Ultra Watch Z Review

Waterproof, carbon coated smartwatch with advanced features to keep you alive with 33-month battery.
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About UltraWatch Z

It seems that smart watches are all the rage these days.

They can be helpful when it comes to organizing daily life, for example. In this busy world, it makes sense to wear a smart watch.

Unfortunately, most smart watches to date aren’t exactly durable or tough. They can crack and break rather easily.

Does the Ultra Watch Z stand up to the competition with its tough construction?

What Is it?

Man wearing a Ultrawatch Z on wrist

The Ultra Watch Z is a smart watch with a modern design. What makes it special is that it’s made from durable materials such as carbon fiber and Gorilla Glass.

It also connects to modern devices using Bluetooth and will track activity, tell the time, take photos, and more. In short, the Ultra Watch Z promises extreme durability at an affordable price point.

Technical Specs

Here are the technical specifications of the Ultra Watch Z that really matter:

  • Bluetooth connectivity with both iOS and Android devices
  • A long-lasting battery that promises up to 33 months of operation without a charge
  • Tough Gorilla Glass 4 screen
  • Carbon fiber materials for added strength and durability
  • Dust-, shock-, and water-proof
  • Social media, phone, and SMS notifications
  • Activity tracker

Top Features

Here are the features that we really think are the best in the Ultra Watch Z:

1. Amazing Battery Life

If there’s one thing really lacking in smart devices, it’s battery life. The problem is that modern smart devices tend to use so much juice that the batteries need charging on a daily basis. For most people, this means that they are mired in a daily tangle of charging cables.

The Ultra Watch Z changes all of this by promising up to 33 months of operation on a single charge. This is certainly common to military watches but it is not so common in the world of smart watches. The Ultra Watch Z changes this trend.

2. Extreme Durability

The simple fact is that the Ultra Watch Z has been custom-designed by engineers with experience in the design of military-tactical watches. The name of the game in tactical watches has always been to provide a tough wristwatch that will withstand extreme conditions.

The Ultra Watch Z has a fourth-generation Gorilla Glass screen. This makes it virtually scratch-proof and resistant to breakage from drops. This is the same kind of glass that has been used in premium smartphones such as the Nokia Lumia 1020.

The rest of the watch is made of a mix of stainless steel and carbon fiber. This makes it corrosion-proof and resistant to shocks and drops.

3. Connectivity and Notifications

Ultrawatch Z with iPhone and Android app connectivity

One of the hallmarks of modern smart watches is their capacity to connect to other smart devices via Bluetooth. The Ultra Watch can connect to iOS and Android devices and will be able to communicate with them.

The Ultra Watch can notify the wearer of any incoming phone calls, SMS messages, and even social media notifications. This makes it a true smart watch and means that it will find a place in the life of someone who really needs to stay on top of his or her digital lifestyle.

Customer Reviews

Lots of customers really love the fact that the Ultra Watch Z is a fraction of the cost of the big-name smart watches from companies such as Apple. They like the price-to-feature ratio.

Many customers also enjoy the military aesthetic and the fact that it has been made to be extremely durable and water-, dust-, and shock-proof. They like the fact that they can throw just about anything at it and it will still work.

Our Review

The first thing we noted about the Ultra Watch Z is just how well it’s constructed. There are lots of cheap overseas-made smart watches on the market that promise a lot but the Ultra Watch really does look good if you’re into the military wristwatch aesthetic.


We love the inclusion of the ever-popular Gorilla Glass 4; the addition of stainless steel and carbon fiber also makes it very tough. We also found that the watch strap was no slouch in this area either. It could easily deal with both heat and cold and still remain flexible without cracking or other damage.

Battery Life

The other thing we really liked is the amazing battery life. Let’s face it; most modern smart watches look pretty enough but they really fall down when it comes to the battery life. These kinds of devices suck a lot of energy during daily use and they usually need at least one charge per day, depending on usage.

The Ultra Watch Z includes a rechargeable battery that only requires very occasional charging. By occasional, we really do mean occasional. The specifications promise up to 33 months of battery life on a single full charge.

In use, we found that the battery level barely dropped at all in the weeks that we were using it. Our use was what we’d call regular where we checked the activity tracker occasionally, received some notifications, and checked the time.

No Touch Screen

One thing to note is that this watch does not include a touch screen. That may be off-putting for some but it makes complete sense for this watch. Touchscreens are not tough or durable and are not shock-resistant. If the glass happens to break on this watch, it will still work and all you’ll need to do is replace the glass.

Who Is This Best For?

We think the Ultra Watch Z would make a great gift for someone who might be into the tactical wristwatch aesthetic. It would certainly appeal to a lot of men and those who need a smart watch but have a very active or extreme lifestyle outdoors. In this context, it really does offer something different in a market that seems to be oversaturated and is well worth a look.


Here’s what we think are the pros of the Ultra Watch Z:

  • Excellent toughness and durability including water-, dust-, and shock-proofing
  • Amazing battery life of up to 33 months, which makes this an unusual product in the world of smart watches
  • Ability to receive incoming call, SMS, and social media notifications due to included Bluetooth connectivity
  • Connectivity with both Android and iOS devices
  • Free shipping and deals on multiple orders available if you look online


No product is perfect and this is what the drawbacks are:

  • The military aesthetic is not going to be for everyone.
  • Similarly, the masculine look may only have a limited market.
  • If you’re not a fan of black, blue, or red, you might not much care for the color choices on offer.
  • Stock may be limited.

What’s Included?

When you buy the Ultra Watch Z, you get the following:

  • The Ultra Watch and included rechargeable battery
  • A good instruction manual,
  • Instructions on how to download the Android or iOS application

Where to Buy

Buy the Ultrawatch-Z for 50% off

You can buy the Ultra Watch Z from their official website through this link where you may be able to get free shipping and deals on multiple orders.