ScreenKlean Review: Clean Your Screens Better

Patented carbon technology pads clean dirty screens & fight bacteria by removing dust, dirt, & oil.
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About ScreenKlean

The world is full of screens that make life easier and because of this, it's easier than ever for them to get smudged, dirty, and full of nasty bacteria.

If you have a touch screen device anywhere in your home, it likely gets a lot of use.

Do you really want to be dealing with dirt and smudges?

Unfortunately, sprays and regular cloths only tend to make the problem worse. They can just spread the oil, grease, and dirt around the screen without really getting rid of it.

Thankfully, a smart company decided to release former NASA space technology to the public called ScreenKlean.

In this review, we'll cover how this unique space age technology works and help you decided whether or not it's worth buying this product to make your screens cleaner.

What Is ScreenKlean?

The ScreenKlean is a screen cleaning pad that features special carbon fiber technology designed to clean and remove dust, dirt, grease, and grime at a molecular level from screen based devices.

It can easily be recharged by placing it back into its sheath for use next time.

A yellow ScreenKlean cleaning pad cleans dirt and dust from an iPad screen

Technical Specs

Here are the technical specifications that really matter:

  • Patented carbon fiber cloth technology that attracts and lifts away dirt and dust on the molecular level from screen surfaces
  • The product can has hundreds of uses to clean effectively
  • The molecular structure of the carbon fiber cleaning pad features antibacterial technology
  • Eco-friendly because there is no need to use a messy chemical spray cleaner

Top Features

Here’s what we think are the very top features of the product ScreenKlean:

1. Environmentally Friendly

In this day and age, it’s important that we all do our bit for the environment. Sadly, many people still invest in chemical filled cleaning sprays and other products.

The ScreenKlean is environmentally friendly because it requires the use of no other cleaning product. The fact that the cloth also has hundreds of uses means that just one investment in the product will save waste from going to the landfill.

2. Unique Carbon Fiber Construction

Carbon fiber has been around for a while, but companies are still finding unique ways to use this super material. The ScreenKlean has a carbon fiber cleaning surface that is constructed in such a way that it attracts and lifts away grease, oil, and dust. This is what tends to get all over screens and reduce it's brilliance and saturation.

3. Durable

The carbon fiber pad will clean for a long time if looked after well. By slipping it back into the included plastic sheath, the carbon fiber pad is effectively cleaned and “recharged” for another use. This can be done hundreds of times, making it a good cleaning product investment.

Customer Reviews

Many customers loved the fact that the ScreenKlean resulted in a crystal clean display with no evidence of smudges, oil, grease, dust, or fingerprints.

Other cleaning products they used beforehand, including cleaning sprays, left streaks or remnants of oil, and grease.

Some other customers really liked that the ScreenKlean comes with its own small plastic case for easy storage and transport.

Our Review: Does It Clean Screens Better?

If there’s one thing we really hate, it’s a smudged up screen. The problem never used to be so bad when we only had smartphones and not much else.

Now that we have touch screen tablets, iPads, and other devices, there seem to be smudges and fingerprints everywhere.

Here's everything we would about this little cleaning device.

It's Small and Compact

The first thing we noticed about the ScreenKlean is just how compact it is. It’s not the smallest thing we’ve ever seen, but when it’s in the included plastic case, it just looks like an extra wide marking pen. This makes it rather easy to slip into a pocket or even a handbag. It’s not so small that it will easily get lost.

Very Easy To Clean Screens

The other thing we really enjoyed is how easy it is to use. Just slip it out of the plastic case and wipe it over the screen. We found that working across the screen line by line to the width of the ScreenKlean would remove just about all of the dirt off on the first pass, resulting in a much cleaner looking screen.

It's Ultra Convenient

It’s a lot more convenient screen cleaning solution than carrying around microfiber cloths that need to be washed, or cleaning fluids and cleaning sprays.

Made No Scratches On Our Screens

After a lot of screen cleaning, we found that the ScreenKlean cleaning pads didn’t leave any scratches or marks at all. Some other brands tend to leave tiny scratches, which we could detect under a magnifying glass. The ScreenKlean was very good in this respect, which makes it a safe way to clean a delicate screen.

Environmentally Friendly

While we did like the fact that the use of carbon fiber technology makes this good for the environment because it cleaned our screens hundreds of times, it would have been nice to see this extended to the plastic case.

Maybe it would have bumped the price up too much, but rather than the plastic case that isn’t so environmentally friendly, it would have been novel to see a wooden case instead, or something similarly biodegradable.

It’s not going to be a big deal for most people, but it would certainly have made the product more consistent with the eco-friendly ethos. That said, it’s still preferable to using lots of spray chemicals.

The Bottom Line: Is It Worth It?

To sum up our review, ScreenKlean is a safe and effective screen cleaning product that would be a great gift for lots of people. Since so many people have screen based devices these days that the ScreenKlean will likely find a lot of uses even if you clean your screen everyday.


  • Super useful every day for people who have lots of devices with screens.
  • The cloth pads can clean your screen with have hundreds of uses, making it better for the environment, safer than using chemical cleaners, and more cost effective,
  • Helpful email support


  • It would have been nice to see the eco-conscious nature of the ScreenKlean extended to the plastic shell,
  • Not 100% antibacterial. It doesn't kill bacteria completely, but does help fight it which makes it good for hygiene.
  • Stock may be limited.

What's Included

When you purchase the ScreenKlean, you get the ScreenKlean itself, as well as the plastic sheath.

Where to Buy ScreenKlean

The ScreenKlean can only be found on their official site here. Use this link to ensure you have fast email support to answers any of questions.

You can choose your colors and also get replaceable pads since they will naturally wear out over time.

Through these links you can get multiple units for a significant discount, which makes it easy to buy more than one color and get a ScreenKlean for more than one person as a gift.

Your search for an easy, fast solution that cleans your screens is over. Get ScreenKlean today!