XY Find It Review

Tiny bluetooth finder for quickly and easily locating misplaced items with free iPhone/Android app.
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About XY Find It

Misplacing the house key or car key is something that everyone’s experienced at least once.

Ever found yourself looking for your glasses for five minutes before seeing them on top of your head in the mirror?

Ever looked for your phone under the couch only to notice it was in your pocket all along?

These types of situations are annoying to say the least. And, they’re also major time wasters.

Because of this, more and more people turn to compact, easy-to-use Bluetooth finders like XY Find It & XY4+ to ping their belongings and find them whenever they need them, without having to wander aimlessly around.

What Are XY4+ and XY Find It?

XY4+ is a Bluetooth finder that people can use to locate misplaced items. The tiny device is accompanied by the XY Find It free application.

How Does It Work?

Once you buy one or more XY4+ devices you can add them to your XY Find It account. XY4+ Bluetooth finders aren’t linked to specific devices but to the owner’s account.

This means that your phone should have both Bluetooth and location services enabled. After that you will have to bring up the XY Find It app and create your account. The next step involves syncing your devices. Tap the plus sign and then claim the devices that appear on the list.

After that, you will also have to activate your XY4+ device or devices. You can do this by pressing and holding down the XY logo button. Wait until the finder emits a beeping sound and the app notifies you that a new finder has been detected.

When the finder is within range of your phone, it will sound the alarm if you activate it from within the app. The app should also show you the current location or a last known location if you’re not within range of the finder.

Key Features

The XY4+ Bluetooth finder may be one of the smallest Bluetooth devices you’ll ever use. But that doesn’t mean that this tiny quality of life gadget isn’t packed with features and functionalities that separate it from others in its class.

Extended Range

The range of the XY+ Bluetooth finder is around 300 ft. While this won’t let you conduct city-wide searches for your misplaced car keys, it should be more than enough to find things you usually misplace around the house: phone, keys, tablet, remote, or even your kid’s favorite toy.

300 ft. might also be just enough for you to locate your wallet or car keys in case you’ve dropped them after you finished your dinner in a fancy restaurant or after you left the movie theater.

Loud Alarm

The alarm on the XY4+ is very loud. It puts out a volume of 112 dB which is quite a lot compared to similar devices in this class. This serves a dual purpose. First of all, it can work wonders if the misplaced item you’re looking for is under a pile of clothes that might muffle the alarm.

Secondly, if you misplaced something outside, given you’re in close proximity, the loud alarm can surely guide you towards your possession.

Long Battery Life

Although the XY4+ Bluetooth finder only comes with a 2-year warranty, the battery alone will last you longer than that. Accounting for full-time usage, the battery is still rated at 5 years of continuous operation.

Of course, should something happen, the battery can be replaced. However, that should rarely be an issue before the 5-year mark.

Free Software

The XY4+ works with the XY Find It app. This app is available for free. Sure, you basically pay for it once you buy your XY4+ Bluetooth finder, but you don’t have to worry about subscriptions, features protected by pay walls, or other hidden operating fees.

You also don’t have to purchase multiple licenses if you own more than one XY4+ device. You can check all the devices you’ve registered or synced to your account from within the app. And, It doesn’t make a difference whether you’ve installed the app on your smartphone, laptop, tablet, personal computer, or all of them simultaneously.

The software also allows you to customize how the devices appear on the screen and how many devices are linked to your account at any given moment.


Bluetooth connectivity is a must-have feature in a device like this one. Without it, you would only have an alarm to rely on in order to locate your misplaced items. With the app you can also find the XY4+ and whatever it’s attached to on a map, assuming, of course, that you’re within the 300 ft. range.

This also means that you can use your smartphone or tablet in order to check in on the status and location of the XY4+ devices in your possession. Of course, there are some limitations with Bluetooth. It’s not the best protocol to monitor moving objects.

That’s why most people use the XY4+ to locate misplaced stationary objects instead of tracking dogs, for example. However, even though real-time location information won’t be highly accurate,

Bluetooth 4.0 technology is still good enough that you could use the XY4+ on a pet’s collar. You could use the KeepNear feature to get an immediate notification if your pet goes too far away from you.


KeepNear is an alert that you can set up from within the XY Find It app. Once activated, it will notify you if you separate yourself from the XY4+ Bluetooth finder. This could be one of the most life-changing features that the XY4+ has to offer.

It basically gives you the opportunity to avoid misplacing important items, accessories, or gadgets in the first place. You can receive alerts from multiple XY4+ devices. Check the app on your phone to see the last location of your misplaced XY4+ unit.

Customer Reviews

Customer 1

This customer went all out and bought six XY4+ units, just to be safe. He said that he used four of his units for his tools and two of them for keys.

He went on to explain that the app came in very handy when he forgot one of his tools at the job site he worked at. By using the app he was able to see the last place where the tool with the attached XY4+ was.

Customer 2

This customer was impressed by both usability and pricing of the XY4+. Like most other customers, this one bought a XY4+ mostly to deal with misplaced keys. He was pleased to see that the device actually worked well, alarms and all.

Customer 3

Another customer pointed out that even though Bluetooth is not always stable, the XY4+ has a very good signal within its range. And, this customer has been a long-time user of Bluetooth finders. He went on to say that the XY4+ is definitely a big improvement over previous generations.

Customer 4

One customer praised the ‘set it and forget it’ installation of the XY4+ and the app’s easy-to-use interface. The software gave detailed information regarding the last and current positions for misplaced keys or phones. He also noted that the XY4+ can be a real time-saver for people who are always in a hurry.

Customer 5

This customer also appreciated the design and color of the device, along with its functionality. She reported that she used the device successfully on numerous occasions to locate her misplaced phone. And, she went on to mention that the size of the XY4+ looked great on her keychain.

Our Review

The XY4+ is a fourth-generation XY Bluetooth finder. While it may not be the cheapest in the series, the device boasts numerous improvements over older models.

The extended range, the newer Bluetooth protocol, as well as simple operation make the XY4+ a must-have device for people who need to quickly find misplaced items.

Those that lead busy lives or those that need to keep track of multiple sets of keys and phones may see the most use out of this Bluetooth finder.

On top of that, the fact that the XY4+ also comes with free software, compatible with Android and iOS devices, makes this a very convenient gadget.


  • KeepNear feature
  • Long battery life
  • Customizable software
  • Loud alarm
  • Free app
  • Can monitor multiple devices simultaneously


  • Doesn’t pinpoint moving objects with great accuracy
  • Not compatible with Huawei or Windows smartphones

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use the XY4+ for?

The XY4+ can be attached to almost anything, with the exception of human skin. Although in theory it could also be used to locate a car, the device works best with stationary items.

If you were to leave it in your car, then you could use it to find it if you’ve forgotten where in the parking lot you left it.

But, most people use it to find small items around the house – phones, keys, remotes, wallets, and other everyday use gadgets and trinkets.

How do I install the XY Find It app?

The XY Find It app is available for Android and iOS devices. It can be found on both Google Play and Apple App store.

The app is free so all you have to do as an owner of a XY4+ Bluetooth finder is to download the app and install it as you would any other smartphone app.

How do I Use XY Find It?

After you’re done syncing all your XY4+ devices to the app, you should probably assign descriptive photos to each device depending on what you installed them on.

After that, in order to ping an XY4+ finder and make it beep, you will have to tap the photo of the item and then tap on the ‘Find It’ button. After you locate the finder, simply tap on the ‘Stop’ button to turn off the alarm.

A cool trick is that this works both ways. You can use one of your finders to locate your misplaced smartphone, too.

If you press the logo button on a XY4+ the device will ring your phone. Of course, this only helps if your phone isn’t in silent mode.

How do I add photos to XY Find It?

First, open the app. Then tap on the camera icon within the app. Give the app all the necessary permissions in order to continue.

Once you take a photo of an item you can link it to a finder. After you save the new settings, that finder will appear on the app’s map as the photo instead of the classic blue dot.

Where to Buy

To start preventing misplacing your important stuff, you can head straight to the official website here and grab this cool gadget for yourself. One XY4+ device will set you back $39.99.

But, if you want to get more, then you may get some cool deals on bundle purchases. If you order two devices you’ll get the third one half-off. If you order three you can get two more for free.

 And, if you’re interested in the highest value bundle, you’ll have to spring $199.95 for five XY4+ devices. This would get you a total of 10 Bluetooth finders, as the remaining five devices will be free.