Vivian Lou Insoles Review

Weight-shifting insoles for women who wear heals that improve leg and back posture to reduce pain.
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About Vivian Lou

As great as a pair of heels can make your legs look, no one ever said that wearing heels was comfortable.

In fact, high heels are some of the most uncomfortable shoes to wear for young and adult women due to the amount of pressure and strain they cause to feet, legs, and various other parts of the body.

But, they still look great and are almost mandatory when participating in official or important events. Some women wear them every day to gain a height advantage or to highlight their frame.

So can something be done to make things easier?

The answer is YES. Wearing a good pair of insoles might do the trick, but the problem is not all insoles offer the same benefits.

What if there were insoles designed specifically for heels? Well there are, and they're called Vivian Lou.

What is Vivian Lou?

Vivian Lou is a brand of weight-shifting insoles designed for women that wear heels. They feature a patented design that maintains the appeal of stylish shoes while also improving leg and back posture and minimizing most pains associated with prolonged wearing of heels.

How Does it Work?

The Vivian Lou inserts work by shifting the weight off the ball of the foot; this evenly distributes the weight between thee heel and the toes. The insoles also rotate the heel bone.

This helps shift the weight off the ball of the foot, as well. Also important to mention is the fact that the insoles prevent the foot from slipping forward. This improved stability, combined with the proper weight distribution, is what leads to the desired pain relief.

Key Features

Most people look at insoles and see them as simple inserts that make shoes a bit more comfortable. But, a closer look at the Vivian Lou insoles paints an interesting picture.

These for-women insoles have an abundance of features, each one adding a new layer of comfort, stability, and quality of life. Here’s what you can expect to get from the Vivian Lou insoles.

Invisible Resin

One of the coolest features of the Vivian Lou insoles is the ‘invisible resin.’ This is what’s used to describe the clear, see-through resin material. Sometimes nothing could be worse than having a piece of an insole show and ruin the appeal of your stylish footwear.

Slim Design

Most insoles are made following the same design pattern. They come with multiple outlines so that the buyer can then cut them to size. With heels-specific insoles, finding the right fit can, at times, be even harder.

Vivian Lou insoles are interesting because they feature a slimmer design. Along with a slim design, the Vivian Lou insoles are also shorter than most insoles designed for heels. This allows them to offer enough toe clearance so as to not increase the pressure even more.

Sizing Variety

The Vivian Lou insoles come in sizes 4 through 12. Again, these are not the type of insoles that you will have to cut to size on your own. With this approach, the size of these insoles is always on point and takes away any guesswork on the part of the user.

Having sizing variety is also important in order to cater to a wider audience. As such, the Vivian Lou insoles can help young women as well as adult women feel more comfortable while wearing their favorite wedges or stilettos.

This can be particularly beneficial for young women as they would be less likely to develop bad walking habits. At the same time, Vivian Lou insoles might also help minimize the risk of having growth pains overlap with toe, knee, and heel pain.

Pain and Pressure Relief

The design of the Vivian Lou insoles tries to tackle three problematic areas for women that usually wear heels: knees, hips, and back. Because the insoles allow weight shifting to the heel, women are able to walk or dance while maintaining a proper posture.

This means that they will have better ankle stability. Once that happens, the pressure to the knees, hips, and back will be significantly reduce. This doesn’t just allow for comfortable, pain-free walks, but it should also increase the amount of time that a woman can spend in her favorite heels.

Fit a Wide Array of Shoes

The Vivian Lou insoles can be worn with just about any type of heeled shoe, as long as the heel is two or more inches high. The shoe type doesn’t matter too much, given the slim and inconspicuous design of the insoles.

These insoles can be used with everything from wedges and sandals to sling-backs, boots, and stilettos.

Sanitary Inserts

The clear resin material used in the Vivian Lou insoles is not just good because of its transparency. This patented “invisible resin” is also hypoallergenic. It doesn’t propagate the development of bacteria and unwanted odors like most gel or foam insoles do.

Although maintenance is required to keep them clean, the maintenance is a lot easier and faster. But probably the main draw of these insoles, besides their posture improvement qualities, is the comfort they offer. Because the inserts are sanitary and odorless they can easily be used in hot and cold weather.

Customer Reviews

Customer 1

This first customer said that she bought the Vivian Lou insoles primarily to relieve the pain while dancing. She went on to mention that after using the insoles in her 4” heels she felt great even after six hours of dancing.

Customer 2

Another happy customer reported that she used the Vivian Lou insoles in her flats. Although most get them for heels, these insoles are great all-around pain relievers.

In fact, the customer was so surprised with the lack of any heel pain that she promised to get her hands on more Vivian Lou insoles for all her shoes.

Customer 3

This customer went in with an open mind and a healthy dose of skepticism. However, she mentioned that it didn’t take long for the Vivian Lou insoles to work their magic.

She needed something to relieve the toe pressure as she typically wears heels five days a week. She went on to mention that toe pressure is a non-factor and wearing heels all day long becomes more comfortable with Vivian Lou.

Customer 4

This customer was no stranger to weddings, and, after buying the Vivian Lou insoles, she was able to make the perfect comparison. She wore the same shoes as she did at the previous wedding, only this time with the Vivian Lou’s inside. The difference was noticeable immediately. Purportedly, there were no signs of pain before, during, or after the wedding.

Customer 5

Another customer said that she couldn’t manage wearing heels for more than a few steps before using the Vivian Lou insoles. In order to give up wearing flip flops, she took a chance on Vivian Lou insoles, despite her initial skepticism.

She went on to mention that after applying the new insoles to her heels, she felt no pain, had a better balance, and felt more confident when wearing heels.

Our Review

Given the abundance of features and properties of the Vivian Lou insoles, they are very fairly priced. They’re permanent insoles, meaning that once you install them you won’t be able to remove them and reuse the same adhesive liner.

That said, the Vivian Lou insoles are almost maintenance free, given their odorless and hypoallergenic resin material, you won’t have to swap them for new ones for a long time.

Their weight-shifting design promotes even weight distribution between the heel and the toes. This can help reduce a lot of the pressure and pain that usually affects the hips, knees, and the back.

There’s also some good size availability and the fact that there’s no need to resize the insoles manually ads a lot of value for the money.


  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Work on heels and flats
  • Inconspicuous design
  • Superior weight distribution
  • Toe pressure relief
  • Minimize ankle, heel, and knee pain


  • Not available in extra-large sizes

Frequently Asked Questions

How to install Vivian Lou insoles?

Installing these insoles is a multiple-step process. Before actually moving on to applying the insoles, make sure you have the right fit. First, you’ll have to select the right size. Then, you have to make sure that the shoes are dry, clean, and that no lotion is applied.

Find the plastic tab to peel the back cover of the insole. Fold it back from the rounded end. Don’t fold it back all the way. Only expose as much adhesive as you need until you find the right position. Folding the liner until you reach the middle of the logo should be enough.

Then, position the wide part of the insole with the center at 1/8” from the back of the shoe. Keep the sticky side of the insole down. To get the best fit, you may want to point the insole towards the big toe.

Now you can press down on the adhered end and simply remove the remaining liner. Make sure to press firmly and remove the liner slowly. Always try on both shoes after you have installed the Vivian Lou insoles, in order to get a good feel.

Do insoles work for high heels?

Insoles can definitely work for high heels. But, it’s a matter of choosing the right type of material and design in order to feel comfortable. Most gel and foam insoles are either too slippery or too thick for heels. Resin insoles with strong adhesive liners tend to work best, such as the Vivian Lou insoles.

Will the Vivian Lou insoles improve balance when walking in heels?

This is not the main purpose of the Vivian Lou insoles. The Vivian Lou insoles shift the weight distribution enough to relieve back pain, heel pain, hip pain, and toe pressure.

However, since many women say that the pain of walking in heels is what’s actually causing difficulty in walking, then for some of them, these insoles might also improve the balance. It’s also worth mentioning that these resin insoles provide some extra ankle stability, which could also impact the balance.

How do I stop my feet slipping in heels?

The best way to prevent your feet from slipping is to find a pair of heels that offer a better fit. However, insoles may also help. Inserts like the Vivian Lou insoles do a good job of maintaining feet stability because they feature a strong adhesive liner. That’s why they’re considered permanent insoles.

Because the adhesive liner under the Vivian Lou insoles is very strong and the surface of the insoles is non-slippery, your feet shouldn’t slip forward, whether you’re walking, running, or dancing.

Where to Buy

The Vivian Lou insoles can be ordered online on the official website here. The retail price for a single pair is just $29.99. But, if you order more than one pair, you’ll be able to take advantage of the company’s discounts.

If you’re in the US, you also get free shipping. If you buy two pairs you can get one free and you can get two for free if you order three pairs of Vivian Lou inserts.