Portable sensor that detects when you’re slouching and vibrates to remind you to sit/stand properly.
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If there is one thing that’s a common problem for the majority of this generation, it’s horrible posture.

And no wonder — you can’t expect someone to have good posture after sitting in an office for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Add looking at the smartphone/tablet to the equation, sitting awkwardly when watching Netflix, and playing video games slouched in a comfy chair, and you’ll quickly realize how bad we are when it comes to posture.

Fortunately, there's a new gadget called UPRIGHT GO which gives you a little nudge to stay straight.


UPRIGHT GO is a portable device that is placed halfway between your shoulder blades.

It is a sensor that detects when you’re slouching and vibrates to remind you to sit/stand properly. These vibrations are very gentle and can’t hurt you.

The UPRIGHT GO is a tiny, unobtrusive device that is indiscernible under your clothes.

However, this device does much more than vibrate when you slouch. It actually recommends custom posture training plans depending on what suits you and your life.

How Does it Work?

UPRIGHT GO uses sensors to detect when you’re slouching and this, in itself, is a fantastic fix for your bad posture.

With the UPRIGHT GO, you’ll also get recommended training sessions each day that will further help you create and maintain good posture habits.

After the daily training session is done, you get back to the tracking mode. In this mode, there are no device vibrations, but your posture is being monitored.

This is done to collect data on your posture habits and progress. You can also track your results on your smartphone.

The UPRIGHT App that you can install on your smartphone, tablet, and smartwatch, shows the statistics of your posture, your goals, and your overall improvement.

This all makes the UPRIGHT GO a training tool that will help you improve your general posture. It will help not only by simply vibrating, but also by guiding you through your training process and tracking your progress.

Key Features

This device may be simple at its core, but UPRIGHT GO is more than a gadget; it’s a whole posture correction program that can help you get on track towards a healthier lifestyle. As such, it has quite a few features to brag about.

Perfect Posture

All posture correction devices claim that they can fix your posture by training you to stand up straight, by force. This means using uncomfortable posture correctors, guards, and belts to pull your shoulders back and have you sit up straight.

Although this certainly beats slouching, the elastic bands and tight braces can be quite dangerous. They are uncomfortable, even borderline painful to wear, and, if not set correctly, they can cause more  problems down the road.

With UPRIGHT GO, on the other hand, there are no bands, belts, or braces. There is nothing but your own muscles to make you sit up straight and properly. In its essence, UPRIGHT GO is a posture trainer that isn’t annoying, uncomfortable, or painful, but completely natural.


The correction belts, bands, and braces are easy to spot, even if you’re wearing them beneath your clothes. This makes them aesthetically awkward and inconvenient, which is why many people who try these solutions just give up on wearing them after a while.

UPRIGHT GO, on the other hand, is a small device, smaller than your middle and ring finger put together, that sits between your shoulder blades. Nobody will notice it.

On the back of the device, you’ll find an adhesive tab that helps UPRIGHT GO stick to your back. Owing to the fact that it’s extremely lightweight, you’ll barely feel it there.

In fact, you may even forget that it’s there after a while; well, at least until you slouch, that is. Bear in mind, however, that you should change the tabs every few weeks because the adhesive will start wearing out after a while and you don’t want to lose your UPRIGHT GO.

The App

The UPRIGHT App is just as important as the UPRIGHT GO device. Without the app, the device itself is just a sensor.

To use the UPRIGHT App, install it on your device (Android or iOS), pair it with your UPRIGHT GO, and start setting up your personal training plan.

Don’t worry, because the app will guide you through the process. Next, it’s time to calibrate.

To do this, place the UPRIGHT GO on your back. The app will scan the data for a few seconds and when everything is done, you’ll see an avatar that is a representation of your posture on the screen.

So, how does it work?

When you have good posture, with shoulders pulled back and back standing straight, the avatar will be green, indicating that your posture is good. If you slouch even a tiny bit, the device will register this, and the in-app avatar will turn red.

There are two different modes in the app: the Tracking Mode and the Training Mode.

Training Mode

Training mode is very engaging. It will have the UPRIGHT GO device buzz when your posture is bad, signaling you to fix it.

This is a fantastic setting that bluntly tells you to ‘stand up straight.’ However, for the most part of the day, you’ll be using the other mode.

Tracking Mode

As briefly mentioned earlier, the tracking mode gives you an overview of your general posture. It shows you the statistics of when you were in the green and when you were slouching.

It’s the tracking mode that’s essential here, as its goal is to motivate you to do better. Also, it’s the tracking mode that will help you permanently fix your posture, in the end.

Health Benefits

Sitting and standing up straight has numerous health benefits and your posture largely dictates the physical state of the entire body.

With the UPRIGHT GO, you are making sure that your posture is as ideal as possible and that your entire skeleton is perfectly aligned.

Customer Reviews

Customer 1

This customer used to experience frequent migraines because they used to look down at their laptop screen while working. This, in turn, put stress on their upper back and neck. After using UPRIGHT GO, the customer noticed a huge difference and has experienced great overall relief.

The customer went on to say that they can notice a vast difference between the days when they use the UPRIGHT GO and the days they don’t. UPRIGHT GO should be used continuously, at least in the beginning.

Customer 2

Another customer stated that they are an athlete in their 60s. They claimed that the device is great and that it has an excellent posture-fixing program. They’ve also been reading up on all the negative reviews and they encourage every user to read the instructions thoroughly.

For instance, cleaning the spot on your back before placing the UPRIGHT GO on it is essential. Use an alcohol swab to do this. The customer claimed that they’ve been using the device for seven days straight without changing the original sticky patch.

Customer 3

The third customer is very happy with the low-profile appearance of the UPRIGHT GO. Even with ladies’ clothes that are a real tight-fit, there is no visible outline.

The customer also expressed her happiness with the sensitivity settings on the device, as they are very detailed and carefully thought-through. She also said that the device really knows when you’re slouching — there is no tricking it.

In fact, she claimed that she even experienced ‘phantom vibrations’ when she was slouching while not wearing the device. This is fantastic because the device is seemingly improving the user’s posture even when it is not in use.

Customer 4

The next customer said that they were very satisfied with the training mode because the device ‘snaps’ them into the proper posture as soon as they would start slouching.

This is exactly how slouching occurs. You straighten your back and sit properly and, 10 minutes later, you realize that you’re slouching again. This slow crawl into the slouch position is blatantly interrupted by the UPRIGHT GO.

Our Review

UPRIGHT GO is one of the best posture training options around.

The training mode teaches you how to properly sit and stand, while tracking mode shows you how much you’re really slouching throughout the day and aims to motivate you to be better every day.

This device has helped many people fix their posture and walk and sit straight.

With UPRIGHT GO, you can expect posture improvements after a few days of using it.

However, it is essential that you follow the given instructions and that you wear the device regularly, at least in the beginning.

While using the device intermittently can help you, it is consistency that will bring you the best results in the long run.

The UPRIGHT App is easy to install and set up, and it offers a range of training programs. Moreover, it can track your slouching habit and monitor your progress.

The UPRIGHT GO and its fantastic app are an ideal posture fixer team.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Invisible under clothes
  • Trains you not to slouch
  • Fantastic app
  • Training and tracking modes


  • Doesn’t work well with sweat

Frequently Asked Questions

What is its size?

The UPRIGHT GO is really small. It measures 55.25 x 33.16 x 11.62 mm and weighs mere 12 grams. This makes the device unnoticeable. If you can’t notice it, nobody else will, either. You should be careful not to lose it, though.

When do I need to replace the adhesive?

Each provided adhesive lasts approximately 5-10 uses. This is provided that you maintain it properly. If you just stick it onto your skin, the adhesive can wear off pretty fast. As stated in the manual, before putting it onto your skin, use an alcohol swab to clean the area where you’re going to place the device.

Is the UPRIGHT GO sweat-proof?

Yes, the UPRIGHT GO is, indeed, sweat-proof. However, the adhesive on its back isn’t, so you should be careful not to lose your UPRIGHT GO if you use it during physical activities.

And one more thing — the UPRIGHT GO is not waterproof. Water should under no circumstance come into contact with the USB port or with the device in general.

What battery does the UPRIGHT PRO use?

This device uses a 3.7V, 115mAh, 0.425Wh Li-ion battery. It is rechargeable and you can expect it to work for two days on a single charge.

Where to Buy

The best place to buy the UPRIGHT GO is on the official website here.

You may be able to get free delivery in the United States. There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee, as well as a 1-year warranty.

UPDATE: There is now a discount for purchasing multiple sensors on their site. Click the button below to check if it's still available in your area.