Video DoorBell Review

Motion activated, Wi-Fi enabled video doorbell with HD video recording & 2-way audio communication.
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About Video Doorbell

Home security is not only important, but it also comes in many forms.

At one end of the scale, there are those who have none whatsoever or maybe just rely on their faithful dog barking 

These are usually the people who become victims of crime, such as burglary, and declare, 'I never thought it would happen to me.'

At the other end of the scale are those who spend thousands on home security systems, and while there is much to be said for that, not every home needs security akin to the Pentagon.

Luckily, there is an alternative which takes advantage of modern technology, is very easy to install and use, plus costs less than a family meal at your local restaurant.

It's called Video DoorBell.

What is Video DoorBell?

The product is called Video DoorBell and although that is hardly the most imaginative name, given that the product is indeed a video doorbell, there is certainly a lot to impress in terms of it improving the security of your home.

How Does it Work?

The premise behind Video DoorBell is that it allows you to see and speak to anyone who comes to your door and rings the doorbell, even when you are not at home.

This should mean anyone who is looking for empty homes to burgle will leave, thinking someone is at home. It also allows you to screen strangers who come calling, to ensure they are genuine.

Once you have installed the doorbell, which is very easy to do, it is activated via motion detection when someone approaches or presses the button to ring the bell.

When this happens it wirelessly sends a signal using your home's Wi-Fi system. That, in turn, sends an alert, via the internet, to your smartphone or another mobile device.

The app which you will have installed on your phone or device displays the video image that the doorbell is capturing, which obviously allows you to see and identify who is at your door.

There is also audio so you can speak to, and listen to whoever is at the door, so that you can ask them who they are, or what the reason is for them visiting your home.

Key Features

One of the complaints many have about security systems is the upheaval and cost associated with installing them.

That is not the case with the Video DoorBell. It is powered by batteries and communicates using Wi-Fi, so there is no need for any wiring whatsoever.

Simple DIY Installation

Installing is just a simple matter of securing the backplate to your door or doorframe, and then fitting the unit to that. Incidentally, the batteries we mentioned are rechargeable and should last you at least 8 months between charges.

Motion Activated App Alerts

Once Video DoorBell is installed, whenever someone approaches your door, the motion activation will activate, and switch on the camera. This will also alert you via the app that you will have installed on your smartphone.

Free iPhone or Android App

This app is free and can be used on iPhones or Android phones.  The beauty of this setup is that even if you are work, socializing or on vacation, you will be able to see the video pictures.

High Quality Video

The video images are clear and sharp, thanks to a 720 megapixel HD camera, and this includes at night, thanks to night vision technology.

The Video DoorBell's camera also has a 166° wide-angle lens so you can see as broad an area as possible. This will be especially useful if there is more than one person at your door and you want to see all of them.

Two-Way Audio

Should you wish to speak to the person calling, you can, using Video DoorBell's two-way audio feature. Bear in mind, the person at the door has no way of knowing where you are.

In the unlikely event that they were a burglar, the thought that there may be one or more people at home will almost certainly mean they will leave.

For genuine visitors, such as deliveries, it means you can ask them to leave packages somewhere safe or with a neighbor. You can also ask them to call back at a time you know you will be home.

The audio feature also allows you to discuss with someone, why they are there and decide whether you want them to return. This might be the case with cold callers or door to door salespeople.


In case there is something suspicious which your Video DoorBell captures on video, it can be recorded and stored on the memory card which comes with the product. This will hold up to 32 GB of video and audio files

Customer Reviews

Mary Angel and her neighbors love the Video DoorBell as it enabled them to see potential thieves who were going around their neighborhood and knocking on doors to see if any houses were unoccupied. Thanks to the Video DoorBell the thieves were thwarted and were eventually arrested by the police.

Jeffrey Hogard is a disabled veteran and thus unable to get up and answer his door very quickly if someone rings the doorbell. Thanks to Video DoorBell he can see and speak to whoever is there, to confirm who they are, and to explain it may take him a minute or so to come to the door.

Brian Reid is very impressed with the quality of the video. Whether it is nighttime or the middle of the day, he loves the fact that he can clearly see who is at his door.

Ben Jansen bought the Video DoorBell for an elderly friend who had been worried about answering their door, especially to strangers. Now they can see who it is before opening the door, and also speak to them to ensure they are there for a genuine reason.


Some of the more advanced, or in many cases, more expensive, doorbell security products have a feature where the videos which are recorded can be stored.

With this cloud storage, the amount of video footage which can be stored is going to be considerable and can date back several days, and in some cases, weeks. There is often a subscription fee to pay for this service, although some offer a basic free cloud storage service.

The Video DoorBell can store videos, but it is done on a memory card. While this ideal for saving videos and watching them back, especially if there is something which needs to be investigated, there is only a finite amount of storage.

This means that it will overwrite the oldest previous videos, and once that has happened, they cannot be retrieved

Our Review

Sometimes it is the simpler solutions that are best, and the Video DoorBell certainly fits that description. It is easy to install, and very simple to use. Best of all it provides a very effective way for you to see who is calling at your door, whether you are at home or not.

For those welcome visitors, it allows you to go and welcome them in or apologize for not being there. For those who are less desirable at your door, it gives you the security of being able to speak directly to them, even if you are elsewhere.


  • Very easy to install
  • Wireless operation
  • Two-way audio
  • Motion detection


  • No cloud storage
  • Not compatible with PCs

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any ongoing costs or subscriptions required?

The Video DoorBell is a one-off purchase, and there are no further fees or subscriptions required. The only other associated costs will be your home internet subscription with Wi-Fi, which you would be paying for anyway.

Can Video DoorBell be used with any type of door?

Video DoorBell be used with any kind of standard house door. That includes those made from steel or wood and those that may be insulated.

In addition, Video DoorBell's signal is strong enough that even if the Wi-Fi unit is on the other side of a brick wall, it will be able to connect, up to 50 meters away.

 Can I use Video DoorBell on my PC?

Unfortunately, no. The downloadable free app that works in conjunction with Video DoorBell is designed for use with Android and iOS smartphones.

Couldn't a burglar simply force my Video DoorBell off the door frame, and destroy it?

The unfortunate truth is that any burglar who is determined enough to break into a house or business premises will find the ways and means to do so.

The Video DoorBell will certainly act as a deterrent, and bear in mind it will capture a video of them approaching your property.

However, if they see fit to destroy it, they can, as it is not indestructible, albeit that might attract them some unwanted attention from neighbors, passers-by, and hopefully the police.                                                                                

Where to Buy

The only website where Video DoorBell can be purchased is their official website here.

It is not available for sale in retail stores nor can it be bought from any of the main online retailers.

UPDATE: The cost is normally $99 per unit and occasionally, there are offers which give you one or more free Video DoorBells when you purchase more than one unit. For example, if you buy 2 you get one free and if you buy 3 units, you get 2 free. Lastly, delivery is free, regardless of how many units you buy. Click the button below to check if these deals are still available.