SuperBoost Wi-Fi Review

Affordable Wi-Fi booster designed to improve the quality and strength of your internet connection.
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About SuperBoost Wi-Fi

The US is not known for its impressive download speeds. Sure, there are many competing providers but there are also so many users.

It can sometimes feel impossible to compete with the average speeds that some smaller European countries boast.

That said, sometimes the internet service provider may further reduce the clients’ bandwidth and speed with cheap, weak wireless routers.

Buying a new router is not something to take lightly, as there are many technical aspects to consider.

But, if you’re not into doing all that research, there is now an alternative for you to increase your speed considerably, without making a big investment called Super Boost Wi-Fi.

What is SuperBoost Wi-Fi?

The SuperBoost Wi-Fi is one of the most affordable Wi-Fi boosters. Also referred to as a wireless repeater or booster, this wireless device is designed to improve the users’ quality of home or office internet connection.

How Does it Work?

Although this wireless Wi-Fi booster is a complex piece of tech, it operates on a fairly simple principle that anyone can grasp. If you’ve ever used one, know that it’s similar to how cellphone boosters work.

The SuperBoost Wi-Fi will pull the wireless signal coming from a nearby router. It will then amplify and rebroadcast it. This strengthens the existing wireless signal and should give your devices higher download and upload speeds.

At the same time, the SuperBoost Wi-Fi will also extend the wireless coverage. In fact, it’s this particular perk that improves the speed.

Key Features

Easy Operation

With the SuperBoost Wi-Fi you won’t have to worry about complex setups and configurations. The device only has one control button and a very simple sequence to follow to connect it to a router. Everything else is done automatically.


Despite all the different terminology used, the SuperBoost Wi-Fi is a wireless network extender at its core. Since it can copy, strengthen, and rebroadcast a wireless signal, it can basically extend the network coverage in an area.

This way, areas of your home or office that the router can’t reach, due to thick walls or distance, should get a signal as strong as the devices close to the router.

Wireless Connectivity

Wireless Wi-Fi boosters are very easy to install in general. The SuperBoost Wi-Fi only needs an outlet, a push of a button, and it needs to be installed in close proximity to your router to work. It doesn’t need cable connections and it allows more placement freedom.

However, if you want an even stronger connection, you should know that the SuperBoost Wi-Fi also comes with cable compatibility. It can be connected to the standard coaxial cable that carries your network signal.

That being said, it’s hard to say if it will indeed boost the signal any further. One of the obvious benefits would be added consistency, but other than that, it’s hard to imagine that the cable connection would strengthen the network any further — unless you have very thick walls in your house or office, and if the compartmentalization of the space doesn’t favor wireless connections.


This is a compact unit that doesn’t raise cable management concerns. It can be easily plugged into any free power outlet. The device may be small but it doesn’t have any overheating issues either.

Simple Setup Wizard

One more thing worth noting is that despite the fact that the SuperBoost Wi-Fi has a quick connect function, the device is also configurable. It doesn’t have to automatically connect to the closest router because you can select which router it will connect to.

The setup and selection process works the same as on any conventional router. Enter the setup wizard and then choose to which device the repeater will connect to.

Customer Reviews

Customer 1

The first customer bought the SuperBoost Wi-Fi because of its advertised ease of use. The plug-and-play functionality didn’t work as planned at first but once the device was set up, the impact was immediate. The user reported no streaming issues, no freezes, and her kids also reported that their gaming experience definitely improved.

Customer 2

Another satisfied customer praised the device for its ease of use, as well as the support offered by the manufacturer. The SuperBoost Wi-Fi came with a very detailed chart and instructions that allowed the user to easily narrow down the best possible placement locations for the device. Once the booster was installed, the speed almost doubled. No more waiting 10 minutes to load a page or losing signal altogether.

Customer 3

This customer didn’t make full use of the wireless functionality of the SuperBoost Wi-Fi booster. However, they reported that after using the cable that was included with the device, the speed and coverage improved considerably throughout the house. It’s not uncommon for wired Wi-Fi boosters to outclass their wireless counterparts, but this may limit some users when it comes to finding the perfect location.

Customer 4

Another customer equated the effect of the SuperBoost Wi-Fi with magic. While there’s nothing of the sort about it, as the technology that makes it work is well-documented by now, the reported results do seem magical in a way. The user said that the download speeds had increased tenfold, which indicates that the signal was very poor before adding the SuperBoost Wi-Fi to the mix.

Our Review

Not all users are super-pleased with this booster. But there isn’t one Wi-Fi booster out there that only has positive reviews. Considering the fact that the SuperBoost Wi-Fi booster alone is not enough to get the job done and that the quality of the router also matters, the SuperBoost Wi-Fi performs admirably under most conditions.

It is very easy to use and can be configured using a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer with wireless connectivity. The device doesn’t consume too much power and doesn’t need any servicing. The fact that it has a 1-year warranty is also nice, as it gives users enough time to spot manufacturing defects.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Wireless and wired connectivity
  • Strengthens signal
  • Amplifies area coverage


  • Limited by the router’s technology and protocols

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect the SuperBoost Wi-Fi?

The SuperBoost Wi-Fi has been designed to establish a connection within seconds. There are two ways to connect it to your network.

The first one is via the router. Press and hold the WPS button on the router for three seconds and then do the same with the WPS button on the extender. This should establish a connection and put the booster to work.

The other method involves using a phone. Find the list of Wi-Fi connections in your phone’s Settings app. Select the “Wi-Fi-Repeater” connection from that list. Access the device by using the “” IP address. The access credentials are ‘admin’ and ‘password.’

Once you’ve typed those in, you’ll be able to access the Setup Wizard. Locate and choose ‘Repeater’ from the setup page. Then select the Wi-Fi signal that you want to boost (extend). Pick the one that corresponds to your router and enter the password.

This last method is very useful if you want to boost the signal of a single router when there are several of them in close proximity.

How can I make my neighbor’s Wi-Fi signal stronger?

While technically you could use a Wi-Fi booster to amplify the signal from a router that’s not yours, know that all boosters and repeaters have to be connected to a router.

Without having the password for the targeted router you may not be able to boost to extend its coverage. Even the quick connect feature that most boosters have will only work if the router is not protected by a password.

Do Wi-Fi extenders work for gaming?

A Wi-Fi extender strengthens the wireless signal allowing for more devices to make full use of the bandwidth. This results in lower lag and a higher chance to maximize download and upload speeds.

A Wi-Fi extender can enhance your online gaming experience if the router you’re connected to can give you enough speed. Therefore, you’re gated behind the router’s technology and not the extender as the extender can only ensure that you get a stronger connection to the router.

Do Wi-Fi extenders reduce speed?

Under the right circumstances, using a Wi-Fi extender can reduce the speed for some devices. This usually happens when the extender is placed far away from the router. The signal will still be strong in the vicinity of the extender but the signal strength may be weaker near the router.

Where should a Wi-Fi extender be placed?

A Wi-Fi extender is typically used to provide extra area coverage at maximum signal strength. Therefore, if you’re not using your device close to the router, the best positioning for a Wi-Fi extender would be at the halfway point between the devices you’re using and the router.

Setting up the extender too close to the router would only slightly amplify the coverage of the router. Install it too far away and you could weaken the signal around the router or create dead spots in between the two devices.

What is the difference between a Wi-Fi booster and Wi-Fi extender?

The term Wi-Fi booster applies to a category of Wi-Fi devices comprising Wi-Fi extenders and repeaters. While the two have some similarities there are also small functionality differences between them.

Wi-Fi extenders are usually designed to capture, amplify, and re-broadcast a wireless signal on a different channel than the one used by the router. Signal repeaters, on the other hand, rebroadcast the signal on the same channel.

Because of this, placement is highly important, as is the initial strength of the signal emitted by the router. A weak signal that passes through a repeater may be stronger in the area covered by the repeater but weakened near the router.

Does the SuperBoost Wi-Fi increase download speeds?

The short answer to this question is both yes and no. If you use the SuperBoost Wi-Fi correctly and install it close enough to the router and close enough to the device you’re using, then you will get more bandwidth, have better signal consistency, and essentially download faster than before.

However, it’s a common misconception that a Wi-Fi booster can yield massive speed improvements. The only thing that a Wi-Fi booster can actually do is help you take better advantage of the maximum speed your wireless router can give you. The device can’t increase your router’s maximum bandwidth.

Where to Buy

The easiest way to buy the SuperBoost Wi-Fi is to head on to the official website. From there you can get the booster for $83.32. But, also consider the fact that you may need more than one if you want ample coverage with minimal signal loss.

The good news is that if you buy more than one, you become eligible for some discounts. Buying two boosters gives you a 45% discount while buying three of them offers a 50% discount. Free shipping is only provided when buying a two- or three-pack.