10 Unusual Jewelry Gift Ideas Guaranteed To Surprise Your Significant Other

Valerie Sherwood Senior Contributor
I write about innovative and interesting products for women.

It’s that time of year again when the pressure of finding that perfect gift for your partner has become nearly overwhelming.

However, while you wrack your brain over the perfect thing to get, you already know that the answer has to be expensive jewelry.

What woman doesn’t want a gorgeous diamond necklace or a ring that she can show off everywhere she goes?

On the other hand, if your partner spends more time making you question your sanity for even being with her in the first place, the last thing that you’ll want to do is spend all your money buying her expensive and beautiful jewels.

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to get her something boring and expected either.

Here are 10 unusual jewelry gift options that you could use that will be sure to bring the house down the moment that she first unwraps them.

1. Blood Vial Earrings

Is your partner the kind of person who has a habit of sucking all the life and joy out of anything you do? Then why not buy her a beautiful set of blood vial earrings to go right along with her vampiric personality?

These earrings will be the perfect place for her to store all the lifeblood that she drains from every happy and exciting experience she takes part in. In fact, she’ll probably start wearing them wherever and whenever she can just to be prepared for when it’s time to deplete you of happiness.

Give her a gift that you know she’ll be able to wear all year long and that she’ll be sure to use on a daily basis.

2. Cat Claw Rings

If your partner is someone with a clawing and scathing personality, then a gift that will be sure to match is a set of stunning silver cat claw rings. These rings will help bring out her scratching skills, giving her just what she needs to really dig herself into the people around her.

You’ll be able to watch as she quietly stalks her prey, watching them carefully and waiting for the perfect moment for her to strike them down with her harsh and bitter cruelty.

Now she’ll also be able to take them down with claws of her very own that she’ll be sure to love. Make sure that you remind her that these rings were meant to accompany her kitty-like persona and she’ll be sure to reward you in every way she can.

3. Grow-a-Plant Ring

Does your partner constantly bombard you with hurtful comments about how you’re killing the earth with your plastic bags and all-wheel-drive? Or maybe she’s the one not-so-quietly judging you while you chow down on a nice steak as she plays with her lettuce leaves.

Then why not find a gift that speaks to her environmental side by giving her this wonderful grow-a-plant ring? This piece of jewelry will allow her to carry a bit of nature with her wherever she goes, really letting her become the environmental savior that she strives to be by doing something rather than just talking your ear off about it day in and day out.

4. Enema Bag Pin

Is your woman a bit on the anal-retentive side?

Is she constantly following you around, making sure that everything is put back exactly as it should be?

Is she the kind of person who has to do absolutely everything herself, believing that everyone else around her is completely useless when it comes to accomplishing even the most simple of tasks?

Then why not buy her a piece of jewelry that will speak directly to her more obsessive side with this interesting and incredibly detailed enema bag brooch pin?

You can be sure that she’ll make an instant connection with what you’re trying to tell her and will certainly appreciate your keen eye for a quality piece of jewelry.

5. I’m All Ears Barbie Parts Brooch

If your partner is always complaining that no one listens to her and that no one cares what she has to say, what better gift to give her than jewelry full of ears to listen to absolutely everything that she says every minute of every day?

Now, you certainly can’t give her a necklace full of real ears but you can give her the next best thing. This brooch full of unused Barbie ears will be a great way to show her that you really are listening and that someone does care a lot about what she has to say.

Now, these ears won’t be able to run away from her when she starts on one of her long and seemingly endless tangents.

6. Play it Over Micro-Cassette Earrings

Are you constantly having to listen to the same lecture over and over about how you don’t do the things she tells you and that you only care about yourself?

Then rather than letting her waste her time repeating the same things over and over again, why not remind her that she’s already told you everything you need to hear with these stunning Play it Over Micro-Cassette earrings?

Much the same as a broken record, she’ll be sure to use them over and over again, loving the way that they remind everyone who needs it that she’ll say what she needs a thousand times in order to get things done the way she wants.

7. Hold My Balls Necklace

Is your girlfriend or wife a total ball-buster? Has she taken all the joy you have in doing certain things and ripped the desire right out of you? Has she removed your every ability to speak for yourself and ask for things you want?

Then this Hold My Balls necklace will be right up her alley. She already has your balls in the palm of her hand so you might as well get her a beautiful piece of jewelry to commemorate the fact.

She’ll now be able to show off to the whole world that she’s got your balls dangling from her neck on a string, ready for her to make use of when and where she sees fit.

8. Joystick Necklace

If your woman spends more time dedicated to creating the perfect fantasy world inside her video games than she does trying to make things really work with you in the real world, then gifting her this beautiful joystick necklace will be a great option.

This necklace was designed to let the wearer bring her virtual dreams with her wherever she goes and so she can bring a piece of her own little world with her all the time, which she’ll definitely be sure to love.

Remind her that this gift was meant to help her constantly connect with her unhealthy obsession with her fantasy world so that she really gets the full message.

9. Digital Bible USB Pendant

Is your woman constantly judging everyone around her, especially you? Does she have what some people might call a holier-than-thou attitude?

Then this digital Bible USB pendant will be the perfect gift to tell her exactly how you feel. Let her know just how morally exceptional she is and give her the ability to prove it all day, every day to whatever poor soul she happens to come across.

This way, she’ll be able to have all the evidence she needs to show that she really is just that much better than everyone else whenever anyone dares to question it.

10. Grown From Your Own Bones Ring

Does your wife or girlfriend try and keep you with her as often as possible? Does the idea of doing things apart from one another really grind her gears?

Then this ring might just be your perfect solution. Developed by a company in England, these professionals will take whatever bone sample you’re able to send them, grow more bone, and turn it into a ring that she’ll be able to wear and take with her all the time.

You will literally never be apart while she has this ring tightly attached to her finger. Let her know that you’ll always be together while she has this part of you with her, hopefully giving her the confidence she needs to let you wander at least a little bit.

Final Thoughts

Trying to find the perfect gift for a difficult partner can really seem to be an impossible task, especially when she’s as picky and relentless as your wife or girlfriend.

And spending the amount of money that’s necessary in order to get her a nice piece of jewelry can sometimes just be out of the question.

However, these gifts will be able to really show her exactly how you feel about them and her nagging and she’ll be able to wear them on a daily basis so you can really make the most out of your investment.

Keep these fun and unusual gift ideas in mind and start thinking about how to best get your point across starting today.