Safe Grabs Silicone Microwave Mat Review: Does it Really Work?

Safe Grabs is a multi-purpose silicone microwave mat, pot holder, and splatter guard all in one.
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About Safe Grabs

If you love cooking and spending time in the kitchen, there is one thing you must be fed up with: the hazard and inconvenience of frequent burns. Handling hot pots, dishes, mugs, etc often leads to burnt fingers and scalded hands.

This downside is not just painful but may also mess up your food preparation and cause various kitchen mishaps. Regular potholders and dish grabbers don’t always offer the convenience and protection you want while handling hot items, sweltering kitchen fixtures in and around the microwave and stove.

Safe Grabs, seen on Shark Tank and invested in by Lori Lori Greiner, are made of food-grade silicone and has emerged as an effective way to cut down the instances of kitchen burns.

What makes this BPA free heat resistant microwave mat safe stand apart among off-the-shelf pot grabbers? And what are its wide-ranging uses?

Keep on reading this Safe Grabs review to find out all important points you need to know about this multipurpose silicone original microwave mat.

What Is Safe Grabs?

As mentioned earlier, Safe Grabs is not your regular pot grabber and dish holder. It is a splatter guard, potholder, food cover, and jar opener all combined into a single food-grade silicone fixture. The well-thought-out construction (more on that later) and use of silicone has turned Safe Grabs into such a versatile and helpful kitchen accessory.

How Is Safe Grabs Safe and Different From Other Pot Holders?

Shark Tank Safe Grabs claims to be different than other pot holders. We have tested this claim by using these silicone mats and assessing their features.

After thorough research into these mats, we can say this claim is not an overstatement at all. Safe Grabs is indeed different from regular pot holders and for more than one reason.

To begin with, its versatility is the testament of its distinction among other potholder options. It is rare or almost impossible to find any other silicone mat that is also a trivet, splatter guard, and jar opener besides being a pot holder.

Then the long list of specifications also makes this safe grab outshine other pot holders.

It is a 100% BPA-free accessory completely carved out of silicone. This characteristic ensures you can use it inside a microwave grabber for any dish without incurring the side effect of hazardous chemicals infusing into your food.

Unlike other stock pot grabbers,they don’t develop thin spots over time— thanks to its thick and ridged silicone construction.

Also, it comes with a specific heat-resistant rating (up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit) that you won’t find in many off-the-shelf stock pot holders.

They are also dishwasher safe that makes cleaning it a breeze. With regular pot holders, you can only experiment to find if they are dishwasher safe. Lastly, these microwave mats make better and more effective makeshift jar openers than regular pot holders— thanks to its uplifted ridges.

Safe Grabs Features

Food grade silicone and BPA-free construction is just one aspect of why Safe Grabs make such a good kitchen accessory.There is a range of other features as well that makes this a great splatter guard, food cover, and mat.


Unlike a conventional pot grabber, Safe Grabs doesn’t have a plain surface on both sides. The manufacturer has kept the one side ridged. These ridges are not added to Safe Grabs without any reason. Instead, they offer two important functional purposes.

Ridges Prevent Hot Spots

Ridges on one side ensure that the heat from the pots and pans is evenly dispersed across its size. This may not necessarily happen in traditional a pot/ dish grabber and that’s why they often develop hot spots. In contrast, ridged mats don't face this issue throughout its operating life.

It is important to understand that the development of hot spots renders any pot grabber useless even if it looks good and usable. Since you can’t detect those hot spots just by looking at the mat, they can lead to burnt hands and stained counters and other kitchen mishaps.

Ridges Improve Your Grip

We all know that treads and grooves improve the grip of any item on a given surface. Ridges act the same way for Safe Grabs. Ceramic and a glass dish are one of the trickiest to handle because when you take them out of the oven they are slippery and hot at the same time. The ridged grip ensures that you can hold on to them and move them to the table without any fumble. These ridges also come in handy when you use Safe Grabs for opening a tightly capped jar.

Raised Sides  

Raised grooves and edges sides are one of the most overlooked features of these mats. Many people don’t realize how this seemingly minor construction feature makes these so useful and versatile.

First of all, those raised sides make it easy to pick, grab, and move these silicone mats around. You can easily lift them away from any surface and pull away even if they are buried in a drawer among many other things.

Raised sides also make Safe Grabs a great placemat. Like any good placemat, they keep kitchenware and plates from sliding around and falling off the table. Moreover, they also catch spills and drips and prevent your tablecloth or countertop from getting all food-stained. If you have young diners in the house, then Safe Grabs will certainly help you protect your plates and keep food and drink spills in check.  

Heat Resistance

The heat resistance of Safe Grabs is at the core of it being used as a pot grabber and for splatter protection. This microwave mat can withstand temperatures up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit, which means you can use them in and around the microwave and it will not melt and stick to surfaces. Also, you don’t have to worry about the chemicals coming out of the mat and leeching into your food due to high heat because Safe Grabs is made of BPA-free materials.

Besides working perfectly fine in hot conditions, these mats, as seen on Shark Tank, also come in handy when you have to handle frozen items. You can use it as a gripper while scavenging and sorting out the compartments in your freezer without getting your hands frostbitten.

In short, this microwave mat is a BPA free, dishwasher safe, heat resistant article.

Safe Grabs Uses

In the above discussion, we have discussed various uses of Safe Grabs in passing. Now it is time to outline them categorically.

Pot Grabber   

Safe Grabs ensures that you can handle your food container, soup pot and TV dinner without them sliding off your hand or burning your fingers and palms.

Splatter Guard             

This pad/pot holder minimizes the chances of getting scorned by the hot oil spitting out of a frying pan. In short, you can use them as splatter guards to handle hot food and hot dishes without a problem.


Besides protecting your hands from burns and scorns, Safe Grabs also protect your tabletops and kitchen counters from the permanent stains of hot items (dishes, soup pots, and plates). In other words, the same silicone article you use as a pot holder is also your makeshift trivet.

Dish Cover

The good insulation attributes of Safe Grab also makes it an effective covering accessory for dishes when they are served on the dining table. A casserole covered by Safe Grabs will remain oven-hot and savory even after a considerable time. Also, BPA free, heat resistant construction guarantees no impurities are added to the covered food from the mat.

Jar Opener

Ridges on the one end of the Safe Grabs and its rubber-like feel also makes it an effective fixture to open jars. Also, its large size is comfortable enough to open jars of all sorts and sizes.

Food Cover/Utensil Rest Mat and Coaster

The raised edges for easy grabbing, heat-resistant material, and ridged surface also make this heat resistant multi purpose silicone mat a great placemat. People with smooth and glossy tabletops can easily manage and minimize mess with the use of this potholder/food cover/utensil mat as a coaster.      

Benefits of Safe Grabs

Let's have a quick rundown of all the benefits of this microwave mat that make it one of the best silicone mats on the market.

No Hot Spots

Its one-piece and one-material construction ensures that it doesn’t get thinned out from certain parts and develop hot spots that can burn hands and leave a stain on countertops and tables.

No Chemical Seepage

Its BPA free, dishwasher safe construction ensures you can use it as a lid to cover pots. jars and dishes without worrying about harmful chemicals seeping into your food.

Easy Cleaning

It is dishwasher safe which means you can get it all clean and pristine while doing dishes. Even if you don’t have a dishwasher, the non-stick silicone surface of the mat allows you to clean it with a simple water rinse.

Easy to Store and Carry

It is flexible, lightweight, and easy-to carry around design. You won’t find such attributes in most standalone splatter guards, jar openers and placemats.


Last but not least, since it is a multi purpose silicone microwave mat, you can use it as many kitchen accessories while spending money on a single item. You can even place this article under glue gun and hair styling fixtures to protect counters and furniture from heat damage.

Reviews from Safe Grabs Users

We have skimmed through the customer reviews of this multi purpose silicone original mat on the internet and found out that there is a consensus in those reviews regarding the versatility and durability of the item. We would like to share some of the genuine customer reviews with verified purchases here.

“These silicone grabs are so useful! We use one by leaving it in the microwave and then no one burns their hands anymore. They also are useful to open a jar and to use as a placemat on wood when there is a very hot plate or bowl. Love these little pieces of silicone! Fabulous idea! Thank you Cyndi for inventing them and Lori for backing them!!”

“This product is so versatile! I use them for everything, from covering food in the micro to potholders to coasters. I’ve even covered food in the fridge for a day and they work perfectly. If you keep the flat side toward the food they are super easy to wash.”

“Thicker pads than other brands and also ribbed on the bottom. The two sizes work since we have two microwaves. Their cleaning is easy and makes setting containers on glass quieter. Recommend”

Safe Grabs Alternatives

Even though there are not many products as versatile and durable as this multi purpose silicone original microwave mat, there are still some alternatives that you can consider, though they have not been on Shark Tank.

For instance, UpGood Store’s Premium Silicone Pot Holder can prove to be a good substitute with uses as a guard, trivet, or hot pad. It is also made of silicone and can be used in multiple capacities (pot holder, opener, and a coaster).

Q’s Inn’s Silicone Mats are also non-slip, boast good temperature resistance (over 300 degrees Fahrenheit range), and can be used as a versatile kitchen accessory. For fast shipping, you can shop any of these microwave mat on Amazon. If you like to receive gifts that offer useful hands-on use, you can add them to your Amazon wish lists.

Why Should You Choose Safe Grabs? 

The first and foremost reason to choose this silicone original microwave mat is its multipurpose use. It is a trivet, hot pad, and pot holder, all rolled into one. You should also choose this mat for its durable construction and easy to keep and carry regimen.


  • Uniformly heat resistant— no hot spots
  • 100% safe to use— food-grade silicone and BPA-free finish
  • Dishwasher safe, heat resistant and naturally non stick— easy to clean
  • Raised edges and ridged one side makes it a versatile kitchen accessory- great design
  • Heat resistant up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit which makes it a great surface protector
  • Protects hands from hot dishes and cookware
  • Comes in seven different colors including True Red
  • Featured on Shark Tank and is invested by Lori Greiner


  • Temperature resistance could have been better
  • Not the cheapest microwave mat on the block

Where Is Safe Grabs Manufactured?

It is interesting to note this microwave mat, as seen on Shark Tank, is a DIY project of Texas-based entrepreneur Cindi Lee. After Safe Grab’s was featured on Shark Tank, Lee started outsourcing the manufacturing of this original heat resistant multi purpose mat unit to top-of-the-line silicone vendors in Texas.

Safe Grabs Cost

You can get a set of two small and two large of this Shark Tank splatter guard, trivet, and hot pad mats for the collective price of $24.98. This price may seem a bit high. However, rest assured, these four mats will last for years. Also, their multipurpose usage takes the edge off of their hefty price tag. They are available in seven different colors, with our favorite true red.

Why We Recommend Safe Grabs

Even though this review strongly implies the reasons we recommend Safe Grabs multi purpose silicone mat throughout its length, it is better to categorically put those reasons down before wrapping up the article.

  • It is a every day multipurpose food-grade silicone article that you can use as various kitchen accessories.
  • It is thicker and durable than regular mats and boasts a more well-thought-out construction.
  • It is easy to use due to its intelligent design (round shape and raised edges).
  • Cleaning it is not a problem due to its nonstick nature and dishwasher compliance.