Meet The Pink Stinger, A High Voltage Stun Gun That Looks Like A Tampon

Valerie Sherwood Senior Contributor
I write about innovative and interesting products for women.

Whether or not you want to admit it, trying to stay safe on a fun night out has become more and more dangerous with each passing year, leading many women to search for unique and effective forms of personal security that they can carry with them wherever they go.

However, carrying around a big stun gun or a can of pepper spray is fairly obvious and can make everyone around you feel incredibly uncomfortable to boot. However, developers understand the need for discreet protection and have now come out with a high quality, sleek stun gun that will shock your friends and criminals with its capacity alike.

If you’re looking for an ingeniously designed and highly effective piece of personal security, then you’ll want to check out the Pink Stinger. This stun gun was developed with women in mind, taking the shape and appearance of an everyday tampon that you can easily hide inside your purse or even a larger wallet.

You won’t have to worry at all about carrying around a large and cumbersome piece of equipment as this little blast of power can easily fit in the palm of your hand. To make it even more convincing, the amazing floral scent that it gives off can really throw off the concerns of potential attackers.

Equipped with 50,000 volts of power, this little pocket sized protector will be able to keep you safe both from close proximity problems and long range concerns. If your attacker is up close and personal, you can easily use the stun setting which can be activated by contacting the two prods at the end of the device with your assailant.

Once the contact is made, enough energy will be expelled to leave your attacker feeling disoriented and weak, giving you the opportunity you need to get as far away as possible and call for help.

On the other hand, if you’re trying to take care of an issue that’s a bit farther away, you could easily use the devices handy zap mode which will allow you to shoot the two extra “cotton tampons” out from the device from up to 14 feet away.

This is possible because this protector comes with a compressed nitrogen tank which you can guarantee will give your attacker the shock of their life as they try to catch up with you since the probes from this setting will attach to their body via their clothes or their skin and send the current running through them, which will cause an interruption in their nervous system.

The safety device is battery powered and the batteries are easy to replace inside the pink cartridge itself, meaning you’ll always have your protection when it matters most.

However, as with any stun gun or extreme form of self protection, making sure that you use the device properly and only in the most dire of situations needs to be your priority.

Keeping yourself safe from harm is, unfortunately, a very real problem that women have to face on a day to day basis. Whether they’re trying to head out for a run or an evening with the girls, having some sort of protection on them is just a necessary thing.

However, being able to conceal these devices is also incredibly important and so this handy little device might just be the best option you could think of. Keep it close at hand all month long to leave your attackers completely blown away starting today.