Mosquitron Non-Toxic Mosquito Catcher and Killer Review

Mosquito catcher powered by USB uses non-toxic, UV light to safely attract & trap mosquitos.
Keri Robinson Senior Contributor
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About Mosquitron

Mosquitoes are a real annoyance. Imagine sitting outside with friends in the evening and having the night ruined because mosquitoes start biting and making everyone itchy.

It happens all the time and lots of people invest in all kinds of mosquito traps and repellents.

The truth is that some people burn mosquito-repelling candles or coils. The biggest issue with them is that they really only have an effect in a small area.

This doesn’t really stop mosquitoes from ruining a social gathering. Bug zappers are one other way to eliminate mosquitoes but they can be expensive and inconvenient to carry around.

The good news is, there's a simple device that uses UV light to catch and kill mosquitos called the Mosquitron.

What Is it?

The Mosquitron (also known as Moskinator) is a USB-powered mosquito catcher that’s completely non-toxic. It is small and cylindrical and features a UV light at the top that the mosquitoes are attracted to.

When they fly near, they are sucked down by a small vacuum into a catcher that sits at the bottom of the unit.

Technical Specs

Here are the technical specifications that really matter:

  • It is a 360-degree UV light that attracts flying bugs.
  • You can plug the Mosquitron into a USB device -- including a smartphone -- for power.
  • It is very compact and very portable, making it ideal to carry anywhere.
  • It consists of a small vacuum device and catcher to eliminate mosquitoes.

Top Features

Here’s what we think are the Mosquitron’s best features:

1. Non-Toxic

One of the worst things about using bug sprays is the chemicals. Not only are some of them toxic but they can also affect the health of some people. This makes them less than ideal for dealing with pesky mosquitoes.

The good news about the Mosquitron is that it’s completely chemical-free and non-toxic. You simply switch it on and the UV light and small vacuum do the rest. That makes for a completely hassle-free setup and operation.

2. 360-Degree UV Lamp

It’s the UV light that works to attract the flying insects and the best thing about it is that it works in 360 degrees. It’s completely circular to make it more effective at attracting mosquitoes.

3. Very Portable

The Mosquitron is a small, compact device; because it can also be powered by USB, this makes it ultra-portable. That’s ideal for anyone who needs it for a social gathering. It can even be powered from a phone.

4. Powerful Suction Fan

The Mosquitron also features a small but powerful fan that sucks the insects into the catching tray once they’re near the UV light.

Customer Reviews

Most people loved the fact that the Mosquitron is so compact and easy to carry around. They found that it was a lot more convenient to use this than to bother with lighting repelling coils or candles.

A picture of the Mosquitron (aka Moskinator) bug trap filled with mosquitos

Lots of customers also enjoyed the fact that it sits there and works without any other intervention. This makes it very easy and convenient for anyone to use.

Our Review

So what do we think of the Mosquitron and is it any good for catching and eliminating those pesky mosquitoes?

Even though mosquitoes are an important part of the food chain and a good source of food for lots of other animals, they are incredibly annoying.

Some people don’t seem to get bitten at all while others seem to attract them. The problem is that mosquitoes can be annoying in other ways too, including:

  • The bites they cause can become infected due to too much scratching and breaking the skin.
  • Some people are allergic to mosquito bites and can end up with a rash that needs additional medical treatment.
  • Mosquitoes may carry viruses in some areas.
  • Some people find the high-pitched sound of mosquitoes annoying, especially when they are trying to sleep.

So why wouldn’t you just buy a commercial bug zapper and be done with it? The problem is that those zappers can be expensive and they are not very portable.

They are also not safe around kids because the zapper itself is actually powered by mains voltage. The last thing that anyone wants is little fingers poking around in there.

One of the things that we noticed immediately about the Mosquitron is just how small and compact it is. Its small size makes it ideal for carrying around and we think that it would be easy enough to put to work across multiple tables at a party where guests need some protection from the bugs.

How to use the Moskinator

Also, if a mosquito killer can be considered visually pleasing, then the Mosquitron has our vote. We thought that the nice circular UV light looked pretty cool when turned on. If guests didn’t know that it was a UV bug catcher, they’d just think that it was a neat little table lamp.

But the big question is this: does it work?

The answer to that is a bit more complicated but we tried it out for several nights and found it quite effective with some caveats.

The reason why flying insects are attracted to UV light is because their eyes are UV-sensitive. In the natural world, plants reflect UV light so that insects can recognize them.

This is the method by which the Mosquitron works: it attracts mosquitoes and then draws them in with a powerful fan. They fall to the catcher tray where they are trapped and then dehydrate.

What we found in use is that the Mosquitron is really good at attracting flying bugs in general.

Moskinator filled with bugs

When we operated it for a few nights and then opened up the catcher tray to empty it out, we found all sorts of flying bugs in there, including mosquitoes. That’s great news because flies and moths can be bothersome too.

Doing a bit more digging, we found that mosquitoes aren’t as attracted by UV light as some other flying bugs, such as moths. In fact, mosquitoes are attracted by carbon dioxide because it indicates the presence of a human or animal.

So the answer is that the Mosquitron definitely does work but it may not catch as many mosquitoes as you’d like. Having said that, it will still catch them but will tend to do it when there isn’t a human nearby for the mosquito to latch onto.

In this context, it’s probably not a bad idea to switch on the Mosquitron a little while before guests turn up and then leave the area. This means that the mosquitoes won’t be distracted by anyone nearby and will go towards the UV light instead. In this way, the Mosquitron can be used to clear the area before guests arrive.

Moskinator airflow diagram

Even though the Mosquitron might not always be ideal for catching mosquitoes, it’s worth noting that it does actually work. It will also catch other potentially annoying flying bugs in the area too.

We love the fact that the Mosquitron is chemical free. If you’re worried about chemicals around your home, as you should be, then the Mosquitron is well worth a look.

You might even want to use it in conjunction with a mosquito coil repellent to make sure that they stay away.

Overall, we really liked the Mosquitron. It’s compact, easy to use, easy to power via USB or mains, and even looks good.

In fact, we think that it looks like a pretty trendy table lamp so it won’t draw too much attention. When switched off, it could even be mistaken for some kind of new charging device or portable Bluetooth speaker.

The Mosquitron would definitely make a good gift for someone who seems to have everything. It would make an especially good gift for someone who lives in a mosquito-prone area or someone who has lots of outdoor social gatherings.


  • The Mosquitron is very easy to clean -- just lift out the catcher tray and empty the bugs out of it.
  • The Mosquitron is very compact and portable.
  • It doesn’t use any toxins or chemicals to do its job.
  • Because it doesn’t use any chemicals and because it doesn’t utilize an electrical bug zapper, it’s safe even for kids in the area.
  • It really does catch flying bugs of many types.
  • If you look around, you may find it for a good discount online.


  • While it does catch mosquitoes, it’s not quite as effective because they are not quite as attracted to UV light as some other annoying flying insects.
  • The stock of Mosquitron may be limited at some retailers.

What’s Included?

When you buy the Mosquitron, you get the catcher tray and base that includes the suction fan, the main unit with the UV light, some instructions, and a cable for power.

Where to Buy

The Mosquitron can be purchased from their official website here. Since it's the holidays, you can get it for a good discount and may save money by buying more than one unit.