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Plug this tiny USB thumb drive into your computer & get a blazing fast Linux on your Windows or Mac.
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About Xtra-PC

One of the main problems with Windows PCs and Macs is that as your computer ages, it starts dragging, lagging, and becomes extremely slow.

In fact, you may get to a point where it takes a few minutes for the browser to open. How frustrating!

Of course, you can always save up and buy a new desktop PC or laptop, but this will set you back a lot if you want to buy something that will last for the next few years.

But thanks to a cool little USB gadget called Xtra-PC, a lagging PC won't slow you down.

What Is Xtra-PC?

At its core, Xtra-PC is a thumb drive that you can plug into any computer’s USB port, just like you would any other USB stick.

What it does is essentially override the existing OS that is slowing your computer down and gives you control over a pretty tricked-out Linux OS.

Best of all, the solution works for both Windows PCs and Macs.

But, why do it when it runs Linux?

Xtra-PC is certainly much cheaper than a brand-new PC, not to mention a Mac.

This device works on all laptops, netbooks, and desktop computers, as long as they are 12-years-old or newer. This is a lot in computer years.

Most computers start slowing down and lagging well before the age of six, so Xtra-PC has most likely got you covered. This simple thumb drive can make all your computer problems go away in minutes.

How Does it Work?

Using Xtra-PC is very simple. Turn off your computer and insert the Xtra-PC stick into the USB drive. Once the stick is in, turn on the computer.

On the startup screen, you’ll see which key to press (typically an F-command) in order to start the boot menu. All you need to do now (and every time you want to boot up your computer) is set it to boot from the USB.

The moment you choose to boot up from the Xtra-PC thumb stick, you’ll see the difference – the boot-up speed will skyrocket, compared to your standard OS.

Once you enter the OS, you’ll see how much faster things are. The best part is that the functionality and features will be familiar – it looks a lot like your typical Mac or Windows OS.

This means that you can use your computer pretty much as you did before, only faster and smoother.

Of course, you will stumble upon certain programs that have worked on your Mac PC that may refuse to cooperate with Xtra-PC. However, you’ll easily find great alternatives.

Plus, the programs such as most browsers, video players, even Netflix, and certain games will work seamlessly on this USB OS.

Also, the standard mouse and keyboard are, of course, compatible, and so are USB webcams and the multi-monitor function. Oh, and your hard drive and files? Still very much accessible.

So, how does Xtra-PC do it? How does it work? Well, it’s all fairly simple. It’s a USB with bootable Linux OS installed on it. However, it is packed with additional features, some of which you can’t get anywhere else.

Key Features

In order to dig a bit deeper into Xtra-PC, let’s look into the fantastic features that it offers. Xtra-PC is more than a USB stick and is no less than an operating system.

Works with Almost Any Computer

As mentioned, Xtra-PC works on both PC and Mac, as long as they are 12-years-old or newer. This doesn’t mean that it can’t work on older models, but there is a chance that it won’t. So, you can use Xtra-PC on almost every computer, as long as it has a USB port. You don’t need to worry about compatibility or consider which OS to install.

No Install

Once you’ve plugged it into your computer, all it takes is a quick boot-up and you’ll be able to use your brand new OS, featured on the Xtra-PC stick. There is no learning curve and you don’t have to wait for a long installation process to complete.

USB Drive

Xtra-PC connects to a computer via USB. This is great because USB drives are easy to use but, more importantly, you can use it on a computer with a broken hard drive.

In fact, even if there’s no HDD, this little thumb stick will let you use your computer. Xtra-PC can work with corrupted, infected, and damaged operating systems.

Corrupted OS

Xtra-PC comes equipped with software that can help you save files from a corrupted disk. Whether your drive has been corrupted or there’s a powerful virus on it, you can save the files, clean them up, and all thanks to the software that’s packed with this cheap USB OS stick. Keep in mind that viruses are by-and-large ineffective in Linux environments.

File Rescue

If you lost your files in a hard drive malfunction, Xtra-PC may just be able to help here, although this nifty feature is reserved for the PRO version. The featured proprietary software will help you bring your files back from the dead. This makes Xtra-PC an ideal solution for a computer that won’t boot up due to a malfunctioning hard disk.

With Xtra-PC, you won’t have to spend a ton of money on expensive repairs. Thus, it is no surprise that computer technicians are using the Xtra-PC stick in their repair shops.

Your Hard Drive

If your hard disk is undamaged, just old and slow like your OS, you might want to consider getting an Xtra-PC USB. The best part is that this thumb stick can work in harmony with your old hard drive and load the files from it through its OS.

Packed with Software

In addition to the proprietary repair and file rescue software, Xtra-PC comes with all the must-have programs that you can think of.

Customer Reviews

Customer 1

One customer that claims to not have advanced knowledge about computers states that Xtra-PC is a fantastic tool. They say that they’ve been planning to install Linux OS on their old laptop, but never got around to it.

The laptop, which was mostly used for browsing and games, got slower than ever before after it was updated to Windows 10.

This just goes to say how important it was to have Xtra-PC by their side. As a ready-to-go OS, this USB stick is essentially a hassle-free, 100% bootable operating system in a thumb-sized package.

The customer’s old laptop was capable of simultaneously supporting 2-3 screens at solid speed with Xtra-PC. Once again, this customer could enjoy games and smooth browsing, things impossible on Windows 10.

Customer 2

Another customer complained about the fact that English was the only supported language but quickly learned that all languages were available (at least the ones that other Linux systems have). This customer planned on installing Linux for years prior to purchasing Xtra-PC, but never got around to it.

When a PC/Mac becomes so slow that it borders on unusable, one of the best solutions out there is an OS-packed USB stick, such as Xtra-PC.

Customer 3

This customer admits that Xtra-PC is a simplified version of Linux, but makes a solid point that it’s about tech support that Xtra-PC offers, not the device itself.

They also say that this might not be an ideal product for those who want full PC/Mac functionality for activities such as printing, working in certain programs, and coding and programming.

However, Xtra-PC is marketed as an ideal choice for web browsing, watching videos (even Netflix), writing in Word, and playing and streaming various media.

The manufacturer doesn’t promise that the user will get a full PC/Mac functionality in a single thumb drive. It is a feature-packed Linux bootable USB stick that will allow you to do basic stuff and save files trapped on a corrupted HDD.

Customer 4

This customer testifies that the stick works impeccably. All the files from their old OS were left intact, plus their original programs worked perfectly (much better than on the old OS).

In fact, this customer was so impressed, that they also bought the Pro version of the stick. After Xtra-PC saved the day, they feel that they got their money’s worth and even more.

They went on to say that they were going to buy a brand new computer, but that Xtra-PC made them rethink and postpone buying a new machine for at least a few years.

Our Review

Xtra-PC is a great and useful tool, packed into a little USB stick. It’s simple to use and surprisingly fast.

Granted, if you are a hardcore programmer, web designer, or photo/video editor, you won’t find much value in this USB stick.

However, more than 10% of computer users are over 65 years of age and most of them can’t or won’t deal with a full OS installation on their computers, just to get the basic features and functionalities.

Moreover, there are many young people who can’t be bothered with this, either.

In the end, if you use your PC for light gaming, writing, website browsing, and watching videos, Xtra-PC is more than sufficient.

It is a simple solution inside a single thumb stick that you can take with you anywhere.


  • Speeds up your computer tremendously
  • Very affordable
  • No installation required
  • Easy to use
  • Packed with great proprietary features


  • Isn’t for advanced use (developers, programmers, web designers)
  • Can’t run all programs PCs and Macs can

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Linux and how does it work?

Linux is an open-source operating system that is absolutely free to use and customize. It is much like Windows and Mac OS, although it runs on a different platform.

It is much lighter, simpler, and doesn’t suffer from many complex issues that both of the famous operating systems do. Linux is pretty much virus-resistant and doesn’t feature bloatware, unneeded software, and corrupt files.

Can’t I do it myself?

Yes, you can. If you have the expertise and are tech-savvy, you can buy a blank thumb USB stick, make it Linux-bootable, stock it with all the software that you may need, and use it instead of Xtra-PC.

However, most people either don’t know how to do this or can’t be bothered doing it. Oh, and the proprietary software that Xtra-PC comes with can’t be downloaded or bought.

Does it fix my old computer?

No, Xtra-PC doesn’t ‘fix’ the computer it’s plugged into.

What it does, is it helps you avoid using a corrupt, old operating system that is too much for your computer to handle and redirects you towards using the simple, lightweight Linux OS.

Xtra-PC will, however, give you a much smoother and faster experience than Windows or Mac OS will on the same computer.

What about the bad reviews?

It’s true, bad reviews do exist, but Xtra-PC has been improved immensely over time, each new version bringing in significant improvements.

Additionally, the majority of bad reviews come from people who mistakenly thought that Xtra-PC should speed up their computer, which isn’t true and the manufacturer doesn’t claim this at any point. This stick is not for advanced computer usage.

Where to Buy Xtra PC

The Xtra-PC and Xtra-PC PRO are both available on their official website at this link.

They are available in Turbo 16 (16GB), Turbo 32 (32GB), and Pro versions. Shipping and handling costs $7.99 per order, within the US. You get a 30-day guarantee.

Xtra PC

Xtra PC is a USB drive that runs an ultra fast LInux operating system to turn any slow PC or Mac into an "extra" PC. But does it really work? Read our review for more details.

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