Neck Hammock Review

Simple cervical traction device provides quick relief from neck discomfort in just 15 minutes a day.
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About Neck Hammock

Neck pain can arise for many reasons, be it a sports injury, poor posture, sleeping on unsuitable pillows, the result of an underlying neck muscle ailment or any of the many other causes.

Regardless of what is causing the neck pain, it is certainly a boon for chiropractors, who are visited by around 12 million US adults every year.

While visiting a chiropractor may help, their fees mean it is certainly not the cheapest solution.

One solution, which is far more affordable is the Neck Hammock.

What is Neck Hammock?

It is a simple and effective way to relieve neck pain, and the beauty of it is, you can use it anywhere.

Designed by a fully qualified and professional physical therapist, Neck Hammock can help provide pain relief, reduce fatigue, and alleviate muscle strains in your neck area.

Best of all, it does it all for a fraction of the cost of many other neck relief solutions.

How Does it Work?

With hammock in the name, you might be thinking that Neck Hammock involves you having to find two palm trees down at the beach, and as nice a scene as that is to imagine, it is not required.

Instead, you need a fixed point which you can loop the top part of the Neck Hammock's support strap around. This can be a doorknob, a door jamb, a pole, a post or a railing, as long as it is secure.

Once you have secured the loop, you clip the Neck Hammock's main strap to it and finally clip the hammock to the strap. You want to adjust the straps so that the hammock is sitting about 2-4 inches from the ground.

You then place your head onto the hammock with it positioned towards the base of your skull so that it is fully supporting your neck. Then you simply lie there and relax.

As you do so Neck Hammock is having an effect that is known as 'cervical traction.' This facilitates the stretching of muscles and ligaments along your spinal cord which can help realign your spine.

It also helps reinvigorate your nerves, tendons, and muscles which can reduce pain and improve your mobility.

Key Features

Neck Hammock is the brainchild of Californian physical therapist Dr. Steve Sudell, who created it to help his sister, who was suffering neck pain during hospitalization for leukemia treatment.

We say this to reassure you that this product has been researched and developed by a medical professional who specializes in treating the sorts of ailments you'll be using Neck Hammock to alleviate.

Travel Bag

When you receive Neck Hammock you will see that it comes with a handy travel bag. This gives you a convenient way to store your Neck Hammock when not in use, but more importantly, it allows you to take it with you when you leave home.

This means that you can use Neck Hammock when you have a break at work or college, when you are at the gym or if staying overnight at a hotel when you are on a business trip, for example.

Eye Mask

Also contained in the package is an eye mask which you can put on to make your Neck Hammock session even more relaxing.

Given that you will most likely be securing Neck Hammock's loop to a doorknob or handle, there is even a 'Do Not Disturb' sign which you hang on the other side of the door. This stops unwary members of your family walking through the door and interrupting your session.

Easy Setup

Setting up Neck Hammock is very easily done, and basically requires you to secure the strap to the fixed point, such as the doorknob, and then clipping the hammock to the strap.

You place your head and neck in the hammock, and then your cervical traction session begins. When you do so you will notice just how comfortable Neck Hammock is as you lie there. Being as easy as it is to set up, it also means that you can use Neck Hammock anytime you wish.

Quick Relief

The benefits and the levels of relief that using Neck Hammock can bring you will obviously depend on your current condition. However, in general terms, Neck Hammock can help reduce neck pain, relieve stiffness, decompress your spinal cord, and decrease tension in your neck muscles.

One of the other major benefits that Neck Hammock gives you is while lying in it, your levels of calmness and relaxation are lifted significantly. This alone can reduce anxiety and lower your stress, both of which can have a positive impact on your overall health.

Improved sleep is another benefit that can transpire from using Neck Hammock thanks, not only to you feeling calmer, but by you being more comfortable when lying in in bed due to less soreness or stiffness in your neck.


Finally, you have to consider the low cost of Neck Hammock compared to the many other solutions there are related to your neck and spine.

While chiropractors and physiotherapists are skilled and can really help you, their talents come at a price, often running into hundreds of dollars. Neck Hammock costs less than a family pizza order, and once purchased, it can bring you relief, time and time again.

Customer Reviews

Jakob Morelli not only likes Neck Hammock for the physical benefits, like increased neck flexibility, but he also enjoys the way it 'brings a calm to your mind, body, and spirit, that is pure bliss.'

Rich Conley broke his neck when he was 14 and has been treated by chiropractors and physiotherapists since. He was a bit skeptical at first but once he now says, 'This is the most encouraged I've ever been that I can relieve neck stress in such an easy, relaxing manner. Worth every penny.'

Allyson Hendricksen's chiropractor was never able to fully 'pop' her neck to the point where her stiff neck felt comfortable, but since using Neck Hammock, 'I have a lot less pain and stiffness in my neck.'

Jeffrey Freeman had a pinched nerve that was causing him extreme pain in his shoulders and a stiff neck, and even though physical and traction therapy relieved the pain, it was only temporary.

He now uses Neck Hammock for 15 minutes before going to bed and loves the result. 'The pain went away and now I use it every other night just to keep my discs from compressing and pinching the nerve.’


One of the issues that some people raise is that they struggle to find a suitable fixing point for their Neck Hammock. Examples are that their doorknobs are at a height which is either too high or too low.

Obviously, it is going to be impossible to allow for every scenario and bear in mind the fixing strap's length can be adjusted.

The other complaint is that as you have to lie on the floor so that your head and neck are sitting in the hammock, it is not going to suitable for those who have mobility problems such as the elderly or obese.


  • Portable for use anywhere
  • Easy to set up
  • Made with durable materials
  • Comes with an eye mask and travel bag


  • Linking clasps are breakable
  • No instructions with the product

Final Thoughts

Given that neck pain and injuries can be so debilitating, anything which can genuinely relive them has to be welcomed. The reviews from the many users who have had positive results indicate that Neck Hammock can genuinely bring relief from pain and stiffness.

It is simple to set up, is portable so it can be used just about anywhere, and as it costs no more than a family visit to a local burger restaurant, it is certainly worth it, if it brings the relief you are looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cervical traction?

Cervical traction is the gentle extension of the neck which reduces compression and in turn opens the gaps between the cervical vertebrae.

It has a number of benefits but one of the main ones is that it reduces pressure on the spinal discs. This can reduce pain and stiffness, improve mobility and flexibility plus it can be used to supplement the treatment of pinched nerves and neck injuries.

Can Neck Hammock be used by anyone?

Unfortunately, no. First, we always recommend that you speak to your physician or physical therapist before using any kind of cervical traction equipment, especially if you have an existing injury.

In addition, there are some conditions where the use of Neck Hammock is not recommended. These include neck tumors, rheumatoid arthritis, osteomyelitis, and acute spinal injuries. Also, those who are under 16 years of age should not use Neck Hammock.

Will I need to use Neck Hammock forever?

Obviously, each individual is going to have different requirements in terms of how healthy or not their neck, and spine are. However, if through using Neck Hammock you are able to relieve your symptoms, there is nothing to stop you continuing to use it, unless you are advised by a physician not to.

You can look upon it as a long-term maintenance solution and use it at a frequency and duration which suits your needs.

Why can't I use Neck Hammock for more than 20 minutes at a time?

For the optimum results, you should use Neck Hammock for sessions which last between 15 minutes to 20 minutes. This gives enough time for Neck Hammock to promote the cervical traction you want, without placing undue strain on your neck and spine.

If you wish, you can have several Neck Hammock sessions throughout the day, which is where its portability comes to the fore as it allows you to take it with and use it at work or college, for example.

Where to Buy

The best place to purchase the Neck Hammock is at the website here. This ensures you recieve the real product and get the company's customer support.

Price per hammock is $49.99 and the shipping price is determined based on your location. However, most orders in the US have a 7-10 day shipping time, while international orders have 10-18 day shipping time.