What Is American Inventor Spot?

We are an editorial site focusing on providing our readers with the most trendy, innovative, and useful products from around the web.

On our site you can:

  • Find cool and useful gifts and gadgets for yourself or those you care about;
  • Read detailed reviews of popular products, such as As Seen on TV brands and those related;
  • Educate yourself about the newest trends and consumer technology

Need Inspiration Or Ideas?

Our editorial goal is to find, research, and write about really cool gifts, gadgets, and consumer products as soon as they come out.

So if you're looking for ideas or inspiration for a new invention or a cool gift to buy a friend or family member, stay up to date by visiting our site regularly.

What Makes Us Different?

At American Inventor Spot, we're not interested in writing generic, cookie-cutter articles. That's lame! Instead, our focus is to provide you (our reader) with the following benefits:

Latest Trends

Remember the fidget spinner? Or how about the Squatty Potty? These are the type of new, cool products that start and grow trends.

Our editorial aim is to find these products before they become popular and sell out, and give you accurate, informative content about them to help you decide whether they are legit or just a bunch of hot air.

Accurate Information

We try to help you sift through the marketing hype and get the facts about products you are interested in buying. We gather our research from multiple sources including customer reviews on Amazon, forums, blogs, and direct customer feedback from our contact page.

Up To Date Deals & Discounts

When available, we always try to provide up to date information on the latest deals and discounts for products listed on our site. Our aim is to help you get great deals on awesome products and save money.

While we cannot guarantee that our prices are accurate at the time of writing, we regularly check with companies and post their latest pricing info on each of our articles.