not supposed to be. It can be incredibly frustrating!

The is where the Remote Wrangler enters the picture.

Using Your Head

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first of all: yes, the Remote Control Wrangler is an interesting concept, to say the least. As long as you’re comfortable wearing a headband, then this will solve your remote control issues pretty quickly and easily.

Using it is easy. By attaching little bits of Velcro to the undersides of your remotes, you can then just stick them to the headband. What this means is that all of your remote controls are close to hand and won’t ever get lost again!

Not Just For Remote Controls

Even better is that you can actually use the Remote Wrangler to store anything you want. Don’t just confine it to remote controls. If your iPod tends to go missing a lot and you like to use it when you’re watching TV, just use the Remote Wrangler to wrangle it under your control too.

The Remote Wrangler is surprisingly easy and comfortable to wear, being made of a soft and stretchy material. This is a good thing since you’ll have to get used to wearing it around the house as you consume media.

Built In Battery

The surprise bonus is that there’s also an in-built battery-powered massage device that sits right around the temples.

In use, the massager is actually pretty good and might just be another reason why you’d want to wear it for long periods. And here’s the kicker: the battery-powered massage device is also remote controlled!


At first, you might question why you’d even need something such as this in your home but when you’re couch diving for the remote and getting frustrated, you’ll probably wish that you had one.

The Remote Wrangler is an interesting bit of headwear for the modern age but proves to be comfortable and surprisingly useful.

The Multimedia Remote Wrangler is available in olive color and also in red, white, and blue. The next time that you’re thinking of a gift for a friend or family member, this might just be the right choice.

However, some people don't want to wear a handband to keep track of their remotes. For these people, we recommend a simple gadget to keep track of anything called XY Find It.