Peeps Carbon Technology Revolutionary Glasses Cleaner Review

NASA technology easily cleans your glasses from oily fingerprint smudges to dust and facial oils.
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About Peeps™

If you wear glasses, be it for reading or seeing distances, or even sunglasses, you've probably found that is the lenses of your glasses becoming smudged or grubby very easily.

Having smudged lenses is not only annoying, but it can also, in some circumstances, be dangerous as it can impair your vision, and that is not something you want to happen if you are driving or operating machinery.

There are several ways you can clean them, but they often create more issues than they solve. Many of them are alcohol-based which can damage certain types of lenses, such as polarized ones.

Others have strong odors, create unwanted trash, in the case of throwaway wipes, while some simply do not work as effectively as their advertising says they do.

Thankfully, there is a product that has none of the problems we've just highlighted, and best of all it is highly effective at cleaning smudged and grubby lenses.

It is called Peeps Carbon Technology Revolutionary Glasses Cleaner, although for the purposes of this article we'll call it Peeps Glasses Cleaner, or just Peeps.

What is Peeps Glasses Cleaner?

Regardless of what you call it, the effect is the same: clean, smudge-free glasses lenses, that don't require sprays or throwaway wipes.

Peeps Glasses Cleaner is a revolutionary concept in terms of cleaning glasses. Instead of cloths, sprays et al, its design is similar to a large pair of tweezers along with a retractable brush.

How Does it Work?

The retractable brush is what you should use first as this brushes away any abrasive particles and dust from your lenses. Once this has been done, you then use the main cleaner.

You position the two pads on either side of your lens, and then gently squeeze so that they make contact with it. You then slowly move Peeps around and as you do so the two cleaning pads will remove natural oils, grease, and other smudges, to leave your lenses clean and clear.

The technology behind the Peeps Glasses Cleaner is a patented molecular formula which is used to create the soft carbon, microfiber cleaning pads. There is no need for any other cleaning cloths or cleaning fluids.

Key Features

The first thing that may strike you when you receive your Peeps Glasses Cleaner is how small it is. If that impresses you just wait to you pick it up and feel how lightweight it is too.

This identifies the fact that Peeps is easily carried with you and can be on hand to clean your glasses lenses as and when needed. It is also not affected by the weather so it can be used come rain, snow or shine.

The first stage of the cleaning is done by the retractable brush which does a great job of removing small particles of dust and the like. Once they have been removed to protect the lenses from scratching, the cleaning pads then get to work.

Cleans Both Lenses Simultaneously

At first, it may feel a little different from how you would normally clean glasses, given that the design of Peeps is basically a pair of tweezers with cleaning pads on each the end. The advantage of this is that both sides of the lenses are cleaned at the same time and as effectively as each other.

The cleaning process is based on carbon molecular technology. If you’ve ever cleaned glass windows with newspaper, it is the carbon in the ink that makes the cleaning so effective.

The same carbon molecular process makes Peeps one of the most effective ways of removing fingerprints, streaks, residue, oils, and smudges from glass and plastic lenses. Peeps can be used on most high-quality prescription lenses, sunglasses, and lenses which have an anti-reflective coating.

Long Lifetime

The lifetime of the pads is approximately 500 cleans, and when they are due to be renewed you simply order replacements.

Thankfully, this is the only part of Peeps that will need replacing which if you compare with those that use cleaning solutions, wipes, cloths or tissues, you will appreciate how more eco-friendly Peeps is.

Comes In Multiple Colors

Finally, for those that have a preference you can purchase Peeps Glasses Cleaner in a range of colors which include black, pink, purple, blue and green.

Customer Reviews

William H. admits he has very oily hair which means he had the further problem of his glasses having oily smudges. He tried cleaning wipes but was unhappy with the amount of residue they left behind.

Dish soap didn't leave residue, but it didn't get the lenses as clean as he wanted. Now with Peeps Glasses Cleaner, he has the solution to all the issues he had. 'This product works fantastic! I would purchase all over again!'

Patty was fed up with cloths leaving oily deposits. She also didn't like the amount of trash that using disposable wipes created, so she tried Peeps. 'This is a great little device. The pads on the cleaner are hands-free so no residue and the device fits nicely in a pocket or purse.'

Gabriel Quinot found Peeps by accident when he saw a post about it on Instagram. Now he has bought 4 so that he has one in the car, one at his partner's house, one with him and a spare. His verdict? 'It’s the best glasses cleaner ever!'

M. Levenstein's glasses seemed to constantly get smudges and she was fed up trying products that promised much but failed to deliver. She has solved that problem thanks to Peeps Glasses Cleaner, which she calls a 'Godsend.' She adds 'This item really works and leave the lenses looking brand new.'


A complaint that has been mentioned by some users is that although the Peeps Glasses Cleaner is portable and can be taken with you anywhere, it sometimes feels bulky in their pocket.

To put this in perspective Peeps’ dimensions are 4 inches x 1 inch x 1 inch and it weighs less than 1 ounce. We don't doubt that the concerns were genuine, but Peeps is still a lot smaller, and more convenient than carrying a packet of wipes.

A few have complained that their Peeps Glasses Cleaner scratched their lens, but this is virtually impossible. What is likely to have happened is that they did not use the brush to get rid of abrasive particles or dust first.

In that circumstance when they've placed the cleaner pads on to the lens one or more abrasive particles have been stuck underneath it, and therefore scratched the lens when the cleaner was moved. Always ensure that you use the brush first, before using the cleaner to avoid this.

Our Review

If you are looking for a simple convenient and effective solution for cleaning any, and all, of your glasses, then Peeps Carbon Technology Revolutionary Glasses Cleaner should be the answer.

It's two-step cleaning process, with the brush first, and the pads second, ensuring that both abrasive and oily materials are removed from your lenses.

Peeps can be placed in your pocket or bag for convenience so that you can clean your glasses lenses whenever you need to, and it is much easier than messing around with cleaning solutions, cloths, or throw away wipes.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Brush removes abrasive material
  • Molecular carbon technology pads
  • Removes oils and smudges


  • Pads may need replacing
  • Can miss edge of glasses

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of glasses can Peeps be used on?

Peeps can be used on all over-the-counter and prescriptions lenses assuming that they meet a reasonable level of quality. In other words, cheap, sub-standard lenses are unlikely to be able to be cleaned properly by any cleaning product due to their inferior manufacturing processes.

Polycarbonate sunglasses can also be cleaned, as can prescription lenses that have been made from Columbia Resin 39, which is popular material used in the production of corrective lenses. Lenses which have an anti-reflective (AR) coating can also be safely cleaned using Peeps.

Do I need to use a different Peeps Glasses Cleaner for each pair of glasses I use?

This question often arises due to people having a pair of glasses for reading, a pair for distance, possibly a pair of sunglasses, and maybe even a pair of night driving glasses.

Strictly speaking, you do not need a separate Peeps for each one, bearing in mind one the great benefits of Peeps is it is small and portable, meaning you always have it with you at all times to clean whatever glasses you are wearing at the time.

However, what some people have done is buy multiple Peeps and then leave each one where they might need it.

So, you could have one in the car, for your driving glasses, one in your desk drawer, for when you are using your computer, one in your bedside drawer, for the book you read at night, and one in your pocket, so it's available at all other times.

Can Peeps Glasses Cleaner be used to clean other glass items?

While the technology that it employs to clean is used in many industries and by numerous companies, for other purposes, Peeps has been specifically designed for cleaning glass and hard plastic lenses. It is not recommended that you use it on other glass items as it may not clean them as well as expected.

Can I use a micro cloth to give my lenses a final clean?

You could, but it would be pointless. Peeps Glasses Cleaner is capable of removing all debris from your lens, thanks to the brush, and then the carbon technology pads do the job of removing all the oils, smudges and other marks to make your lenses spotless.

Having done all that, if you then use another cloth, such as a micro cloth, the danger is you will reintroduce specs of abrasive material or oily substances again. 

Where to Buy

Peeps Carbon Technology Revolutionary Glasses Cleaner is available from their official online website here.

Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner

Peeps Glasses Cleaner uses soft carbon pads with microfibers instead of cleaning cloths or fluids to make your glasses crystal clear, just like when they were brand new.

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