SleepCool™ Deluxe Pillow Review

SleepCool™ Gel transfers heat away from your body helping alleviate pain and fall asleep easier.
Keri Robinson Senior Contributor
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About SleepCool™

Getting a good night of sleep is really important in a world where we seem to be busy all the time.

The problem is that so many people are sleep deprived and they don’t even know it.

This often leads to frustration in the workplace, grumpiness, short and long term health problems, slower reflexes, impaired judgment, and loss of focus and concentration.

One other thing that causes a lot of sleeping problems is a pillow that makes a person too hot or too uncomfortable.

The SleepCool™ promises a much better night of sleep, so how does it stack up?

What Is The Sleepcool Pillow?

The SleepCool™ deluxe is lightweight, foldable, and features an inner gel that keeps it cool. This means that you can place your head on it and feel instant coolness.

One problem that many people have is feeling too hot at night. Being too hot will result in a night of sleep that is full of tossing and turning.

Not getting enough sleep can cause a wide variety of both short term and long term health problems.

The SleepCool™ offers to address these issues by helping people get a better and more comfortable night of sleep.

Technical Specs

Here are the technical specifications that really matter:

  • Lightweight design that makes it easy to take on trips,
  • A foldable design that makes it convenient to pack away into a bag or suitcase,
  • Features a cool gel inside that provides a more comfortable night of sleep and a cooler head.

Top Features

These are the best features of the SleepCool™:

Lightweight and Portable

One of the best things about the SleepCool™ pillow is just how lightweight it is. It can easily be folded up and placed into a bag for transport, making it ideal for long car trips and vacations.

Cooling Gel

The SleepCool™ pillow contains a gel insert that does not retain the heat. This means that it’s cool as soon as you place your head on it. A cool sleep makes for a better night of sleep because it’s more comfortable.

Customer Reviews

Most people love how cool this pillow is as soon as they lay their head on it. Some people actually found it a great way to help get rid of a headache or migraine.

Other customers felt that they were definitely getting better sleep because they were more comfortable at night and not so hot that they were tossing and turning all night.

Some customers also loved the fact that they could easily fold the SleepCool™ pillow up and put it into a bag for transport.

Harmful Effects of Sleep Deprivation

First of all, it’s really worth looking at what can happen when we’re not sleeping very well.

One of the biggest problems we have as a society is that we’re generally sleep deprived.

We are checking our devices, working too much, and making so many lists that a good night of sleep comes last on the priority list too often.

This can cause the following kinds of health issues:


Sleep deprivation will cause fatigue. Night after night of tossing and turning in bed, either due to a bad pillow, being too hot, or otherwise uncomfortable, will build up into sleep deprivation.

One of the dangers is that drivers who are sleep deprived are more prone to accidents. The sleep deprived brain will actually fall into micro-sleeps and this can cause accidents.

Headaches and migraines

Some people are certainly more prone to headaches and migraines, but lacking sleep will often cause these issues too.

Impaired judgment

When a person is lacking in good sleep, they will often have impaired judgment. This can be dangerous both on the roads and in the workplace. For example, a factory worker could make a bad decision at work and become injured.

Impaired reflexes

It’s not just drinking too much alcohol that will affect reflexes. Lack of sleep actually causes similar symptoms to being drunk. One of them is slower reflexes.

Impaired memory

Many students lack sleep, but this can actually be doing them more harm than good. Lack of sleep will cause impaired memory function and will affect how a person learns and retains information.

Lack of concentration

Along with the slow reflexes, headaches, micro-sleeps, and impaired memory, lack of sleep will also result in a lack of focus and concentration.

One of the most common causes of a lack of sleep is being too hot. The body actually cools down during sleep, which is normal. If it’s too hot, a night of tossing, turning, and constant waking up, will ensue.

Our Review

So, what do we think of the SleepCool™ pillow?

Very Comfortable

What we discovered is that the Sleepcool pillow really does feel nice and cool. It made us feel especially comfortable on a hot night and we were able to get a good sleep.

We think that it will definitely help some people to get a better sleep as they will be more comfortable and less likely to toss and turn.

Helps Reduce General Soreness

What we also found is that the Sleepcool pillow was really good at reducing general soreness. We had multiple pillows and we used one under a sore back. It seemed to help it feel better almost immediately.

So, the real benefit here is that with multiple Sleepcool pillows you could get some mileage out of them as a way to reduce soreness from some soft tissue injuries.

Easy To Fold

The other thing that we liked is how easy the Sleepcool pillow is to fold. This would make it easy for a person who prefers a scrunched up pillow under their heads when they sleep. It also makes it very easy to fold it and squeeze it into a travel bag.

We really liked the Sleepcool pillow and found that it did help us to get a better night of sleep with less tossing and turning. For many people who lead a busy life, getting a good night of sleep is essential to their wellbeing. In this context, we can’t see the Sleepcool pillow being a bad gift for anyone.


Here are what we consider to be the pros:


  • Lightweight, foldable and very portable
  • A gel insert that is cool to the touch
  • Fifty percent off deals and savings on multiple orders can be found online


  • Stock may be limited, so order while it's stilll available.

What's Included?

When you order the Sleepcool pillow, you get a pillow, which is all you really need for a good night of sleep.

Buy the SleepCool Deluxe Gel Pillow for 50% off.

Where to Buy

The SleepCool™ pillow can be purchase from their official website here.

The good news is that you may be able to find it for 50% off, and you may be eligible to get a discount for multiple orders of the SleepCool™.