Mindinsole Review

Scientifically designed insole using acupuncture makes it feel like you're walking on a cloud of air
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About Mindinsoles

Our feet do have to put up with a lot of abuse.

They carry our entire weight as we go about our daily lives, they are hidden away for hours on end and barely see the light of day.

They are often inside the wrong fitting or wrong type of footwear, and in many cases only get the bare minimum of attention in terms of care.

Given how we mistreat them, it seems bizarre that we  collapse into a chair at the end of the day and declare,  'Oh, my feet are killing me!'

Truth be told it us mistreating our feet, and while that may not go to the point of 'killing' them, we certainly harm them through lack of care.

This can often lead to foot ailments which can not only be uncomfortable but downright painful.

There are lots of ways we can help our feet, and one of those is to place special therapeutic inserts inside our footwear, like Mindinsole.

What is Mindinsole?

MindInsole insole review

One of the most popular is Mindinsole, which is a scientifically designed insole that has been created to be more than just a comfortable base for your feet.

It is based on the principles of acupuncture, so it has hundreds of tiny acupoints which come into contact with the soles of your feet, with the aim of helping to improve the health of both your body and your mind.

How Does it Work?

Mindinsole is shaped just like any normal footwear insert, and it comes as a pair of inserts.

They are 'one size fits all,' so in order to make them fit your specific shoe size, you will need to trim them carefully along the sizing lines on the outer parts of the insert.

The premise of Mindinsole inserts is that as your foot comes into contact with them with each step, the tiny acupoints on the insert apply pressure to specific points on the sole of your foot.

In doing so they can help provide many benefits that have a positive impact on your well-being.

Key Features

With Mindinsole there is no need to buy a specific size as they come in the largest standard shoe size, meaning they are suitable for all sizes of feet.

Obviously, if your feet are a smaller size you can simply cut around the markings to make them fit. They are designed to be used by adults, so the shoe size range is 6 to 12 for men, and 7 to 12 for ladies.

Mindinsoles have two features which aim to provide the same benefits as reflexology.

Gel Acupoints

The first is the many tiny acupoints across the surface of the insole. There are 400 of them and these apply gentle pressure to the sole of your feet and in effect, massage them as you are walking.

This can provide some of the same effects of acupuncture and real massaging, which can help boost your levels of health and wellbeing, plus they soothe your feet.

Magnetic Arch

The arch is a very important part of your foot and that is why in this area of the Mindinsole there are 12 larger acupoints to help provide extra support.

The reason for the 5 magnets in Mindinsole is that magnets that are close to the skin produce magnetic waves that have been known to promote blood flow in body tissue.

These have been placed specific points along the foot to align and connect with individual chakras. Chakras are the points throughout the body that are centers of energy and thought to play a significant role in mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Mindinsoles are made from a breathable material and the way they are shaped is also designed to allow the flow of air around your feet. This will help prevent your feet from sweating and help keep them dry, clean and cool.

Customer Reviews

Jane J. walks around all day in high heeled boots. By using Mindinsole inserts she is able to stay comfortable and her feet are pain-free.

'I love love love my Mindinsole insoles and wear them every day.'

Christine Tharman decided to buy a pair of Mindinsole inserts to help her father who is in his nineties and was suffering with back problems. They were so successful in helping him that her mother and her brother both bought Mindinsoles for themselves, and they love them too.

'They really work.'

Lil J. suffers from painful heels and normally after just 30 minutes of walking the pain becomes severe. She decided to try Mindinsoles having seen a post on Facebook. She was astounded how well they worked for her, and now the 12-hour shifts she works standing on her feet are pain-free.

'I'm truly impressed with the insoles and will recommend them to others.'

Gordon H.'s No. 1 pastime is visiting cities which means his feet often get sore as he walks around them, and this curtails his enjoyment. Thanks to Mindinsole that is no longer a problem for him, and he makes sure that his Mindinsoles are the first thing he packs on every trip.

'These allow me to walk the streets of new cities for hours and hours without feeling tired and sore.'


One complaint from some users is that Mindinsoles do not specifically target the foot ailment which they suffer from such as over-pronation and plantar fasciitis.

It would be wrong and indeed unethical for Mindinsole to claim that their insoles can cure any kind of medical conditions associated with feet, and the truth is that is not what they are designed to do.

Instead, they can provide relief, comfort and alleviate some of the pain that many of these foot conditions might create.

Another complaint is the claim that 'one size fits all' when you have in fact to cut them down to size. What 'one size fits all' means is that you do not have to select your specific size, but instead you trim them to suit.

This is especially welcomed by the many people whose feet are different sizes as they just need to buy one pair of Mindinsoles instead of two specified sizes.

Our Review

As we said in the opening, our feet really do take a bit of pounding. However, thanks to Mindinsole, you can now give your feet a bit of TLC which will not only help them, but thanks to their acupuncture design, they have the potential to provide you with other benefits too.

Mindinsoles are easy to use, with the only set up necessary being to cut them down to your own shoe size. Once you have started wearing them you should be able to experience the comfort and pain relief in your feet that many others have using Mindinsoles.


  • One size fits all
  • Multiple acupoints
  • Suitable for all types of footwear
  • Provide relief and comfort


  • Can take time to get used to
  • May not be suitable for everyone

Frequently Asked Questions

Can wearing Mindinsole help with weight loss?

We'll say right away that nothing will help you with weight loss if you are otherwise doing things that is likely to add to your weight, such as eating an unhealthy diet.

Also, the mere act of wearing Mindinsoles will not necessarily reduce your weight. However, where they can help is allowing you to walk without pain or discomfort and therefore be able to walk for longer.

Walking is one of the easiest and most underrated forms of exercise so being to do so for longer distances and for greater lengths of time can certainly help your health and contribute to any weight loss plan you have.

Can I wear Mindinsole in sport's shoes?

Yes, you can. In fact, Mindinsoles are suitable for wearing in most types of footwear.

As for sport's shoes, many users have been able to enjoy their sports a lot more because the pain relief and comfort that Mindinsoles provide, has allowed them to focus on what they are playing, rather the discomfort in their feet.

Do Mindinsoles have a 'breaking-in' period?

This is an excellent question because many people think that insoles should feel comfortable the very first time they wear them in their shoes, but often this is not the case, especially if you try to wear them all day at first.

It is not that the insole does not work, but when they are new, the bones, tendons, and muscles in your feet may take a few times to get used to them.

The best way to do so is to start off wearing your new Mindinsoles for 1 hour at a time and then gradually increase the time you wear them until your feet feel comfortable all day.

Should I use a different set of Mindinsoles for each different pair of shoes I have?

It is not necessary to have Mindinsoles for every pair but what we do recommend is that if you have one pair of shoes or footwear that you tend to wear most often, then they should have their own Mindinsoles. You can then invest in another pair of Mindinsoles that you can use for all the others.

The reason this helps is that the Mindinsoles in your main shoes will shape themselves to suit those shoes and your feet when they are in them.

Removing them to use in other shoes, and then placing them back again, might mean they are not as perfectly aligned and thus not as comfortable.

Where to Buy

The best place to purchase Mindinsoles is from the official manufacturer's website here. This guarantees you'll receive the real product and not a knock, while also getting direct support from the company and their rock solid guarantee.